You’re Going To Fight Giants In Bleach: Heat The Soul 7

By Spencer . April 13, 2010 . 7:17pm

imageSony is trickling out details about Bleach: Heat the Soul 7, which the official site calls a new chapter in the Heat the Soul series.


The big news is Bleach: Heat the Soul 7 has a wireless four player mode. Past Heat the Soul games only supported two players. The home page also mentions giant enemies, which should be easier to subdue with three friends than going solo.


Bleach: Heat the Soul 7 doesn’t have a set release date, but Sony plans to release the PSP game sometime this year.

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  • Aoshi00

    Are they STILL fighting the Espada, do people still follow it in Jpn anymore? I haven’t watched Bleach in a long time (still picking up the manga every 2 months though, backlog.. will read them someday) Kubotite need to know when to let a series die, just like Nomura w/ his Kingdom Hearts :(… I don’t even care about Naruto these days, I just want Kishimoto to end it, but I might as well read till the end just to wrap things up, can’t believe I read the beginning ever since college..

    • Honestly, Bleach isn’t the only series with a few hundred episodes under its belt =P Bleach actually has the least number of (non-anime-only filler not included) arcs…? Although I haven’t actually counted.

      I think the only long series manga-wise I keep up with are FMA and One Piece, although FMA isn’t really considered a long anime series. Bleach and Naruto I occasionally pop in on, lol. Just to say hi and to see who’s alive and whatnot =P

      • Aoshi00

        Problem is they’ve been at Arrancar for so long since like vol. 20, and now it’s at Vol. 44 and they’re still fighting the Espada (or Aizen, dunno..), what’s there to talk about.. anyway, Bleach has pretty much been all style and no substance all along… Naruto is kind of like this generation’s DB, and One Piece is its own thing so.. FMA despite how long it has been serialized only has 24 vol. so far, but yeah it’s too long…

        • Haha, but I suppose… in a weird way, despite how they’re all based in fantasy worlds, One Piece is the one that makes the most sense and stays the most canon? I mean, they don’t break their own rules (although they were pushing it in the Zombie Island arc), and the characters don’t suddenly get superpowers in 3 days because they’re special like that?

          Yeah, Bleach I used to make fun of because it took Yoruichi 4 pages to fall, once. It really is a lot of pretty art and style, disguising what is essentially a “save the princess” story. But even then, I have to admit I like some of the characters, and that the abilities are a bit cool.

          Naruto, hah. I liked it until Sasuke got waaay too annoying and then I never did get into the post!timeskip era (what was it called again? Seppuu…den?) Again, the art is good and the abilities are cool, but I never did feel the connection I did to the characters as I did with One Piece or even with Bleach (which was very minimal).

          What else is long anime-wise? Um … D-grayman? Katekyo Hitman Reborn…?

          I don’t mind long anime/manga, though. Actually, I kind of like it… It really depends on the characters, I think, and then on the plot…? (THE obvious statement, sigh)

          • malek86

            The POT manga is still going (and people will probably agree with me that the new arc is just plain crap), but the anime has ended some years ago. It was fun, I guess… it gave me something to do every week for about two years. Too bad the last anime arcs suck. Basically, everything after the Hyoutei match is filler (even the official matches from the manga are changed so much that they could be considered filler in their own… guess it overtook the manga too quickly).

          • Never actually got into PoT. I still plan to look into it at some point in time, just to see what everyone’s talking about, but that’s way down the road =P

            If I recall correctly, the last few InuYasha episodes were all filler too, although wasn’t there a second season sometime ago (or right now)?

          • Aoshi00

            It ended and then he started it again, I don’t know who green lighted Konomi Takeshi.. The Prince of Tennis anime right up to Hyoutei was actually awesome when the tennis was still “kind of” physically possible, excellent animation and exciting music. To me it actually rivaled great sports manga like Captain Tsubasa or Slam Dunk since they aren’t that many good sports anime. The only thing that bothered me was they’re all in Junior high, there’s no way Ryoma is a 7th grader and Tezuka a 9th grader lol..

            I’m reading the basketball manga “Kuroko no Basuke” now and it’s pretty good. The other good sports manga I recommend are “P2” for Ping Pong (only 7 vol), quite down to earth no demon fast balls or anything, or “Takkoku” (stands for Takkyu Kokuhaku-hou, the law of confessing one’s love thru table tennis) also for Ping Ping by Fukuchi Tsubasa (the Law of Ueki), a pretty crazy and funny comedy.

          • Aoshi00

            I don’t mind long running manga as long as they’re good, but hey I’m old lol.. so I’ve kind of graduated from shounen (maybe?), I want Kishimoto to draw more mature seinen stuff after Naruto, yep Sasuke sure is annoying.. I liked Bleach for that reason too just because it’s “cool”, but the whole manga is broken down into 2 arcs, fighting the guys in black hakama and guys in white ones :(…

            Reborn was a comedy at first but turned into a fighting manga. I liked D.Gray-man because of the manga’s horror element, the anime was okay, stopped at 90 plus eps because the manga went on several hiatus (vol. 17 now), the fillers were god awful, but I mostly watched it because of Kobayashi Sanae voicing Allen and Wada Kaoru’s music (Tekkman Blade, Inuyasha, etc).

          • I think I’ll like Shounen for a long time coming =P

            Haha, Reborn… I love the characters to bits, in that one, but by gods, the plot makes no sense at all, and she tries, which just makes it make less sense XD

            Well, the D.Gray-man anime series ended a while ago, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be starting it up again, since they changed some of the ending details and there’s a giant FIN in the last few seconds. le sigh.

  • joesz

    Im very pleased to hear this.

