The Shoot ‘Em Up You Play With A Wii Remote And Brain Waves

By Spencer . March 12, 2010 . 8:56am

IMAG0077NeuroSky, a company that specializes in brain to computer interface devices, brought a game called Mind Invaders to GDC. Before you play the game you have to equip a headset of sorts with a little antenna that measures brain activity.


Mind Invaders tracks your attention or concentration. Green alien-like things fly on the screen. You use the Wii remote to move a cursor which controls a laser. The power of this beam is determined by your level of focus. A number between 0-100 on screen indicates your attack power. Basically, you shoot down invaders faster when your focus is higher.


It’s a neat concept and after a mind-on demo Mind Invaders feels like it works. However, you don’t have to focus on shooting invaders. That actually distracted me. Any thought, in my experience looping ones or music, seemed to be more effective. One thing interesting about Mind Invaders is when I switched targets my attack power dropped a little. I consciously changed what was in my mind from my focused thought to scanning for another. So, my “attention” or better put what I was paying attention to temporarily changed, which affected the attack meter. Neurosky’s game has a cool premise. Wonder what this would be like mixed with “bullet hell” patterns…

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  • Wow, that sounds incredible. So, the game can actually pick up split-second lapses in focus? If you think about it, it’s interesting how you pointed out that the game actually tries to distract you while you’re playing it…there’s so much potential for this.

    • It feels like it. I mean when I stopped thinking about one thing to switch to a target my focus value dropped. The technology is really neat-o.

  • I wonder what this game would look like played by someone suffering from ADD.

    • I wonder what would happen if you hooked it up to an animal…that could prove to be very interesting…

      • I can see your cat trying this out :P

        Fascinating concept. It sounds like it can create a personal experience for the player that can be different from others. I’ve always been interested in an idea for a game that uses just eye coordination and/or muscle. Sounds like it might hurt, though…

      • bobhoskins

        Hah. That just gave me a cheat code – all I’ve gotta do is equip it to my cat, and the attack power will go over 9000.

        My cat is a pigmy lion.

  • Code

    That’s pretty neat >w<' rarr, I wanna play the mind reading shmup too!

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