Kingdom Hearts Spin-Off Series In The Works?

By Spencer . February 17, 2010 . 7:38pm

imageTetsuya Nomura has plans for the Kingdom Hearts series that go beyond Sora’s arc. Famitsu asked the creator of Kingdom Hearts if the series will end after a third game.


Kingdom Hearts is Sora’s story, but the series in development now is also another character’s story,” Nomura replied according to a Famitsu interview transcript. “So to speak, that character is the focus of this series.” Famitsu asked about the “this series” bit, but Nomura couldn’t say anymore.


Nomura said there will be another “mystery” title that ties the series together. Wonder who is the star of the spin-off. Ansem, maybe?

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  • Kingdom Hearts Mystery Dungeon

  • Place your bets kind of deal?

    First thing that comes to mind is Kairi. Don’t ask me why.

  • Wow, seriously. This is why I started to hate Kingdom Hearts when I used to be a diehard fan. All they care about is milking the franchise with halfsies games and spin offs. Just make the actual game continue, jesus.

    • Bri

      Square Enix milking a franchise?

      Really now, that’s crazy talk.

    • kylehyde

      100% agree

    • dgmfan

      I never liked the concept of KH in the first place, because of how ridiculous it was. And I’m glad I never gave into the hype either… considering that all they’ve been doing for awhile now is still trying to milk this cash-in collaboration by slapping together ridiculous fanfic plots, with some nostalgia, and oh-so-few subtle gameplay changes and calling them new entries to the series.

      Why not of take their time, while taking a good look at the series and try to find ways to make it much better than it is? If SE had even half the dignity and quality standards they used to, they’d put the KH series down for good after another game or two, and move on.

    • thebanditking

      Im not really understanding your complaint here. The series only started on PS2 last gen and got two games, since then there have only been 3 other releases for the series, Chain of Memories on GBA and PS2, the recent DS game and the upcoming PSP one. The PSP one follows the hidden ending from the second game so technically the series seems to be going along as originally planned. Not that Im a huge KH fan (never finished the first and never even played the second) but just saying as far as milking goes S-E and others have done much worse.
      The game a year comment he made was concerning but I don’t think Nomura can keep good on that word, we still dont have in game footage of Versus 13.

  • BK0000

    Probably more Roxas/Ventus games.

  • Aoshi00

    I miss Sora and Haley Joel Osment (all grown up now)… but yea, not too interested in the convoluted series…

  • i thought about mickey but… he told no sora so i think neither world of kingdom hearts would be included… so as a nintendo fan ” fan mode not rational at moment” mushroom kingdom hearts ^.^ but since nomura is the director no chances ;.; so give me another beautiful twewy

  • epy

    So Nomura wants to make everything EXCEPT Kingdom Hearts III?

    • dgmfan

      You’ll probably get KH3 after another hand full of KH spinoffs.

  • Vanilla

    I swear not too long ago Nomura was adamantly saying that KH was Sora’s story and ONLY Sora’s.

    • malek86

      Ok, now I’m thinking of Nomura holding Sora by the collar and saying “this is your story”.

  • 311

    Wow it’s really amazing that people are surprised at this. This is S-E we are talking about… milking is the trademark!

  • jarrodand

    Ever Heart Odyssey

    • maybe the use of another name including heart on its name tell that it can be the same formula of 2 worlds fusion but neither disney or square, what about jump and enix?

      ( i would love to see that olda rumor[3 years old?] of the ds game which nintendo jump and s-e were to work together, along with that one more old yet which asahi shinbun stated that miyamoto was working in a mmorpg with some great company famous in the rpg game)

  • bobhoskins

    F**k you, Nomura. F**k you up the ass with a lead pipe.

    And it’s almost funny. Fantards are known for their…well, fantardedness. But even so, the fail route the series is taking is so obvious, it’s not even funny. Are they *really, truly* clinically, mentally retarded for their belief that this is the greatest thing ever, and that Nomura is the best storyteller?

    I’ve seen fanboys. But this is absolutely not normal.

  • xavier axol

    I agree with everyone, it would be stupid of square enix to release another kingdom hearts, that is not a real sequel of the storyline. but that been said if it’s in works I hope, it’s for the psp or ps3. Totally unrelated, please sega bring phantasy star portable 2 over to the us.

    • Joanna

      You don’t have to mention Phantasy Star Portable 2 in every comment. We get the idea, you want it localized.

  • Masengan

    As long as it retains some of what makes KH, KH, I will be pleased. Finishing Sora’s story would be the better path though.

    • bobhoskins

      What made KH, KH died roughly four games ago.

