Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Music Video Is All About Paz

By Spencer . March 23, 2010 . 8:01am

Voice actress and pop star Nana Mizuki plays the role of Paz in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Konami keen on using both of Mizuki’s talents made a Peace Walker music video where Paz sings “Deterrence of Love.”



If you’re a fan you can buy Paz’s theme on April 7 when Konami releases it and “Heavens Divide” on CD. The disc also contains a karaoke version, just in case you want to sing along.

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  • badmoogle

    Will we get a Leona Lewis version?
    Isn’t Konami also desperate to appeal to western gamers?
    Because everyone knows that western people’s ears bleed everytime they hear a different language than english.

    • According to Wikipedia, you’ll be getting a Donna Burke version.

      • badmoogle


    • TyeTheCzar

      Sorry, but with the lack of quality in American pop music(see: Britney, Ashlee Simpson, Mariah Carey, etc), I’ll stick with sugary-sweet but well composed JPop any day.

      • badmoogle

        I agree,i was being sarcastic.
        But unfortunately Konami doesn’t agree with us.D:

      • Ereek

        Well composed JPop? Are we listening to the same music? Certainly, there are some good singers (Chihiro Onitsuka immediately comes to mind, as do a few of the ballad/traditional singers) but most is just as bad as American pop.

        And Leona Lewis is English, not American.

        • badmoogle

          “And Leona Lewis is English, not American.”

          Is there really a difference when it comes to mainstream pop?
          It’s the same market.

          • Ereek

            There are some subtle differences in composition that someone who knows more about that type of music can explain. I know more about classical music than modern.

            I can say, however, that most of the “bouncy” music that gets popular in North America at one point is Europop, though (For example, Blue ~ da ba de, C’est la vie, We Like to Party, and Aqua).

            Oh, and don’t get me wrong. I can enjoy JPop, but the mainstream JPop is just as bad as any other country.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Well, let’s face it, outside of niches like anime, Japanese video games and foreign films, the average Joe English speaker wants to hear this stuff dubbed. And it’s not just the English speakers. Chinese, French, Germans, Japanese, they’re all like this.

      I have a friend in China who absolutely refused to watch SpongeBob in anything but Chinese. And yes, I said SpongeBob.

      • For me it depends on what language I saw it first on. I can’t watch Dragon Ball with anything but a German dub. Same with Sailor Moon… but then again, those two have a superb German dub job in comparison to any newer series that gets a German dub. I think the English dub of FFXII was alot better than the Japanese one, not that the original dub was bad or anything, the English just was more fitting imo. Well, anyways, if I start watching a series in one language and get used to the VA’s it gets hard for me to watch it in any other language. I can’t bring myself to get used ot the original voices in Supernatural, Psych or Avatar. On the other hand… watching Heroes with a German dub is nightmare to me, because I started watching it in English. In general I prefer the original dub tho… But with something as particular as Spongebob I can understand why your friend wouldn’t like to watch it in another language than his native, I think it’s hard to really get the unique humour of it when it’s not your native language. But I don’t like Spongebob much in any language….. XD

        • Aoshi00

          What did you think about the German dub for Lost Odyssey? I’m curious because I only understand Eng/Jpn, I just watched the same cut scenes in the other 3 languages for fun but I couldn’t judge the quality since I don’t understand them, their tone, inflection, etc. I’m more familiar w/ German and French, but not w/ Italian at all.

          For me it’s the same, it’s hard for me to listen to Goku in a guy’s voice because I grew up watching DB/DBZ as a kid. Usually it’s whatever I listen to first. FFXII’s English dub was definitely better than the Jpn dub, and actually so was FFXIII, it was like a totally different experience for me, it managed to make me like all the 6 chars while I didn’t care for them in the Jpn ver. That Jack Fletcher director is really something, like Ted Woolsey w/ the 16-bit script.

          On the whole, I would have to say one would enjoy something a lot more listening to his or her native language w/ ease, because you could lose yourself in it rather than being distracted by a lanugage you don’t understand. Unless the dub is really bad.

          I’ve played all 4 MGS games in both Jpn and Eng., I liked 1 and 2 in Jpn better and liked 3 in Eng. better (because of the Cold War setting, you don’t get Russian accent in Jpn), and 4 I’m okay w/ both (actually haven’t finished the US ver yet), but Ocelot’s original VA died so it was Liquid Snake voicing him, kind of confusing since he’s not supposed to take over all the time… I’m thinking if I should import this first or wait for the US version so I could experience this in English first.

          EDIT: actually Vaan and Penelo’s Jpn voices were bad, total amateurs.. but then nobody really cares about them..

          • Since I have no 360 I never played LO, but I just compared the different voiceovers on the Drunken Jansen scene which someone uploaded on youtube and the German one sounds like a porno dub. It’s bad. To me the order of quality goes like this: JPN > ITA/FRA > ENG > GER, but FRA/ITA just being slightly better than ENG, France and Italy have some of the best European VA’s imo. But that German dub there was really awful… what a pity.. :/ (But it’s amazing how Kaim sounds almost the same in any of the dubs… haha)

            But I can’t really think of any really good German game dub, to me each sentence always feels so cut off, not like I’m listening to a whole, fluent dialogue but lots of sentences cut together badly…. *sigh*

            I actually like Penelo’s Japanese voice… her voice actress may not be that professional, but her voice has a nice ring to it imo.. the English dub is alot better tho, yeah. Anyways, Fran and Balthier sounded so much less interesting in Japanese, especially Fran’s English VA was amazing… it’s such a pity she hasn’t done any other VA-jobs since then… :(

