Anyone Want To Publish Record of Agarest War Zero?

By Spencer . March 11, 2010 . 11:01pm

image At GDC, Record of Agarest War Zero (aka Agarest Senki Zero) is one of the products Compile Heart is showing to publishers, which they hope will be picked up for international distribution.


Record of Agarest War got licensed so there must be at least some chance for Record of Agarest War Zero, a prequel to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game. As we said earlier, Aksys is listed as one of the potential buyers.


However, Record of Agarest War isn’t even out yet, might be too early for them to purchase the publishing rights for the sequel.

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  • Ereek

    A few months ago, Ghostlight stated they were “interested,” depending on how the first sold. But considering Ghostlight has been completely silent about Agarest, it hasn’t even supported the game with the free DLC released in Japan, that’s not seeming particularly likely.

    I’m really hoping Ghostlight doesn’t do it though. They did a worse job than Ignition would.

  • Please please please keep Ghostlight away from this. Their translation of the first was utterly appalling.

  • Artavasdus

    Even if I totally understand (and support, as any paying customer should do) the anger against bad localizations I am a little taken aback by certain “extreme” comments: it seems that if a publisher makes a bad localization it is eternally branded as a failure and instantly loses any right to continue its activity, while we all know that if we applied those standards in the past we would have had to rule out Atlus USA, NiSA and other affirmed publishers of japanese games.

    Agarest has been Ghostlight’s first direct attempt at localization (their other games have always been Pal ports of USA-localized titles, without a direct involvement in the localization process), and while the translation’s quality is surely incostant it’s not as bad as some other titles released by more experienced publishers. I think it’s safe to assume that their quality can only improve from now on (actually they were happy about Agarest’s UK sales, so there is a possibility that they pick up Agarest Zero).

    Even much-dissed Ignition must be given their due: while Lux Pain was probably the worst localization of the last years and I have no sympathy at all for Entalize, Deadly Premonition’s localization is almost a flawless job, capturing perfectly the b-movie, trash horror, openly-derivative feeling the game tries to convey thus making a game with many outstanding defects into an infinitely entertaining (if niche) title. If this is the standard for their next titles, then I am ready to retire all that I thought about Ignition and the quality of its localizations.

    Publishers can improve and get better with time, and while it’s absolutely right to criticize bad localizations it’s a little unfair to make absolute statements.

    • To me Agarest’s localisation made the game unplayable. All emotion of any kind was removed from the dialogue, no attempt was made to replicate jokes, the skill descriptions were incomprehensible, you had typos on main menu options (always an immersion killer). I’ve a strong suspicion the game was put through a machine translator and they just got a couple of non-writing type people to rush through and tidy things up before release.

      When I’m paying £40 for a game I expect a game with some modicum of quality control. I’m all for supporting small publishers but I don’t play games out of charity. There are plenty of small publishers out their who do make the effort to ensure their games are as good as they can make them, they’re the ones worthy of supporting.

      • Artavasdus

        I am not saying we should support small publishers out of christian charity regardless of whay they do with their scripts, nor that we should tolerate every localization blunder with a smile for the sake of having the game in english: at the start of my post I stressed out the need for paying customers to require quality for their money, and I believe that the communication between the publishers and the userbase (aka the right to criticize and question a publisher) is a vital phase for improving the overall quality of the japanese localization market.

        What I wanted to say, instead, is that every publisher has room for improvement, especially one that has just started localizing japanese games (as I said, Agarest is Ghostlight’s first direct attempt), and considering a publisher “doomed” (and consequently outright boycotting it, as some are willing to do) because of a single misstep if it was done in the past would have killed off practically every western publisher of japanese games, from Working Designs (at the time many criticized their translations for their pop culture references and free adaptations) to Atlus USA (remember the Ps1 american localization of Persona Revelations?), NiSA (Ar Tonelico 2, DS Rhapsody’s advertised and missing content), Aksys ( the first release of Jake Hunter), Sega (not strictly a translation matter, but what did they exactly fix in the bugfest that was Sands of Destruction’s battle system?) and of course everyone’s favorite Ignition.

        I think we need to be less extreme in judging publishers, strongly criticizing them for their errors (which actually helps to reduce them, if done in contexts where publishers and consumers can communicate) but also leaving them time to improve their quality without having a raging fanbase asking for their blood. Almost every publisher has been able to enhance (even much-dissed Ignition managed it with Deadly Premonition) after some trial and error, but if a publisher get stoned to death by apalled consumers on its first try we will never find out.

    • Ghostlight should have Aksys localize (and market) it ;)

  • Jump on that shit, Aksys. We’ll repay you with monies in kind.

