God Eater Takes A Bite Out Of North America

By Spencer . February 17, 2010 . 11:09am

imageNamco Bandai’s take on Monster Hunter Freedom is leaving Japan, but Namco Bandai Games America won’t be publishing the PSP game. D3 Publisher is handling God Eater in North America.


God Eater takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where hunters equipped with transforming weapons team up to slay Aragami. The PSP game packs over 100 missions, ad-hoc cooperative play, and a single player storyline.

Since acquiring D3 Publisher last year, Namco Bandai passed two of their RPGs to D3’s offices. Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow, a MMO-style RPG for the Nintendo DS, is due in stores this spring. God Eater is slated for Q3 2010.

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  • adempton

    Woohoo! This is great news. I’ve been keeping any eye out for this announcement. Looking forward to it much more than I would any Monster Hunter game.

  • At least is coming, hey spencer, do you have any info on tales of Vesperia for NA? like… has it been already announced that it wont or will be coming? or even a “no plans so far” officially from namco bandai, or something like that?

    • cowcow

      Yeah I’m glad it’s coming too but I can’t help but wonder what the hell is wrong with BandaiNamco. Are they idiots or something? Why do they make these games and then be so reluctant to bringing them overseas unless the title is DBZ, Tekken, Ridge Racer or Naruto??

      • Ereek

        I’m not sure how it is an idiotic move on their part at all. Naruto, DBZ, etc. are all guaranteed ways to make money. The localization of a RPG, even one partially localized like Vesperia PS3, is expensive. If they’re only going to sell 100,000 copies they aren’t going to make nearly as much money as they would with an anime/manga game. Bamco is just being cautious and sticking with what works. Before all else, a video game company, any game company, is a business whose primary goal is to make money.

        That said, some titles like MagnaCarta 2 are obviously going to be considered “high risk” for them in North America, with potentially higher reward. Vesperia PS3 is an easier game to hypothesize the sales of.

        Bamco said recently that they have “no plans” for Vesperia PS3. I forget what site it was, but I think they said it to GameTrailers. It’s very sad, but if you still have hope it could be considered a “for now” answer. I don’t have that hope.

        • malek86

          This is what I find weird. Something like Magna Carta 2 is obviously going to sell less than Vesperia PS3. So why are they localizing the former and not the latter?

          • Vanilla

            Honestly, not a lot of what Namco-Bandai does makes much sense in terms of the Tales series. Refusing to hand over localization to other companies, failure to advertise, bringing over Radiant Mythology and actually expecting it to sell in a country that doesn’t have half of the series…

          • Ereek

            Bamco doesn’t necessarily know that. I believe that Bamco is assuming Vesperia PS3 will probably sell some 50,000 copies, possibly less. They assume most of the Tales userbase has already played the game, especially since in North America the 360 is more popular than the PS3. In Japan it makes sense for a Tales game to sell well on a Japanese-made console, but in North America Bamco views it as Vesperia already being released on the “dominant” console for the title.

            Magna Carta 2 had two things possibly going for it:
            1. Possible lower licensing costs in North America.
            2. A previously unreleased game. Typically, re-releases of games don’t do as well as the initial releases (as long as the initial release was within the last 5 or so years) in North America.

            As stated, Magna Carta 2 was a gamble. Higher risk with potentially higher reward. I can’t say if the sales reached what was expected or if the risk was worth it in the end.

          • malek86

            I see what you mean… maybe they got burned by Eternal Sonata? But then, Tales is more popular. I think if they localized the game, it would at least recover all the costs. Since right now they are hurting for money, it would seem like a good idea.

        • I see…, well, namco bandai also said there were no plans for eternal sonata for ps3… and we got it… so there may still be little chances. *sigh* still they are taking their @#@(*@ time

    • If I had other news, I’d share it :)

      I heard “no plans” for Tales of Vesperia PS3 too, but a similar thing happened with Eternal Sonata PS3. I asked them about it. A representative said “no plans” and Eternal Sonata PS3 is here, so…

      Given how D3 is handling a lot of Namco Bandai games now there’s a chance that it could come over from them instead.

  • hsiao

    The demo was pretty bad, but I’m still a bit interested since I love the genre.

    But maybe they should change the title – “God Eater” seems a bit too… extreme for the US market.

    • adempton

      What didn’t you like about it?

      • bobhoskins

        About the only likeable thing in the game was the font. It was very crisp and clear.

        More games should take cue from God Eater’s font face.

      • hsiao

        Well, it would be easier to write what I liked. Graphics are good, you get more loot per run compared to MH, and the controls are responsive.

        But it wasn’t a polished game. It gives you lock on, but it’s badly implemented and it actually makes the game harder, as the camera starts spinning around when you use it. It’s hard to understand where your weapons are going to collide, and it’s very easy to just ram into the monster when you only wanted to slice them.

        It wouldn’t be much of a problem per se, but the monsters are freaking hard, MH hard, and you don’t have the precision in your hits that the Capcom series gives you.

        • Couldn’t it possibly be a bit unpolished cause it was you know… a demo. It could even be from an earlier build of the game for all we know.

  • I wonder if they will just end up combining the US branches of Namco Bandai and D3Publisher.

  • xavier axol

    Well that’s good news, now if we can get sega to localize phantasy star portable 2 here in us.

  • zhemos

    Just got done playing the japanese demo. The character creation is kind of bland and the camera is sort of annoying like Phantasy Star Portable when fighting but overall the combat was fun and interesting. I might give it a chance when it comes out in America.

  • Code

    rar, hooray good to hear, although after playing the demo, the game doesn’t really have the same quality feel to it, as Monster Hunter, it’s still a nice coop game to play. Plus I need something to fill in the void on my PSP ever since finishing MHFU… well apparently until Prinny 2 and MH3P >w<''

  • bobhoskins

    Why…? >_> Christ’s sake, Sigma Harmonics is better than this crap genre. D:

    There’s better stuff to release! ;_;

    • Hraesvelgr

      It’s not like D3 publishes much good in North America, anyway… Seriously, look at all the other friggin’ crap games they’ve released.

  • It’s not completely fair to pass judgment on the current Japanese demo of God Eater since the developers later took feedback and made several revisions before the final pressing.

    • Code

      Really? That’s pretty good to hear, honestly I thought the demo was AOK in my books, I even did the little translation thing on gamefaqs >ww<!

  • Hopefully they’ll let D3 handle the Tales series too!

    • nyoron



  • JeremyR

    Booo, D3 is a sleazy company. How they treated PSP fans with PuzzleQuest is terrible.

    • Care to expand or are we all supposed to know what you’re talking about?

      • JeremyR

        Well, I think all PSP owners would know about the problems with PuzzleQuest.

        They shipped a buggy game. Besides the companions not working (which was obvious to anyone playing it for 5 minutes), it’s got a couple game breaking bugs (freezes if you learn too many spells from captives, which is a whole game play element, and sometimes you can get stuck with no place to go). The developers blamed either other.

        When confronted by the problems, they refused to fix them, even on the PSN version.

        And then to top it off, they stopped putting any further PQ games on the PSP.

        • hsiao

          The DS version of PQ (and galactrix) were absolutely horrible too.

          Luckily, they just have to localize God Eater, so I don’t think they’ll mess it up too much.

  • Kuza21

    This games look so aweosme. Glad I Kept my PSP.

  • OMG THiS neWs JUst MakE My daY!!!!

  • I hope they will keep the easy money bug….

  • jarrodand

    I’m thrilled with D3 bringing over Namco’s meaty scraps. Game Center CX2 next please!

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