Bass Playable In Mega Man 10

By Spencer . March 1, 2010 . 2:19pm

imageMega Man 10’s digital instruction manual revealed the third playable character and it’s (drum roll please) Bass also known as Forte. Bass has his seven direction buster from Mega Man & Bass. Treble, Bass’ robot dog, is in Mega Man 10 too.


Bass Mode costs 200 Wii points ($2) and Wii owners can access the DLC on April 5. Mega Man 10 also has three special stages. Each one costs 100 Wii Points ($1). Mega Man 9’s special stage sort of had its own robot master, Fake Man. Details about Mega Man 10’s extra stages have not been announced.


Here’s the schedule of add-on content for Wii owners.


April 5

Bass Mode (200)
Special Stage 1 (100)


April 26

Special Stage 2 (100)
Special Stage 3 (100)
Endless Attack Mode (300)

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  • daizyujin

    Geeze, thanks Capcom. So the game actually costs $18.00 then? Go **** yourself.

  • ElTopo

    I was annoyed when Capcom pulled that move on Mega Man 9, making basic modes of play and extra characters DLC was total sh*t, it’s not really surprising that they’re doing it again.

    • LastFootnote

      Yeah, I guess getting an entire brand new Mega Man game for under $20 is too good a deal for you guys. The fact that you can get the entire game minus a few bells and whistles for $10 must really grind your gears.

      Seriously, though. I can understand complaining about DLC for some games, but the fact is that even at $20 each, Mega Man 9 and 10 would be well worth the money. Furthermore, you get a complete gameplay experience without the DLC.

      And ‘basic modes of play’? You mean the hard modes? Most Mega Man games don’t have multiple difficulty settings period. Nor do they have multiple playable characters. Nor do they have bonus stages. Nor do they have challenges. Even without the DLC, Mega Man 9 and 10 are have the most gameplay and cost the least.

      So please, stop your whining.

      • ElTopo

        So because *MOST* mega-man games don’t have these features, which by most games, would be standard anyhow, somehow that justifies nickel and dimeing the customer for the chance to play it? Yes 10$ is the right price point for this game, the idea of trying to add value to the game through DLC that’s nothing more then a settings menu and what should be secret unlockable content is a pathetic trend taking place in the industry.

        Go play with your horse armor. I’ll continue not buying developers copout, overpriced DLC.

      • Aoshi00

        The irritating thing is the options are “greyed out” from the get go, as if to taunt players “if you can’t stand an ‘incomplete’ game, then you got to pluck down more dough”. So stages and 2nd playable chars are there, but they take them out and charge you for extra, you really like that? If all of those things could be unlocked by beating the game on hard mode, and they give you the option to buy it right away, that’s a different story.

        • malek86

          Your comment reminds me of what happens in games like Dante’s Inferno and Tales of Vesperia, where you can basically pay for level-ups. Sure, I would never do it, but it’s not like you’re getting coherced into buying them (especially because they are single-player games, so no human opponents being advantaged). You can still play the game as normal and eventually reach those bonuses by yourself.

          I don’t really like that they’re basically charging you for cheats, but it’s still better than greying out some modes from a full game. In other games like Overlord, DLC packs actually contained new stuff (the Raising Hell expansion was some 600Mb, I think), that’s something I can agree more with. But greying out is just ridiculous. Like unlock keys.

      • fallen

        I agree. These are games I dropped $50 for back in the day, and they go for upwards of $20 at used game retailers even nowadays. Lots of assholes nowadays consider an 8-bit game “archaic” and not worth spending real money on, but people like me who like *games* and not time-wasting *chores* aren’t complaining. Sure, you get 100+ hours out of your $60 Fallout 3, but how much of that is actually FUN??

        $10 for the game plus $1-$8 for bonus content (read: content NES MMs never had, traditionally) is still a great deal. Don’t like it, don’t buy it. I know I sure as hell don’t buy this kind of thing. But I also don’t bitch about stuff that isn’t for me.

        • thebanditking

          While I can agree that Fallout 3 was not much fun, I can’t justify $20 for an 8-bit game. A simple glance at the virtual console/PSone Classics section will show you the lack of value from MM10 at $20. Most NES games cost $5 so that right there should tell you something, especially since this game is pretty much the same as an NES game. Now factor in this title like those is a digital release, no box, no retailers to pay, just data and again I question the pricing.

