First Glimpse Of Neptune

By Spencer . April 8, 2010 . 11:31pm

Compile Heart’s countdown is over and it was for, as expected, Super Dimension Game Neptune. This teaser trailer introduce the girls, which are real moe personified consoles.


Thanks for the tip Men!



Did you catch all of the text?

The headline in all of the frames says “Super Dimension Game Industry.”

The other bits say: White, Guardian Goddess, Creature of Moods, Injection Syringe, and (finally) Neptune.


Neptune is slated for a summer release in Japan where it will be sold as a standalone game and in a limited edition package. No North American release has been announced, but Compile Heart brought Neptune to GDC, probably because they were searching for a publisher.

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  • john411

    Surprising since Sega is publishing it in Japan, they don’t want to publish it in NA.

    • the who in the what now?

    • Not really. Sega of America seems to be very confused about how to present and market niche games (see: Yakuza 3, Shiren, Bayonetta) and this would be a super-niche release.

      99% chance of NISA nabbing it though, barring any serious financial trouble.

    • jj984jj

      Sega isn’t the publisher, their consoles are being licensed for the game.

      • john411

        Sega is doing distribution and marketing for the game.

  • Chow

    Did this immediately remind anybody else of Cross Edge? Not just the company, but everything else.

    • Well… we cant say much from this, but most of this publisher’s games have these kind of trailers, with just the potrait of the characters..

    • Artavasdus

      No, reading the informations released so far the two games should have almost nothing in common aside from the developer. That said, it’s common for small developers to release teasers based almost only on artwork.

    • Chow

      It was more of the map images showing through the hexagonal masks that made me think it, actually.

  • omg wanna see gameplay

  • I feel myself being strangely attracted to the game. Somehow.

  • I’d be really surprised to see this release outside of Japan. You know, with all the licensing issues and whatnot.

    • Artavasdus

      Aside from the alleged Sega licensing, all the referenced consolesgamessoftware house are renamed to avoid any kind of trouble (with the exception of NiSA and Gust, probably).

  • rock1644

    I wonder which character will be the Virtual Boy.

  • Extra_Life

    This needs to be sat next to Cross Edge and Agarest: Generations of War on my shelf. Despite the niche-ness, I’d say this has a better chance of leaving Japan than… Tales of Hearts!

    • jj984jj

      That’s the reality of it, isn’t it? Idea Factory finds someone to get their crap out everywhere in the world and Namco doesn’t want anybody to touch their Tales games even though they don’t want to localize any of the 2D ones and are selective with the rest. So sad. :(

      • Artavasdus

        I love the Tales games to the point of playing the japanese versions even with my poor knowledge of japanese and I can’t stand Namco’s Tales localization policies just as any other fan, but bashing Idea Factory just because her management actually cares for expanding their fanbase to the west is absurd.

        Following this train of thought every minor jrpg developer should stop licensing their games to western publisher in order to avoid incurring the rage of the neglected Tales fanbase :P

        That said, I am also curious to know which Idea FactoryCompile Heart games have you played and finished among their dozens of developed titles (ranging from tactical jrpgs, grand strategy jrpgs and visual novels) before branding them collectively as crap, especially since the vast majority of them has never been localized to the west and almost all of the few that were translated were Psp portings of Ps2 games.

  • masuto

    Hmm…can’t say anything yet. Must see gameplay.

  • justinslot

    Can they talk to Valve and get a GLaDOS-tan cameo? (My favorite -tan.)

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