Development Time For Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Was 1 Year

By Ishaan . April 21, 2010 . 7:05am


Hideo Kojima has been a busy bee on Twitter again, of late — and is doing a fantastic job of promoting Peace Walker with actual insightful information, one might add. This time, he talks about the length of the game’s actual development period.


While Peace Walker has been in development since 2008, the schedule only extended to two years on account of the team taking a vacation after wrapping up development of Metal Gear Solid 4, and other factors like finalization of the script. Kojima writes:


I want to reflect on this project’s schedule. I had PW’s plot design a couple years back but, we officially started the project August 2008. Then in September we had a project get-away. In December we got the details narrowed down for the project and the MGS4 staff came back to the studio safely after their long vacation. The story concept was solidified in March and narrowed down to a script in June. Then voice recording started the following month. In reality, the development period was only one year.


Considering Peace Walker was nearly named “Metal Gear Solid 5,” it’s impressive that it only took a year for KojiPro to wrap the game up.


In a separate tweet, Kojima also reveals why there’s a Sony Walkman in the game:


When ASIA, a dream band of the elite in the progressive rock world, was born, I was a freshman in College. In those days, I never left without my 2nd generation Walkman and listened to music all day. That same device I loved so much appears in PW. The younger generation may be confused when they see the analog walkman, but I want them to experience this as well.


Kojima’s Twitter is one of the few developer feeds that I actually keep up with on a daily basis because I’m genuinely interested in reading what he has to say about his games, and the thinking and process behind them. As depicted in the picture above, he’s presently sending “thank you” letters to members of the staff, all personally signed by him.

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  • shion16

    famitsu give this game 40/40

  • Err… Zone of The Enders 3, Kojima-sensei?

    • cowcow

      If not we get Another Century’s Episode R which is cool

      • Ah yes. I praise the lord for ACE:R!

  • holyPaladin

    Sony Walkman eh?

    I forgot where my parents store that =p

  • Ereek

    What’s most impressive about this is the level of graphics they achieved in under a year while still finishing off the rest of the game.

    And the thank you letter picture is really sweet and adorable. However it somewhat feels like the “bribes” companies gives their employees in order to keep them employed under harsh working circumstances (free meals, outings, work parties, the like).

  • CrimsonFlamesX

    A year? That’s pretty good. I can’t wait to play it. I hope Kojima is satisfied with the end results.

    • SeventhEvening

      He definitely appears to be, with the exception of the ratings edit he made for Japan.

  • Aoshi00

    If Kojima who’s always fastidious w/ his work is happy, then all is okay w/ PW :) I guess working on the PSP is easier just like MGS3 which looked amazing on the PS2 also. I remember had a much harder doing MGS4 (obviously), being hard on his teams to iron out the bugs..

    I remember I used to bring my Walkman around when I was in grade school, I think we even listened to that during high school, I still have some anime/game music on some antique cassette tapes :) wonder if they still work.. can’t admit I’m not old… it’s even more scary kids these days actually haven’t heard of or seen a walkman..

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