Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Awakens In North America With Extra Content

By Spencer . March 16, 2010 . 12:56pm

kh08Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, a prequel to Sora’s adventures, is slated for a Western release this summer. Here’s how Square Enix describes the story.


Long before Sora was chosen by his Keyblade, the worlds’ safety lay in the hands of Keyblade Masters.

Three youths —  Terra, Ventus, and Aqua — have been training long and hard under Master Eraqus to prove that they, too, exhibit the Mark of Mastery.

But they will soon find themselves in the middle of a crisis affecting worlds far beyond their own—just as another Keyblade Master, Xehanort, goes mysteriously missing.

Three friends, three destinies. Everything will link back to the beginning.


The North American version isn’t a straight localization. Square Enix is enhancing it with more multiplayer options, an extra boss fight, and more multiplayer modes. An interview snippet also mentioned rebalancing the game by nerfing Megalfare and powering up bosses, but those changes are still unconfirmed.


Jenni has been covering Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep extensively. Read her overall impressions, an introduction to Terra’s journey, and the start of Ventus’ adventures for more information. Also, be on the look out for a piece about Aqua’s story too.


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  • Ereek

    And then, three months later Japan will get the “Ultimate Edition,” which has both North American’s extra content and even more additional bosses, scenes, and items.

    Still, it’s nice to finally have an official announcement as well as a target release date.

    • speedstersonic

      God i seriously hate that, release the extra stuff as dlc plz and don’t pull that shit Square Enix. Unless you plan to actually localize the Final Mix version of that, but previous installments say otherwise. >.>

    • raymk

      yep always happens its just there to make it look like we get special treatment but i’m waiting for the game =D can’t wait to play as aqua

    • doubleO7

      Yes, but when that does happen they have no excuse not to give the extra content to us through DLC, which was impossible when the PS2 games were released.

    • speedstersonic

      might also be bundled with a remake of the ds game for the psp, and then we won’t see that but 4 or 5 years later by itself and a bit over half the price of the final mix version.

    • doubleO7

      oops, sorry for double post. Just ignore this second comment.

    • Masengan

      Haha I’m sure they will just call it Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep – Final Mix ++

  • jarrodand

    With all the additions, I’m betting Japan gets a BBS Final Mix by year’s end…

  • Pichi

    If there is a Final Mix, than I hope its more like Dissidia’s and not like FFXII’s.

  • vrakanox

    Thanks Nomura, I’ll take two please :)

  • holyPaladin

    Yes US release!
    Just hope the date revealed soon, not just this summer.

  • bobhoskins


    Now there’s going to be a Final Mix, where Nomura’s gonna start pulling more bullshit out of the ass, and further stuff the series in the casket.

  • thebanditking

    Fine by me, I have been waiting for this game for a while (and Im not even a big KH fan) so Im really looking forward to this release. I have been very pleased with how big games transitioned onto PSP so far (Jak and Daxter, God of War, FF7,).

  • Guest

    Sora with a so important prequel story, never heard of in other games? What is it? tabula rasa after all this adventure with other important friends? isn’t it a little too forced to be a prequel story?

    It is better if they work on Kingdom hearts 3, after the impressionat optional ending with that sort of keyblade cemetery and those three armored warriors!!!

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