No More Heroes: Heroes’ Patch

By Spencer . April 28, 2010 . 12:04pm

image Marvelous, responding to complaints about sluggish loading times and freezing, plan to fix something with a patch.


The No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise site mentions a patch will be delivered over PSN and Xbox Live in May, but doesn’t specify what exactly it will do. Marvelous says it will improve stability so, perhaps, it will repair those nasty freezing bugs.

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  • puchinri

    Why does the moment look oddly intimate there?
    I’m still mad NMH2 crushed my hopes.
    Shame on Travis.

  • Aoshi00

    At least they’re doing it unlike DDP DOJ. I hope the patch would improve on the load times, even though it’s really not so bad once you start playing. Hey Spence, could you throw in a word to Marvelous asking them to patch the subtitles as well? Right now you can’t turn on the sub w/ the Jpn track :(… though the sub is actually more of a sub for the Eng. dialogue instead of closed caption for the Jpn script… I just beat Dr. Peace and I remember your playtest of knocking over the baseball pitchers in the stadium long ago lol..

    • Tokyo Guy

      But I still maintain that they shouldn’t have to “do it”, it should have been fixed from the start. Sure it’s all well and good that we now have DLC and such to fix these problems as opposed to just being stuck with them permanently, but at the same time it has always infuriated me how these games cost so much money here and yet are full of problems, then they are localized overseas and enhanced and released at cheaper prices no less.

      Take 3D Dot Game Heroes. I had to spend money to buy the DLC yet the North American version is including all of it for free.

      It’s sad really: Japanese companies know full well they can exploit their Japanese customer base by gauging prices or releasing unfinished products.

      • Aoshi00

        I totally hear you man, you spent $60, 70, 80, 90 on a game, and expect a certain kind of standard, long load times, freezes, etc, could totally ruin the experience, and I agree w/ you, this is certainly unacceptable and such an incomplete product shouldn’t be rushed out the door if it’s “not ready” in the first place. This is just ridiculous to exploit us consumers. And when the US ver. is released, they include the fixes and expansion which is really what the Japanese gamers should’ve gotten, as of now, no wonder Jpn gamers are fed up and feel like BETA tester guinea pigs. I feel their pain even more when I spend so much importing a game from outside Jpn.

        Nevertheless, I guess I still appreciate the fact they’re patching this at all since we have no choice :(… But yea, I’m not pleased, why should I pay $60 and have to wait for an upcoming patch before I can enjoy the game the way it was meant to be…

        • AllenSmithee

          I totally agree that games should be ace from the start, but if they’re not, I’d much rather a patch than nothing at all, y’know.

  • Tokyo Guy

    Is anyone else shocked that Marvelous needs to “respond” to these issues? It seems to me that things like say, debugging or play testing, would have generated the same exact complaints. Are we suppose to believe that game companies are SURPRISED that people have complaints about glitches and horrible loading times (read: Bayonetta).

    Japan really needs to get its act together when it comes to making games. They are so obsessed with release dates and will do anything to meet them, including placing unrealistic stress on the development teams and rushing out half-assed products. But still I can’t fathom how anyone could have play tested No More Heroes (or Bayonetta) and not commented about the loading issues. I mean seriously.

    • JeremyR

      Japan? It’s everyone. Puzzle Quest for the PSP was plagued by massive issues, including some incredibly obvious (like the companion bug). Even though some of them could wreck your game, the publisher (D3 of America) or developers (I think UK and Australian) never fixed them.

      • Tokyo Guy

        If not mistaken, D3 is a Japanese company. And I’m not saying it’s only Japan, I’m just saying that this is like a frequent issue here. Either from bugs or just unfinished/rushed products.

        • EggmaniMN

          This is the end result from asking smaller Japanese companies to work on HD systems. The main development budget runs out, time runs out, and testing can’t be completed. Thus, we end up with patches later on down the line either for the version that gets shorted (the PS3 version of Bayonetta) or the game in general (see NMH: Heroes’ Paradise) because development on patches can be approved outside of the main development budget.

          • malek86

            That’s not a correct line of thinking. Small western companies can work on the HD systems just fine. Heck, even most indie developers can (and will) do a better job than this, and probably even with a lower budget.

            If they do a screw job, it’s not the system’s fault, they only have themselves to blame.

          • EggmaniMN

            No, they really don’t.

            How many “small” western companies do you suppose there actually are? And I mean, including small publishers. It’s pretty much just XSEED/Ignition and a few others these days. Atlus no longer counts as a small publisher since Persona 3.

            You have the incorrect line of thinking here that all forms of developers work out the same. This isn’t a linear thing here.

  • Scallion

    Hey, Marvelous, how about the patch that magically localizes this game for North America?

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