          Also lets look at some of the PSone classics. Grandia goes for $150+ easy, PSN price 9.99 (5.99 if you buy from Amazon)

          Resident Evil 2 $100+ PSN again 9.99

          Castlevania SOTN $90+ PSN 9.99 Castlevania Chronicles $100+ PSN 9.99

          Final Fantasy 7 $160+ easy, PSN 9.99

          I could go on and on. Each of those games offer more gameplay then Mega Man 10, and better graphics to boot. Then factor in that they are playable on both PS3 and PSP (your getting two copies for one price) and again I ask how you can not see Mega Man 10 as a rip off?

          • ZeroBlitz

            I’m not taking sides as there’s no true right or wrong here but are you really trying to compare ‘classics’ re-releases with an entirely new game? They’ve had their day and the devs & publishers have made their money. These games need to make a profit or they’ll stop making them.

            The only people this really affects are the guys who love the game enough (or those with over-flowing pockets) to think the add-ons are worth shelling out something extra. It isn’t worth fighting about.

        • malek86

          What if the NES MMs didn’t have those modes? Standards tend to increase with time. We expect more, we want more. It’s only fair. Would you buy the new iteration of a fighting game, if they removed a lot of characters and gameplay modes with the excuse that they weren’t there in the old days?

          And besides, this sounds really awkward:

          “We didn’t put those modes because the NES didn’t have them…. oh, by the way, if you really want them, you can still pay for them”.

  • ndjn3979

    It’s a freaking 8-bit game…Capcom has really fallen.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Elaborate, sir.

  • thebanditking

    Yikes and I thought they would have learned from the Protoman DLC from MM9, guess not. This really bothers me as this game is so small from a MB standpoint that there is no reason this content should not be included. First they screw people over with the Lost Planet 2 cut content and now this. Im not sure I will pick up MM10 but if I do this DLC is not getting bought. As for Lost Planet 2 its already off my list.

  • Akirap

    And Seth’s Secret for MM9 was…?

  • garven

    Capcom, Capcom, Capcom. This, again? They didn’t learn with MM9, did they? No, of course not. Thankfully, I could not give a rat’s ass about this round of DLC. I admit to having caved and gotten the MM9 stuff, but really…no more, Capcom. I did get the game but I refuse to again support this nickel-and-dime douchebaggery.

    You know, the people who defend this bull are only doing so because it’s Mega Man. Any other game, they would not excuse these shenanigans. But because it’s their precious Blue Bomber, they don’t mind getting raped on DLC. These people probably also whined about the DLC costumes in SFIV and the cut Versus mode in RE5 (rightfully so), as well as Capcom purposefully nixing content from Lost Planet 2 to repackage it later as an online download. But no, their precious Mega Man gets a free pass.

    And really, the “$10 is more than a fair price, and $18 for the full game is far less than you’d pay in the NES days” comments fall flat because THIS ISN’T THE NES ERA. Games like this cannot be justifiably sold as full retail releases because no one would shell out $50 for a game that looks like what we were playing 20 years ago. Not only that, people bitch and moan when they have to pay $70-$90 in total (sometimes more) with other games’ DLC. But Mega Man gets a free pass.

    You know what else costs 800 points? An SNES or Genesis game on the VC. And I can get a complete game with those purchases, satisfied in the knowledge that nothing was cut/the ROM was not altered for the sake of nickel-and-diming me for extras later.

    This is part of why I hate the online era, companies saw an opportunity and seized it. DLC was a good idea at first, but now it’s an excuse to pull items that should be standard and sell them at a premium later. Ugh.

  • Jirin

    If you have to pay extra to play a character, it doesn’t count as ‘Playable’.

    • garven

      It’s not playable, it’s payable.

      The worst part is that we’re getting ripped off because the DLC is just a bunch of glorified unlock keys. So yes, data that’s rightfully ours to use upon spending those 1000 Wii points is locked away for an arbitrary amount of time until Capcom gouges us for even more.

      The Big C was always my favorite third party developer, but they’re quickly becoming one of the dirtiest when it comes to proper DLC practices.

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