          • Aoshi00

            lol.. that drunk/womanizer scene was supposed to be funny, the US VA (Michael McGaharn) did a lot of ad lib for Jansen, a really good job.. Actually I like the Eng. dub the most, lip sync to it for one thing, then Jpn, can’t say about the rest. Jansen was voiced by a comedian actor in Jpn, he’s actually the guy that played the harisen teacher (smacks people w/ a fan) in the Nodame Cantabile drama and the mustache guy in the Densha Otoko drama.I played the game in Jpn first so I liked it, but actually the dub was pretty bad, most of the actors weren’t up to par because they have no previous voice acting experience, other than Horikawa Ryo (Vegeta, Shun in Saint Seiya) as Prince Tolten. And the lip sync was pretty bad compared to other Jpn dubs (people would still be talking after the mouths closed or the sentence is finished even though the mouth’s still moving), say like Heavy Rain. Though Kaim’s Jpn actor’s voice does have a certain quality, but it was very flatly delivered, and I prefer Seth’s deeper Jpn voice more. The Jpn voices for the twins Cooke/Mack were horrible (they were singers), Ming’s Eng. voice is okay, but sounds like a fake British accent. I have a hard time liking non professionals doing voices because you can just hear they’re newbies at the mic and their voices are not special at all.. Vaan’s was awful though, it felt like his Jpn was jumbled together and you could hardly make out what he’s saying even if you read the subtitle..

          • She didnt? i though she was on White knight C «« ………..
            Karas voice ….. maybe im wrong :/ ……. oh well ««
            BUt yes the eason i finished FF12 was for the Awsome Fran and Balthier ^^ !Loved the ending scene !

          • Sadly she didn’t… Kara in WKC was voiced by Cathy Cavadini. Nicole Fantl hasn’t voiced anything since XII as far as I know (and as far as I know it was her first VA job too, speaking of “amateur” VAs and all ;D)

          • nvm i check wikki no she didnt T_T disapointment bahhh !

          • Ah, that’s why Jansen’s JPN voice sounded somewhat familiar…. oh well, I can’t really judge the whole acting of the game by just one scene, but that scene sounded the best in Japanese to me… I liked the English scene too, alot, but I really like Jansen’s voice in the Japanese one… and that woman’s voice, I dunno what she’s called.. I like her Japanese voice, it has this tomboyish fighter woman ring to it, which I like. :)

            It depend on the newbie imo.. I really loved Riisa Naka as Makoto in The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, which was her first VA role, tho she has acting experience….. but I never cared much for her Dorama roles tho… I liked her voiceacting in the more recent Summer Wars too. She’s new but good imo. I definitely hope to hear her voice more often.

          • Aoshi00

            Girl’s name is Seth, I was used to her deeper tomboyish Jpn voice too, her Eng. voice was interpreted differently (it was Tara Strong, Rikku in FFX). Here’s a good scene for you,


            I wouldn’t mind they remake FFVII w/ battles like this.

          • And now im curious (sorry about offtopic ) , just who did Cathy Cavadini on Final fantasy ? her wikki is in lack of info «« it just says she did FF characters «« ………

            But Tara strong will be Paz , i played the demo in english its cool ^^ !
            spanish accent :P …. i am paz ortega ! you killed my father prepare to die! hehehe

          • Damn… I want to play the game now… :/

  • Cloud_ST

    The song is kinda good but I think the idea of making the vid entirely on the game’s engine was a little weird,just a normal live action vid with some game scenes would have been better in my opinion.

  • masuto

    Haha! I like it! I think people should start getting into video game music videos. I mean, imagine a music video with Ragna and Jin singing a rock song for BlazBlue.

  • shion16

    I love Nana mizuki =)

  • Wait, I thought Yumi Kikuchi was Paz.

  • lol that was funny XD i do like nana mizuki ^^ ! and in the end of the clip apears saying the single heavens divide (Donna Burke) , will include pazs song ^^ ….. if i read that right :P.

  • Song is nice, but her eyes creep me the hell out.

  • anbu

    When I saw this vid, it reminded me of Hatsune Miku sort of. lol.

    I really like the video. It added some sweet charm to the action oriented MGS series. I waaay back I always wanted to see a spinoff game where Snake (either solid or naked) is seen in a civilian setting. You know like urban/city setting during his inactive days. And maybe pull a “Die Hard” style story where he is trapped in a mall or building with hostages (including a pop star for a twist as his love interest).

    The game closes as snake is being called back in action and is seen reading a newspaper that says, “A mysterious hero saves the day… ” and to finish it off, the screen zooms in on a picture of the pop idol smiling… The End.

  • Aoshi00

    Cool spot, that’s Kojima zaniness for you..

    Dang, Mizuki Nana’s voicing Paz :(.. she’s a good singer but I never really cared for any of the roles she played in anime somehow.

    Wonder who’s that guy that looks like Otacon…

    • It’s some of the best zaniness you can ever find! Not being a huge fan of the series I’m always stuck with the image of intense gameplay and Monkey Balls.

  • Ereek

    I’m a bit sad, I’d prefer it if MGS went back to the Celtic theme they did for MGS1 (The Best is Yet to Come). There’s definitely not enough Celtic vocal themes in games, which is of course one reason why I love Mitsuda.

  • Pesmerga00

    Uncanny Valley?

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