Sony Pulls The Plug On PSP Social Network Service

By Spencer . April 15, 2010 . 1:40am

imageWhen Sony introduced the PSPgo in Japan they showed off Room. The service was supposed to be in the spirit of a PlayStation Home away from your home. Room is a community based platform with 3D avatars. A closed beta went live last year and now… Room is locked away in some abandoned IP closet at Sony.


Sony Computer Entertainment Japan thanked participants for their feedback and announced development on Room has been halted. Sorry, if you were looking forward to another virtual space.


Here’s a look back at what we’re missing out on.


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  • nothing too special but interesting at the very least. PSPGo needs something more to revive it.

    • Price point to high and not marketing the features that actually make it superior. Not to mention lack of support of a few notable games outside of Capcom. Atlus, NIS, EA, Capcom, and XSEED have all showed quite a great deal of support for it. Konami on the one hand has put a few, namely metal gear, but lack of the Yugioh Games just wrong.

      Load times are vastly superior. Dissidia without install (pointless on GO) still loads noticeably faster than Maximum install on a regular PSP (Tested Personally). Its made other games with dumb load times actually bearable to play and all Disgaea games on it load MUCH faster.

      What bugs me the most is that they don’t advertise that it has the ability to Remote Play without an internet connection through bluetooth. The ability to use a PS3 controller (need PS3 for this to link it) has made other games such as fighters a lot easier. >.> I just recently purchased Dark Stalkers which is incredibly more responsive on that D-pad than the older ones. I can do all inputs no problem. The analog still sucks (lol).

      Really, if publishers like Konami, Square, and Activision full back it (I think Activision does more than the others) and they dropped the price by $5 for th e digital version (That really is a serious cut in profit when you talk about in bulk) it would be a much better handheld. Also it bugged me to no end that people thought PSN purchases were 1 time only so you’d have to rebuy if you deleted. Senseless with that one.

      As an owner of both, which I ended up trading the original to rebuy a copy of Persona 3 (was so awesome at the time) after it was stolen, I can see that the PSPgo is a much superior model and im sure that if the games people want are brought up enough it would eventually be put on PSN like how Dissidia was. Majority of issues I’ve been hearing really comes from the fact it hasn’t been hacked yet and you can’t trade in games. Bastards in my opinion.

  • Tokyo Guy

    Give me a break. ROOM actually looked interesting enough to spend some time with, and yet it’s now cancelled. Yet the horrible joke of an online experience, Home, was allowed to be released? Sony has some truly messed up priorities.

    I bought the Japanese PSP Go when it released last November and one of the first things I did was create a character for ROOM with the pre-installed software. It was colorful, vibrant, creative, and gave me the impression that it would actually seek to get right everything that Home utterly and completely failed to do.

  • maxchain

    As one of the many people you’ve heard about who tried Home once and haven’t touched it since, I’m still mildly upset about this. I wonder what happened? Was it just too ambitious?

    • No, they just to long to do what was needed to draw in the crowd. Would be nice if their Theater was more like an actual theater and I hate the interface that doesn’t allow you to zoom in on the screen when taking a seat in mentioned theater.

  • Looked better than Home does.

    • Code

      haha, that’s kind of what I immediately thought of. Could never get into Home myself, felt way too pseudo to me. Had it looked more like that, and less like dull uninspired creation it is, I might have actually been interested.

  • Darn. And I was hoping I could get my hands on it soon. I was always wondered what happened to Room, and I was afraid this would happen.
    Room had something Home currently lacks: An actual social networking side.
    My guess is maybe Sony couldn’t really find a way to profit off of Room.

    So long, Room. We hardly knew you. Really…

  • Wow, first Other OS and now this…….

    • I know… Sony is doing everything wrong, what the hell is going on with them??

      • I don’t know. They’ve started losing their marbles.

  • kreate1

    guys… u guys might be in slight denial.
    but there are some people who live and die in PS HOME.

    u logging on. take a 30 second walk around the central park.
    than logging off. than saying ‘this sucks’. is not really considered
    trying out PS HOME.

    PS HOME doesnt reallys suck anymore than msn or yahoo messenger does.
    and it offer some good games for free. and a crapload of dumb ones as well.

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