    • Artavasdus

      Since there is no X360 port and it probably wouldn’t be profitable to make an english dub I fear that Agarest Zero can only be released as digital download in the USA, the same that will happen with the original Agarest’s american Ps3 version (apparently due to SCEA’s policies regarding japanese dub-only games, even if Yakuza 3 seems to be an exception). I hope this also get licensed to Europe since I would like to have a physical edition.

      • stealth20k

        This has nothing to do with the 360. It will probably be released after the first one comes out in America. It will also be profitable and be released on a disc.

        FYI the ps3 is second place worldwide now, so I think we will be seeing more japanese games released on it.

        • Artavasdus

          Excuse me, what exactly are you pointing out in my post? :P

          The first thing I said was exactly that “this has nothing to do with 360”, since Agarest Zero, unlike the first Agarest, hasn’t a X360 port and is a Ps3 exclusive.

          Secondly, if you haven’t heard yet, Aksys will publish Agarest X360 on disc and Agarest Ps3 on PSN (dd only) because of SCEA’s rules (different from SCEE’s, as you can see from the fact that Ghostlight could publish the game on disc for the Ps3 Pal market), so in the event of an Agarest Zero american localization seeing how Aksys deemed unprofitable to dub the first game we will probably get another dd-only release if SCEA doesn’t grant them an exception as for Sega’s Yakuza 3.

          I don’t see why can you make the assumpion that “it will be profitable and be released on disc” when:
          1) Aksys has clearly stated that they didn’t want to spend money on the first game’s dub
          2) Agarest 1 isn’t even out in the american market and we don’t have a clue about its future sales figure
          3) Even in Japan the series moved a very small amount of copies

          That said, global market shares and console war have nothing to do with SCEA’s stance regarding japanese dub-only games.

        • Hraesvelgr

          Actually, PS3 is still third place worldwide.

          • stealth20k

            No the ps3 just over took the 360 this month :)

          • malek86

            I’m pretty sure it’s still third place, since last month the gap was some 5 millions or so. Unless you’re talking about weekly sales, but in that case, the PS3 has been second place for quite some time now.

          • stealth20k

            Yeah I made a mistake, they are still technically in third but will probably pass them soon. As they have been leading weekly worldwide sales for some time.

          • This has nothing to do about PS3 sales and everything to do about Compile Heart shopping around for Agarest Senki Zero.

          • stealth20k

            I am sure akyss will pick it up… Its possible NIS might,

      • For me, any release is better than none over here. Although, I have the means of taking my PS3 and upping the hard drive when some people don’t have the same option or the same connection speed to the Internet to make things easier.

        Honestly, though, it’ll likely matter the most how Agarest itself sells in the US to see how it performs here. If it doesn’t do well, then the likelihood is that we won’t see light of the prequel.

        • Artavasdus

          Yep, the first Agarest’s american sales need to be decent to make Aksys think about it. On the other hand, Ghostlight may precede them for the Pal market since they were happy with the UK sales (Agarest was in the top30 for one of two weeks, not too shabby considering how niche and low budget it is).

  • stealth20k

    Sonys been loosening its japanese dub rules. Yakuza 3 wouldnt/couldnt have been released here 2 years ago. I highly doubt if this comes out here, it would be download only for the ps3.

    FYI I have the European ps3 version and am very happy with it. I have no problem importing the sequel as well.

    • Artavasdus

      Yakuza is an exception to SCEA’s rule, probably because of the importance of its publisher (with all due respect, Sega is no Aksys) and of the particular nature of the game (its setting is Japan, so the japanese only-dub makes more sense than in a fantasy title).

      The “Yakuza 3 couldn’t have been released here 2 years ago” thing is also wrong, since Yakuza 2 managed to be published in the USA in 2008 with only the japanese dub even if the rules set by SCEA were the same as now.

      • stealth20k

        Either way, it will probably be released in europe first with a disc based copy. Its better for consumers to import that, then buy a dd title.

        • Artavasdus

          I fully agree with this, being a collector I always prefere a disc release (especially a beautiful limited edition like the one Ghostlight did for Agarest) to a dd-only one. The fact that I am european also helps :P

          • stealth20k

            Anyway I think this article maybe should come out in a couple months when agarest war is released in april (US)

            As it stands this title is even farther off probably then ar tonelico III and trinity universe in america.

          • You obviously have missed the point of this article since it’s a heads up that a publisher is looking for a publisher, not an announcement. Compile Heart is at GDC trying to make a deal.

    • Hopefully. I don’t mind download games (sometimes I prefer it), but locking out games from a system for an inane reason like that when your company title has “Entertainment” in it doesn’t help your reputation.
      I mean, if they feel that strongly about it they should build a division like they did with Sony Pictures Classics except make it to release games like these.

  • Now why oh why couldn’t they do this with Rogue Hearts Dungeon?

