Mimana Iyar Chronicle Trailer Roasts The Game

By Spencer . March 8, 2010 . 4:48pm

Instead of focusing on gameplay or flashy cutscenes, Aksys’ Mimana Iyar Chronicle trailer is loaded with satire.


The video pokes fun at RPG staples and the story while introducing the game. This video is comedic gold and after seeing this trailer I hope we’ll get a localized RPG loaded with Aksys humor in the future. Mimana Iyar Chronicle sticks to the original script and comes out on March 30 in North America.


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  • Pichi

    Love their advertising! Makes me want it more now.

  • Dark_Sage

    I won’t buy the game, but good on them for trying.

  • huhhh. sorta funny and all, but please tell me these aren’t actual voice actors.

    otherwise, Chaos Wars 2 confirmed.

    • LOL! Rest assured, they aren’t the voice actors XD Just people from the office that dubbed it, since it was after the fact and we were already done with voice recording :)

      • Dark_Sage

        You a VA?

        • kupomogli

          Administrator for the Aksys forum so works in one of their departments, possibly localization, marketing, etc.

          • Dark_Sage

            Gotcha, thanks.

        • No, just the humble producer for the US version of Mimana Iyar Chronicle :)

          • Dark_Sage

            What else do you do/have you done, or is this your first assignment?

          • I’ve done lots of games, but I dunno if you want me to list them all lol Though I couldn’t have done any of them without the help of my awesome co-workers ;) *shoutout to Aksys peeps*

            Also, Mimana is awesome! The more you know ///*

          • Dark_Sage

            Err, can’t reply to you anymore, so I’ll just reply to myself here.

            Sure, list some off.

          • To name a few, Battle Fantasia Mimana Iyar Chronicle, Cho Aniki Zero, the Family titles, the Kunio titles, From The Abyss, Hero’s Saga Laevatein Tactics, etc. to name a few.

            But I’m not that interesting anyway haha But you know who is? Mimana Iyar Chronicle! ;) Get hype!

          • kupomogli

            Can you not name Atlus titles since you’re working for Aksys?

          • ATLUS titles? All of those are Aksys titles that I named.

          • kupomogli

            @Akselziys. It won’t let me reply to any post below this one.

            But yeah. You named no Atlus titles. Are you not allowed to since you work for Aksys since it would be promoting another publisher somewhat, or did you not do anything for Atlus?

            Since it was people from Atlus that left and created Aksys, wondering were you with them prior and what games you worked on? Mainly since someone else brought what titles you worked on up.

          • Oh, I joined from the outside. I wasn’t among the ex-ATLUS staff that created Aksys.

  • Lol love the trailer!

  • I’ve played the Japanese version and frankly I didn’t like it at all. The gameplay seemed stiff and the voiced dialogues were the only interesting point of the game.

    • Anyway i think the forte of this game is mostly the story and/or humor, how was the story?

      • I didn’t play long enought to find out, because the worst part in my opinion was the fighting system.

        • do you even understand japanese o.o?

          • Yeah, pretty much. Fourth year of Japanese Studies on an University :)

          • So you just ignored most of the story completely D:? bad move T.T

  • Vino (Tim N)

    A maybe for me. Will Siliconera be doing a play test?

  • Now bear my arctic blast!

  • Dark_Sage

    Are you on the Agarest team too? I’m a bit more hyped for that than Mimana, gomennasai. :P

    • Naw, that’s the other producer’s project :) But Agarest rocks too! So it’s all good.

    • if you are interested in agarest you should be interested in this one as well O_o, though that depends, if you have a psp or not

      • Dark_Sage

        I have all the systems, but the main reason I’m getting Agarest is because I’m interested in the unique swag, S-RPGs are my favorite genre, and I’m interested in the swag.

        Mimana would earn a “blind” pre-order from me if I was assured that one of the main characters was yandere, but I don’t think that’s the case. :X

      • Ereek

        The difference is that Agarest is actually a decent game.

        This? Not so much. I really hate to be negative, though, and I’m sure some people out there will enjoy it.

        • Funny you say that, at the beginning there were a lots of flammers of agarest (im not saying you are =P). But how do you know this one is bad in any case? did you beat it?, played it? heres another video with some of the original script http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPw2iMPGE9c it seems the humor will be something great, the story doesnt looks bad at all, though i would wish to see more of it (I dont think is just go, get the crystal the go get the other, and so on), and the character’s personallity seems to be attractive enough, the battle system, it may look weird, but its just like any other tales of games, at the beginning is button smashing with some skills now and there, and later on the skills will be the key to victory…anyway… in my opinion, i see the battle system strangely good. I wish there were more battle videos in youtube -.-

          • Ereek

            I did in fact beat Agarest. Twice. I attacked the European version’s localization, which was extremely bad, but the game itself is fun, if flawed. There are some big problems with one or two of the design/technical choices, but otherwise I very much enjoyed the game.

            And yes, I played Mimana Iyar. The battle system is just. . .blah. Still, like I said, some people will enjoy it.

  • I actually pre-ordered this the other day since it came with a soundtrack. Do all versions come with the soundtrack or is it just a pre-order bonus? Either way, I’ll be getting the game, just want to make sure I get the CD. Game should be great fun (at least in my book).

    @Akselziys: This is one of the best sites, in my humblest of opinions, to get hype on a game like this, no? =D

    • Yeah, all first print copies will come bundled with the music/voicemail disc.

      And I agree, Siliconera rocks ;) *hi-fives Spencer*

      • I was just thinking the other day that Siliconera should do a Cho Aniki 0 giveaway contest.

        I dunno, show off your 6-pack, or something! Who has the best chest hair? Tell everyone what it is to be a man!

        *popped collar and spray-on tan = automatic disqualification*

      • Random encounter hi-five back at you!

        Thanks for dropping by and answering everyone’s questions :)

        • Haha, my pleasure, Spencer :)

          Thanks for posting more about Mimana!

  • Mazen

    Great trailer! good job from Aksys.

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