Tales of Vesperia Comes To The [email protected]

By Spencer . February 18, 2010 . 11:34pm

image[email protected] SP has been out for a year now and Namco Bandai is still releasing downloadable content. The latest batch contains something for Tales fans.


You can dress up the game’s idols as Estelle from Tales of Vesperia. The extra outfit costs 1,000 yen ($11). While [email protected] characters and clothes have appeared in Tales games, this is the first Tales of Vesperia outfit for The [email protected].


Namco Bandai made a killing with that Keroro outfit. Given the popularity of Tales of Vesperia and The [email protected] in Japan they should make a mountain of gald with this costume too.

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  • Strike_Man

    $11 for a SINGLE outfit?

    Wow, isn’t that a little steep, even by Namco-Bandai standards?

    • malek86

      The other day I was browsing the PSN and I happened upon the Vesperia section. Man, I’ve never seen so much useless stuff for sale. I don’t think Namco even has standards for that.

      Anyway, sooner or later they’ll reach a break point, where people won’t buy the costume. Maybe they are experimenting to see how far they can go before the treshold.

      • Hraesvelgr

        That’s probably exactly what they’re doing. So long as people keep buying them, they’re going to keep making them.

  • Masengan

    Haha, my heart jumped when I saw Estelle’s face. I thought this was “it”.

    • Kris

      Ditto. Namco Bandai better announce this and Graces for the US or give them to a publisher that I’m not beginning to loathe.

      • Hraesvelgr

        Graces may happen (you should never say will with a Tales game), but I seriously doubt Vesperia PS3 will be localized.

        • Joanna

          I have to agree. As much as I want Vesperia PS3 (since I don’t have a 360), realistically I don’t see it happening. I’m still hoping that we at least get Graces.

    • Same… it happens every time, too. I’m starting to think Siliconera likes playing these mind games with us readers… Gah, especially with that title! It’s like a lottery ticket where you’re reading each number yelling out “yes!” as the numbers match, only to get to that last number, and it doesn’t match…

      • Not sure why you thought that. There’s nothing in the title that even implies Tales of Vesperia PS3 is coming to North America.

        • I know, but(I’m gonna speak for the above commenters aswell) every time we see a vesperia picture, for a split second before reading the title we think “OMG! NORTH AMERICAN RELEASE?!”, then we read the title and are disappointed…
          Even more so when the title is “Tales of Vesperia Comes To The _______”, you read that and you complete the sentence in your mind(again, for less than a split second.) with the word “states”, and then you read more and notice that the last word is actually “[email protected]”.

          • I wait for the same thing to happen to [email protected] itself, but, you know, reality keeps me grounded.

          • Aoshi00

            “Vesperia PS3 coming to the US.. NOT!” (in Borat’s voice) lol… yeah, my mind plays that trick too… Now Spence can’t post anything ToV related unless we have this on PS3 :) Still you would think since SO4 was ported, this would be a shoe-in since this is much better than SO4…

          • Masengan

            Yes, exactly this.

        • Wasnt there some rumors on the net, like the dude that made yuri’s voice said they are being called again to do some new recording, and that some online retailers were putting the game (Vesperia in english) into their catalogue?, here i saw most of those things http://scrawlfx.com/?s=tales+of+vesperia

          • Hraesvelgr

            The thing with Troy Baker ended up being a hoax, as the only ones who ever mentioned him saying that were two different guys at two different conventions. Seriously, if he said that at a panel, then someone would’ve announced it and more people would’ve backed it up.

            As for the retailers, several of them have been emailed regarding the listing and have replied saying the only reason that they’ve added the listing is because other retailers added it. They don’t want their catalogue to seem lacking compared to their competitors, so they copy the others. Nothing official from Namco, no release date, nothing.

            That’s the last I heard about it, anyway. This info is a bit old, mind you, so it could possibly have changed. But I doubt it.

          • malek86

            I’ll probably just pick up the 360 version, eventually… I waited in hope that the PS3 release would be dual-voiced, but at this point, it looks like there is no point anymore.

        • Nekobo

          I like all his coverage, but yeah, whenever I glance over the site and see a Tales of Vesperia related story, I get excited. :/

  • zhemos

    Argh, don’t get me all excited, I thought ToV PS3 was finally getting localized. ><

  • i see… so they are getting funds to release ToV on the NA…. i see xD (i hope) lol

  • Aoshi00

    I don’t support DLC costumes nor do I like [email protected], if they’re bring these to Dream Club though that’s a different story :) Those Bamco bastards know what tickles our fancy…

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