We Want Your Disgaea Infinite Questions

By Spencer . May 12, 2010 . 7:35pm

etnaa NIS America has a wacky, time twisting, visual novel starring Laharl scheduled for next month. Yes, we’re talking about Disgaea Infinite. Is there anything you want to know about it? Post your question(s) in the comments and we’ll do our best to bring them to NIS.


I know you guys and gals probably want news about Atelier [insert alchemist name here] and unannounced games like Absolute Modding Hero Project. But, please hold those questions for a little while longer. We’ll try to field those another day.


Update: Thank you for submitting questions, everyone! We sent a batch over to NIS America yesterday via Prinny courier. We hope he doesn’t explode on the way to their offices.

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  • Kris

    I worry that this is going to sound too negative, but are there any new art assets in Disgaea Infinite? All of the backgrounds and art I’ve seen so far have been used in other games.

  • kupomogli

    Is this being released for the PS1?

  • mach

    How long does it take to localize a game like Disgaea Infinite?

  • zhemos

    Will we get the Japanese audio?

    • LastFootnote

      I second this question. I’ll buy it either way, but the Japanese audio is the most important feature to me.By the way, thanks for taking a chance on bringing this over, NISA.

      • Considering is a VN i think having japanese tracks wont be an issue, since they most of the times, take them out because of the space o.o
        Aw but english voices in disgaea pwnz

        • CrimsonFlamesX

          Agreed. I love the english voices too.

      • Hraesvelgr

        Japanese audio is the most important feature in their games? Weird.

        • LastFootnote

          The most important feature that they might not include. I’m assuming here that they’re not going to remove gameplay elements or other content from the original version and that they’re going to localize the text into English. Beyond that, the original language track is my top priority.

          • Hraesvelgr

            Fair enough, then.

    • Guest

      This. I won’t buy if it lacks JP audio, like the Prinny game.

      • kupomogli

        Me either. I love playing video games I can’t understand without reading the text. ^_^. How dare publishers add a language I can actually understand in a video game.

        • Ereek

          Oho. Much love to you. It won’t deter them one bit, though.

        • ShinNoKami

          There are some people who can actually understand Japanese by hearing it, mind you… and there are some others who prefer the Japanese VA over than the cheesy overacting of dub work.
          That being said, NISA does some of the best VA I’ve heard in a long while.

          • Ereek

            Oh please. If this was 4chan, it would be an >implying moment.Disgaea is just as cheesy and overacted in Japanese as it is in English. That’s part of its charm. The difference? The English localization is funnier.

          • Guest

            My opinion: correct. Your opinion: false.

            I want the ability to experience the game as it was meant to be experienced. That means the original audio should be an option. Heck, I think the original audio should be given priority over a dub.

  • Ereek

    1. What was the reason for the $19.99 price point? I’m certainly not complaining, but that’s surprisingly low, especially compared to Badman.2. How many decisions are there? I know there are multiple endings, but if the endings are only based off of one question near the end of the game, that will make me sad.

    On an unrelated note, why the same day as Peace Walker? Damn you, NISA!
    Will update this post as I think up more. I know I’m bound to.

    • The reasoning is simple, it’s a visual novel and they’re testing the waters. I’d still like some sort of question on the price point, but that one is a little too obvious.

      My question would be if they at any point considered going PSN-only, or if a UMD release was always in the plans… furthermore, is the UMD release due to the backlash from Badman 1?

      • Ereek

        I’d assume the lower price point also has something to do with including a single vocal track. Two full tracks would be financial suicide at that price. That was one thing I was trying to imply, but I suppose it didn’t get across well.

        • mach

          Does it really cost that much to include the Japanese dub? I mean, it’s already been produced for Japan, and it’s not like NISA would have to license the audio from anyone. The only concern they’d have with putting it on the UMD would be running out of disc space.

          • Ereek

            Edit, misread, sorry.It does cost a good amount, but it depends on who the actors are. You have to pay the actors royalties as well as the licensing fees. And yes, NISA does have to license the audio still, since they’re technically a separate company from NIS – that’s why NIS and NISA have different financial reports and the NIS(J) report is not representative of the NIS(A) report.

        • Well i asked someone, and that someone told me is that cheap because is a VN, as simple as that o.0, but let’s see if spencer ask and we get a more concrete answer

          • malek86

            That’s probably it. Trying to sell a VN in the states at full price point, is basically suicide. There just wouldn’t be enough demand.