    6 was a blast, though the others kinda sucked

  • when is a Bleach game coming to the PS3? :(

    i played 1 of them for the PS2 and i loved it!!

  • Tokyo Guy

    I make no claim to know anything about modern anime (nay anything since the early 90’s) nor do I know anything about Bleach, Naruto, One Piece (etc), however just seeing the title of this game really ticks me off, and does so for a number of reasons:

    1. Unlike say, the Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest series wherein years are spent making a single installment, these disposable anime games come out annually (not unlike Namco’s Tales games) and seemingly have no soul, despite what the title of this one might claim.

    2. People buy them. The idea that this is now the SEVENTH installment is just amazing. Sony has apparently made enough money with each prior one to justify this new one, and there is no doubt in my mind there will be an 8th game or even a 9th. Give me a break.

    3. Sheer laziness. When you see a game with a subtitle and a number next to it like this one, that just smacks of apathy for the craft. How the hell can you make a Bleach: Heat the Soul 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6? Are the games so unoriginal and generic that the developers are too lazy to change the damn subtitle?

    Sorry, but I really don’t care for anime and seeing stuff like this just furthers my disgust. Much of it has to do with otaku and otaku culture, for they/it cling to anything and everything that might be branded with their “life’s calling” and companies know this, hence they do their best to do their least and profit from it. These kinds of cash-in/tie-in products have long since been generic crap (most of the time plain bad at that) and yet whereas failed software cash-ins are a dime a dozen in the foreign markets, it seems that anything anime related will sell in Japan.

    It wouldn’t be so bad if say, the otaku actually raised an eyebrow to complain about their tie-in being so poorly made yet I’ve yet to ever once hear fanboys/girls say “You know what, this series died long ago so I’m going to sit this one out.” Maybe if they did the companies churning out this mindless drivel would wake up and put actual effort into the game.

    Now please note that in the unprecedented event this series is somehow outstanding/seminal/genre-defining then I will take back my venom at Bleach: Heat the Soul 7, but something tells me that were said the case, even one of the 6 prior installments would have been released outside of Japan.

    • SeventhEvening

      Actually, the reason the Heat the Soul made it to 7 is because it’s actually fairly good. Almost all the other Bleach titles have been rubbish. If they changed the subtitle, you wouldn’t realize this is the one decent Bleach game and buy it.

      It’s not genre-defining, but little else is. It is a solid fighter with a gigantic character roster. And it’s pretty fun. I haven’t been following Bleach for a long time, but I usually pick up the new Heat the Soul games regardless.

      In general, you’re not wrong: Anime tie-ins, movie tie-ins, they aren’t that good. But I’ll defend Heat the Soul.

      • This.

        They’re really wonderful fighting games. Large character rosters. Usually there’s a good storyline to each. Also, each entry does usually have some sort of highlight or hallmark. Like 5 had a smaller character roster and focused on tag battles.

        I’ve only been able to play the first two Heat the Soul games (and a demo for 5), but I loved them so much that I’m keeping watch on Play-Asia for when Bleach Heat the Soul 6 gets a best version.

        • Tokyo Guy

          Well perhaps some of this is my general hatred for anime and manga in general, but my point still stands for the hundreds of other shovelware tie-in products out there, including-apparently-the other games for Bleach if SeventhEvening’s above post is indeed true.

          I can remove my bias from this situation given the consensus here that this series is good and well made, but still the fact that this is the seventh installment in only 5 years really says a lot.

    • SeventhEvening

      And the reason Heat the Soul was likely not released in the US is:

      1: Very few Bleach games have been released in the US. The Bleach fanbase is smaller than that of, say, Naruto

      2: When Bleach started in America, Japan already had 3 Heat the Souls. It is possible that no one really wanted to jump right into the middle of them. When companies do that fanboys bitch and moan a lot.

    • raymk

      um sounds like a personal problem the U.S does things the same with TV shows,techs(oh man nothing compares to the i-phone – pad) and anything thats popular with their games also. Its just buisness because are u telling me if you had something that sells u wouldn’t keep at it till it expires? I sure as hell would can’t blame people for wanting to make money the cheapest and most affective way possible.

      • Tokyo Guy

        You seem to fall into the very trap that these developers/companies want you to. Of course they will make money and thus of course the products will be made. The issue is that of quality. Why is it that so much tie-in software is absolute shovelware? Simply because the developer knows roughly how many people will buy their product based on the name alone, totally irrespective of the quality or content. These consumers (or many of them at least) don’t think to complain or voice their mind or their money, and thus there will never be any reason for the companies to do more.

        I’m not blaming the companies for taking the easy way out, I was specifically chiding the consumers for letting them do it. If the consumers never stop to say “You know what Company X, this game is absolute crap” then Company X knows it can keep churning out Game Series Z forever because the core fanbase will still buy it.

  • raymk

    Well i’m just glad the game is 4 players now and that its something like naruto conr3. I still read the bleach manga as sence i started it, it be dumb if i stopped now. Plus you don’t have to watch or read the anime to play the games( i have plenty of friends that do). You find the anime/manga have cool characters that’s good enough to warant playing them.

  • Nekobo

    More like Re-Heat the Soul.

    I’d also love to see a Bleach game for the HD consoles.

  • karasuKumo

    Honestly I have never bothered with the heat the soul series, purely because everything looks so close :P Call me weird but I love fighting games like Naruto Ultimate Ninja storm and Bleach Versus Crusade. Versus Crusade was near perfect in my opinion because of the large battlefield, if there was a HD game like it, it would be easy money for the developers.

    I think they should put an end to the series too lol. I like the first 40 or so episodes because it had a fixed story, then it was the case of random vampire like people arriving and ruining the story because of their extremely long filler :(. Gurren Lagann was so good because it was short :D.

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