Code Unlocks Prinny In La Pucelle Ragnarok

By Spencer . March 18, 2010 . 8:40am

imageDevil King Prinny is hidden in La Pucelle Ragnarok and only a code can unlock him. No, not a downloadable unlock key. Nippon Ichi went all NES on us and created a secret button code.


On the title screen, put the cursor on start from the beginning (hajimekara) then press △□×△□×○ (triangle, square, x, triangle, square, x, circle). After you put in the code, Prinny partners with Prier.


Nippon Ichi released La Pucelle Ragnarok back in November 2009. So, why is the code being revealed now? Prinny 2: Dawn of the Great Pantsu War is rising. The Prinny sequel for PSP is scheduled to hit stores next week.

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  • Lol, still cant belive is called pantsu war xD

    I hope maybe, someday~, NISA localize this D: i couldnt play it on the ps2.

    Umm looking at the Prinny 2 images, it looks pretty cool, and flonne is there :D, fire eyes hehe

    • yh pretty cool xD

  • Great now I just need that NISA localizes La Pucelle in English… Though my main priority is Prinny 2.

    • stealth20k

      Highly doubtful la pucelle will get localized after all this time. Prinny 2 is more likely, but probably not for awhile.

      • neo_firenze

        After “all this time”? It’s only been out in Japan for 4 months. We’re talking about the PSP remake, not the original (which did come to the US courtesy of Mastiff).

        Wouldn’t surprise me to see NISA follow in the footsteps of the Disgaea 1 and 2 PSP remakes and localize La Pucelle for a US release on PSN at the least.

        • stealth20k

          Think about it this way. Summer brings us atelier rorona. And many believe nisa is the mystery publisher of trinity universe in the US. Ar tonelico 3 will also most likely come out after these. I just dont see either in the cards.

          • Artavasdus

            There are many other candidates for NiSA localizations: Atelier Lina on Ds, Antiphona, Classic Dungeon, La Pucelle R, Zettai Hero, Atelier Judie remake and Prinny 2 for Psp, Agarest Zero and Ar Tonelico 3 for Ps3 and probably some other that I forgot to mention :

            Let’s hope at least some of them manage to be published in the USA.

          • stealth20k

            Your all forgeting that NISA stated that they are focusing on ps3 NA expansion. So in my eyes all ps3 titles get priority.

          • Mystery publisher? they ARE the publishers, and you forget they can at least localize 2 games at the same time with 2 teams, or maybe even 3, i dunno how is in there, but i think that is the most logical way to localize games. Is not like they go 1 by 1 o_o

          • stealth20k

            The publisher for trinity universe hasnt been revealed yet. How big do you think NISA is? They only have a slate of 3 games with release dates right now. Once thosse come out theres trinity universe and atelier rorona. Not much room for alot.

          • Artavasdus

            @stealth20k: The fact that NiSA said to be interested in expanding their Ps3 localizations doesn’t mean that all those Psp and Ds titles are to be considered MIA (especially since the Ps3 candidates are two titles at best, TU and AT3, three if you count the unlikely Agarest Zero).

            They had given a lot of emphasis to their Psp offer, and they tried to localize a Ds Atelier games just at the end of 2009, so there is no reason to think the flow of handheld localizations is going to stop completely.

            That said, I also think many of those games are going to be ignored, simply because localizing all of them would take ages (they would probably need to retranslate even La Pucelle, since the original localization was done by Mastiff).

          • Lol well, if NISA isnt the one localizing Trinity Universe then i dont know who else would release a game with DISGAEA CHARACTERS, is just stupid to think it isnt them!
            And having 3 dated games doesnt means they are working one by one (btw you forgot sakura wars and badman 2) i think it is as big as aksys who is working with like 3 games at the same time as well

          • LastFootnote

            “Lol well, if Capcom isnt the one localizing Cross Edge then i dont know who else would release a game with DARKSIDERS CHARACTERS, is just stupid to think it isnt them!”

            Fixed that for you.

  • More button unlock codes, less DLC unlock codes. Good show, NIS.

  • Artavasdus

    I hope Prinny 2 is a success (of course one needs to think about the first one, that sold a little less than 30k), after Zettai Hero’s flop (only 26k sold in the first week, worst result ever for the Disgaea team :) and last month’s sad news about the income reductions NiS needs to have at least one strong game sales-wise.

    Disgaea 4 will hopefully turn the table, but if every Psp game bomb (Zettai comes after La Pucelle Ragnarok, Antiphona and Classic Dungeon’s failures) I think they may still be in trouble.

    • Personally i think publishers like NISA arent the ones that win by selling the most on the first day or week, they sell more slowly but they sell well at the end.

      Of course, sadly, really sadly, the main psp’s problem is piracy… *sigh* such a great system being destroyed slowly, darn it… And zettai hero isnt bad at all, i dont see how a game like this could not be sold! or for those %#$%& pirates, download it… they have it so easy to get games and yet they still pirate…

      Im in a ridiculous game related expensive country, with a freaking crazy president who just banned the “violent” games of the country! , like in 3rd March if i remember correctly he did that, they were removed from online shops or normal shops! (yes that means no FF13, resonance of fate,blazblue portable, etc) and im still trying to get the games without going to piracy… is really hard to get, and expensive, now even without using piracy if i ask someone to bring me FF13, or any psp game with weapons from the US it will be already ilegal here lol. Well is not like they will know i have the game but i still, it will be hella hard to get it in my hands now…

      At least i have a way to get not as hard the games from playAsia, but im still learning japanese, so i just get too many japanese game… and is always expensive there.

      Sorry if i make mistakes in my english… i tend to overlook a lot of things when i write too much, and i dont have time to re-read D: gotta go to class

      • Trotmeister

        DS was hacked on day one practically, and it still seems to make quite a bit of cash for all the parties involved.

      • Artavasdus

        I would like to agree, but if you see the japanese charts you will notice that NiS jrpgs are as front loaded as any other jrpg (meaning they are going to sell some 50%75% of their total sales in their first week, even if there are many exceptions), so I haven’t much hope for Zettai to do more than 50k LTD :

        That said, I don’t think piracy is the problem: in this generation all platforms except Ps3 have been hacked practically from the start, and this hasn’t stopped many Psp games to sell like crazy in Japan (think about the Monster Hunter titles, Dissidia, Crisis Core or more recently God Eater or KH BBS).

        Sadly, I think that there aren’t simply enough NiS fans on that platform, and if low sales are acceptable with low budget ports they aren’t with original games like Antiphona or Zettai :(

        • After watching a friend downloading a game with1000 seeds in a torrent, that is when i started to think pirates isnt REALLY any good for business =/, specially for small companies

  • Code

    rar my response to all these comments is >w<' : I figure we'll get a good handful of PSP games from NIS this year just like we have every other year. Prinny 2, I think is a given, even if the original only found mediocre sales I think they are an incredibly bright and flexible company and I don't think they are going to let weak sales scare them out of what was an absolutely brilliant first entry into the platforming market. rar, hopefully the second game will really bring some attention to this top notch series.

    La Pucelle, honestly I could see going either way, unless NIS has a surprise, it might end up taking the place of there "PSP Disgaea" for the year. The original came out wayyyy back, and NIS didn't get to handle it directly, they might be willing to give it another shot.

    Classic Dungeon, seems very possible, rar, it doesn't seem all that text heavy, also no voice acting that I'm aware of. Zettai Hero is really in the air for me, I like to think NIS will really push this one as there next big game inline (perhaps in a similar Makai Kingdom~w<

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