      • Don’t give them any PSN-only ideas! I’ve just put in my pre-order for Disgaea Infinite and I just received my Badman (er… not Badman… my lord.) 2 UMD last week…

        P.S. do you check your gmail? ;)

        • Buh? Are you… P.S.?

          • I don’t know what you’re saying… but… I believe I had sent you an email to gmail last week… about Brandish 2. I was just wondering if you checked your mail, as I would have expected a response. That’s all.

  • Rol

    1) Agree with this important question: Is there Japanese Audio?
    2) Will other stars from Disgaea sequels appear? I.E. I would love to see Hanako at the castle still working for Etna.
    3) Will there be any DLC?

  • LastFootnote

    I second this question. I’ll buy it either way, but the Japanese audio is the most important feature to me.

    By the way, thanks for taking a chance on bringing this over, NISA.

    • LastFootnote

      Great. I can’t delete or edit the above post after Disqus posted it in the wrong location (presumably because I logged in mid-post). Sorry for the double-post, everyone.

  • androvsky

    Somone from NISA once said that Disgaea Infinite plays differently from other visual novels. Well, since we haven’t exactly been flooded with the genre in the west, how exactly does a typical visual novel play (I understand there’s usually some choices to be made), and how is Disgaea Infinite different? And what’s up with the battle scenes in the trailer? I assume they’re not playable?

    Off-topic but still requisite “rest of Sakura Wars” question goes here.

  • Would you consider, at all, what Konami is considering for Peace Walker: releasing it as a PSN download, playable on the PS3, in addition to the PSP version? Some of us would love to play these but do not enjoy using portable systems.

  • Kuza21

    A bit Off-Topic, but will we ever get to see the Disgaea series on the PS3 with revamped graphics? Looking at Infinite reminds me that I haven’t seen any major graphical changes to the sprites or art since the series’ debut in 2003.

  • Ummm… is hard to think questions for a VN xD, and it will have english voices (and that is what im more concerned about)
    How about…
    Will there be galleries or such? (Like GCs images) or something like tora dora portable had, you can put like a code and then you can download some themes of tora dora… there doesnt have to be a code though, but something like that, some nice “extras” xD

  • masuto

    Honestly, not trying to be offensive but…Will the game be free from text errors and bugs?

  • namos

    Any chance of a PC or DS port?
    How long is the game?
    Is this aimed only at people who are familiar with the Disgaea world, or also for people new to the series?

    All I can think of at this point.

  • akiko_sakuraba

    IS YOUR DEBUGGING TEAM REALLY DEBUGGING?! Please don’t tell me there will be tons of glitches like in Ar Tonelico II and Mana Khemia 2…

    • Ereek

      Why do these keep getting mentioned? Most of NISA’s titles in the last year haven’t been buggy. Sakura Taisen had less typos than Atlus’ Strange Journey (which had way too many). Cross Edge had a few typos but was otherwise bug-free. Badman was fine, and Annie was perfect.Mana Khemia 2 I’ll agree with, but you’re wrong when you say MK2 had a ton of glitches and bugs. There were maybe 2 I can think of.I’d say NISA learned from their lesson and really is trying to improve.

      • Dont worry im sure that NISA will do a great work with AT 3 and Atelier, i hope this will make haters forget all those things

  • doubleO7

    If Disgaea Infinite does well, is it possible that NISA could localize other console/handheld visual novels?

  • cj_iwakura

    Atelier who? Give me Prinny 2 or give me death!

    Seriously; how about more visual novels? I know of a certain visual novel series that involves branching dialogue and stompy steampowered mechs which had a PSP release involving the first two games in the series on one UMD…

    • doubleO7

      Well, Sakura Wars is more of a strategy RPG than a visual novel, although I guess the cutscenes are like a visual novel, but the actual gameplay is more like Disgaea.

      I too, would love for the PSP game to be localized. Make it happen NISA!

  • keriaku

    I need to know!

    If Disgaea Infinite does well, would you consider localizing other visual novels?
    Perhaps say… Imabikiso?! They say it’s one of the scariest games in awhile, and especially on the PS3


  • ShinNoKami

    I’ve got a question! If this does well, will we expect to see more Visual Novel type games getting an English translation?

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