      • Masengan

        Well I play the spin-offs just to play them, I have to admit that Chain of Memories was more of a “I just wanna see the end” kind of experience. As long as they keep the fighting “fun” and not tedious, I will still be hooked.

  • I am for one all for it. I like the Kingdom Hearts Mythology and would like to see how they go away from Sora and Roxas.

    And is it really milking a franchise when you just want to make more games in the universe you’ve created?

    • bobhoskins

      It is when you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing, and keep recycling character designs out of the ass.

  • the best KH for me is KH 2 as it’s the only KH i’m willing to complete aside of Chains of Memories in GBA. Looking forward to KH BBS.

    about the spin off… not a really good idea S-E. It’s better to include Sora and other characters in Dissidia sequel than to create a whole new story which doesn’t include Sora. Roxas is a great character, but it’s because his relationship with Sora.

    • Ugh, keep Kingdom Hearts out of Dissidia. It’s supposed to be about Final Fantasy, period. I’m hoping KH stays to its own convoluted universe rather than infect others.

  • thebanditking

    Yikes, never realized people hated KH this much. Either way Im glad KH3 is still aways off, as I want Nomura to focus on Versus XIII first.

    • bobhoskins

      Most of the haters used to be devout fans, too.

      Nomura brought it upon himself. He’s a senseless asshat.

  • I don’t get the hate. Sure, it’s convoluted, but as long as the games are fun (and mind you, each one has been progressively better), who cares? I poke fun at the Nobodies and Heartless all the damn time, but you don’t necessarily have to love every aspect of a game to appreciate it.

    Personally, I’m kind of curious to see what happens when we’re finally done with Sora. I think that would only make it more interesting. He’s such a two-dimensional character.

    About Nomura…I’ll say one thing. While he might be responsible for what is possibly THE most convoluted piece of media in games, he sure as hell knows how to create a fun experience.

    • bobhoskins

      Days was horrible. I utterly fail to see how it was “progressively better” in terms of gameplay.

      The single most unremarkable action game I’ve played the date. It’s nothing but the first KH battle system as it’s absolutely most bare bones minimum.

      And regarding the hate…it’s really, really quite simple. Kingdom Hearts…has NO story. It’s a static plot. No to story, yes to plot, but it doesn’t move ANYWHERE. It’s just one giant, stupid game of connect the dots, and with each new game, it’s basically a “Hey, you! Yeah, you. We got MORE dots here!” And what’s worse, no matter which dots you connect, there is never a full picture…..because THERE IS NO STORY.

      How is there no story? It’s fairly simple. What’s Kingdom Hearts about? Sora’s journey through the worlds? That’s just gameplay progression. What about fighting the darkness with light? That’s just a theme. And all those characters? Well…they’re connected to this dude, who happens to know that chick, who is a clone of that other dude who is a carbon copy of that one other mook. So in the end….you really don’t know who’s doing what, because they aren’t doing anything, simple because they don’t have anything to do because they’re too busy somehow being connected to somebody else.

      It’s bullshit. Pure and simple. The first Kingdom Hearts was excellent because we knew the theme, the progress, what the bad guys were doing, who the good guys were, and what needed to be done. CoM had a similar approach, only that it had an air of mystery to it – something I really dug. Then….it went absolutely NOWHERE with KH2. And the scent of mystery from CoM was utterly wasted. coded is by far the single most insulting thing to happen to the series to date. Days was a massive cop out, and fanfiction come to life. And BBS did what KH2 did best: Moar connect the dots, so you can connect more dots, go back, connect these, then wait for even moar dots.

      Fagmura once infamously stated in an interview that he feels cutscenes are more important than gameplay. That is very, very evident in Kingdom Hearts. So, is the gameplay alone worth it? In a game where the “story” is the dominant factor? Me thinks not. Me thinks proper balance between the two creates the ideal gaming experience. Then again, that’s just me.

    • Vanilla

      I think the hate mostly stems from the (arguable) fact that Nomura and SE in general can’t make sequels worth @#*&@#*.

      Sora only seems two-dimensional because he’s predictable. Just because he’s static doesn’t make him flat. :(

      I think that earlier, someone mentioned that the KH story isn’t that great, but I have to disagree. It’s a lot deeper than people give it credit, and if Nomura finishes it off correctly and ties everything together, it could potentially be one of the best-written JRPGs (in my opinion). If he does make up a bunch of spinoffs just to draw it out and answer none of the important questions, it’d be pretty disappointing. Bobhoskins pretty much hit the nail on the head with that Days rant up there.

  • god dammit, more?!

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