    • …because they knew no one would bite? :'(

      Thank you for inadvertently reminding me of that game, btw. New copies are only about 1000 yen from now…wish I knew a cheap proxy buyer :(

  • Wohoo cool, is good to see them interested in localizing this one, ive seen it have lots more of stuff than agarest wars!! Too bad aksys still hasnt released so maybe theycould be a possible localizer, they will most probably consider this depending on the agarest wars sales, wich in my opinon, and because all the activity ive seen, will have some good sales (i really hope that) and i already have my money in psn to get it =).

    I dont really see what’s the drama here o.0 if ghostlight release it or not, it might be worst for is since if we want it, we will need to pay a more thx to the euros, so i dont really care what they do. I hope some american publisher gets this! But maybe we will have to see how agarest wars does for aksys.

    Thanks for the info spencer :D anything else related to this plz let us know!

    • We have more “surprises” especially about Compile Heart, but those will have to come another day. :)

      • Ereek

        Actually, I think I can guess what it is this time.

        That’s a good thing.

      • Why leave for tomorrow what you can do today??! WHY!?!??!?

      • malek86

        Your words are as empty as your post!

        Oh, fine, I’ll wait.

        • A Symphony of the Night homage in this day and age?! *likes*

  • masuto

    Aksys better buy it before Atlus or NISA picks it up.

    • Ereek

      NISA probably passed on it already. NISA (at least they used to) gets first dibs on IF games. Just look at that NISA article from last week.

      • And NISA must be pretty busy with atelier rorona and ar tonelico 3, specially with ar tonelico 3 since they have to make up for AT 2 not so good localizing

        • Ereek

          Actually, I think we’re going to be waiting a while for AT3. There’s another game that came out about 6 months ago that I’d say with close to certainty we’re getting before that.

          I would feel bad for spoiling the surprise, though.

          • Everyone is hiding secrets! Who can i trust!? AHHHhhhh!

          • About six months ago… hmm… we’ll have to leave it up to the universe to show us what that could be.

            …I find myself unclever.

          • Ereek

            Much love, Nick.

            Though, wasn’t that a bit blunt? Don’t get in trouble for our sakes.

          • Wait…………..WAIT…. *thinks* uhhh!! OHH i think the universe is showing it to me… but i dont think i should say it here just in case, maybe im wrong…. and i wouldnt like to kill the surprise to other ppl if its that and i wouldnt want you guys to get in trouble…. heheh im gonna go dance of happiness somewhere else… maybe ill go play Zelda and belive in the power of the TRIforce that will be with us for all eterNITY….

          • Blunt? I have no idea what you’re talking about. I was making an Arrested Development joke… >_>

            Maybe a few weeks will pass and the stars will align for some reason.

  • With how great Record of Agarest War/Agarest: Generations of War is I´d love to have this title in my collection as well.

    So I hope that someone picks it up. I also hope that there will be no differences between the EU and US versions if they do decide to pick it up.

  • thebanditking

    Im not going to say that someone should not pick it up as clearly there is an interest in this series, but much like the original Im going to pass. I already have Star Ocean Int, White Knight, and Resonance of Fate (or will) that I have not even started, and Final Fantasy XIII to play through before starting any of them, so Im good with RPG’s for a while. Still its this series subject matter that keeps me at bay, and I just can’t bring my self to play these types of games. By “these types” I mean borderline Eroge/Hentai games.

    • Artavasdus

      Don’t be deceived by Aksys’ sly marketing, Agarest is not nearly as eroge as those trailers would have it to be (in fact I think many of the buyers of the USA version are in for a big disappointment if they hope to have an all-naughty experience :P).

      It is a failry complex game with a long plot who takes itself rather seriously, many story branches and a good tactical combat system. Fanservice and innuendo are in there, certainly, but they are only one part of the game, and by far not the most important.

      Ironically if it weren’t for its “naughty” bits the series will probably have been lost to the western audience like many other low budget jrpgs.

      • john411

        But thankfully at least for it, the hype for the game is better.

        • Artavasdus

          Yeah, their marketing sure has gathered much more attention on Agarest than any “Hey, we have a 70-hours tactical jrpg with a generation system, branching plot choices and an interesting gameplay (also some fanservice)!” strategy :P

          That said I wasn’t attacking Aksys for their way to market niche games (they are playing the “eroge” card even for Mimana, even if in a less blatant way XD), but simply pointing out that the game is far from what an eroge fan would expect.

  • john411

    So what else was Compile Heart shopping at GDC??

    • lordgeo

      I’m interested in this as well, if stuff like this can be revealed at will. Chances are the guys at Siliconera will reveal their “surprises” when they’re ready.

  • 311

    I’d say either Atlus or NISA or Aksys

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