Rumor: Monster Hunter Tri Portable Coming Out This Year

By Spencer . February 17, 2010 . 2:49am

imageHong Kong magazine Gamewave may have a huge scoop. This week’s cover says Monster Hunter Tri Portable, a PSP version of Monster Hunter Tri, will be in stores by the end of this year.


Gamewave correctly picked up on the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona and Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days announcements before any other publication. However, they blew it with their Gundam x Gundam Next cover story, which sourced an edited image circulating Japanese blogs. We’re not sure where their information is coming from so this is a Lagiacrus sized rumor.


One thing to note is the stories Gamewave got right were PSP games and this was because the information came from early retail listings. A Persona product number revealed the game before Atlus could.

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  • JeremyR

    Well, it’s always been a question of which does Capcom hate more – Sony (especially the PSP) or money?

    Still, even if it does get announced, it doesn’t mean anything. See Devil May Cry PSP and Resident Evil PSP. Or even MH3 PS3…

  • malek86

    Even if it’s only rumors for now, I believe it’s just a matter of time anyway. I mean, the PSP is where the series is most successful. Even if the Wii game was able to reach a million copies, that’s still pretty low compared to what MH2G did. It’s probably in Capcom’s best interest to eventually make MH3G.

    • jarrodand

      In fairness the Wii version also carries a higher pricetag and brings in additional subscription revenue. MH3 and MHP2G are likely quite a bit closer in revenue than they are units.

      I think MHP3 is more a “matter of time” sort of situation, but I’d still be surprised if it was announced before the western Wii release that Nintendo’s co-promoting and co-publishing. Release at the end of the year probably sounds right though, I just wouldn’t expect any unveiling until like TGS. I’d be nice if they included infastructure play this time too, and even nicer if they worked out crossplatform play also.

      • malek86

        Yes, chances are they’ll wait until the Wii version is already on western shelves.

        Or maybe they first want to see if the game can be successful in the west. Unlike the PSP here, the Wii sells software, and with Nintendo’s backing, this will probably sell a lot more than MHFU.

        However, that will depend on whether they put fees or not. Some say they won’t, but some others say they haven’t decided yet. Problem is, if they do put fees, it might flop. But if they do not put them, in the end it will be like MHFU, in that they won’t get any additional revenue anyway… also, if Nintendo is helping promote and publish, it probably means they’ll get a bigger chunk of the pie than just royalties. It’s not an ideal situation, I guess.

        So, overall, I believe MH3G is a matter of time, like you said. Probably just like we are seeing all those 360 JRPGs go to the PS3 a year later.

        Not that it changes anything for me. I prefer the Wii version, because having dual analogs is really much better than using the crappy PSP controls. Also, the bigger screen is nice.

  • heartless141

    it would rocks my world.
    also seriously, why can’t they just get on with the PS3 ver? i don’t care if the release date is 2012.

  • Yea, pretty much what malek86 said. Monster Hunter 3G and Portable are both coming, regardless of this rumour. Question is, will 3G be on the PS3 as well? After Sengoku Basara 3, there’s no telling.

    • MisterNiwa

      Well it would be an amazing suprise, if it would come to PSP OR PS3.

      I’d prefer the PSP version because you can play it online with AD-HOC Party without any monthly fee. :I

  • expected, the wii has been pwned

  • Code

    rar, now the real question is does this use data from MHFU. I’ve pretty much got just about everything in MHFU, so it’s about time for an expansion >ww<'

    • malek86

      I actually kinda liked fighting crabs, but I’m not gonna miss the monkeys.

      Anyway, after playing MHG (there are basically just wyvern types), MH3 should be much more complete,even if not quite up to MHFU standards. And as long as I got my lance, it’s fine. Iwas seriously frustrated when I saw that the demo didn’t have lances… fortunately, a quick googling revelaed that the full game had them.

      • Code

        I’m going to miss just about every monster x_x’ MH3 only has Rathalos, Rathian and Diablos from the original games, which is a little sad. But at the same time I’m glad that MH3 is doing a lot of new stuff, and has a whole pile of new monsters to fight. I loved fighting crabs though.

        • malek86

          Woah, only those three? That’s sad. I don’t understand why they couldn’t put the new monsters AND the old ones.

          Can’t say I’m going to miss Plesioth though. Even if fighting it with the lance doesn’t make it nearly as difficult as everyone says, since you can just block everything.

          • Code

            haha, yeah Plesioth that pain in the side >wO>!

  • Eiodalin

    this is a fake rumor and the image label of monster hunter tri Portable is a photoshoped work by bobofango on monster hunter wikia

    the magazine messed p and printed false information

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