Konami Focusing Efforts On Music Games

By Spencer . May 19, 2010 . 10:12am

imageKonami was once the leader in the music game market when the genre was a niche. Now Guitar Hero and Rock Band are household names while GuitarFreaks is distant memory.


But, hey, Konami isn’t giving up on beat tapping rhythm games. In fact, the publisher is focusing on genre between now and March 31, 2011. Their latest financial results report reads, “we will focus our efforts on the music game Dance Dance Revolution series – which remains a perennial favorite – and other music games, which is a genre that Konami exhibits particular strength in.”


Konami picked up the publishing rights for Def Jam Rapstar, a karaoke style game with rap songs and video sharing features for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii. There’s also that 8-panel Dance Dance Revolution game, called Dance Dance Revolution, that Konami brought to E3 last year. Not much has been said about it since, but it’s probably on deck for release this year.


Def Jam Rapstar alone would be “another music game” and not “other music games.” Sounds like Konami has some other music games in their pocket.

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  • nyobzoo

    Konami needs to bring back the Ganbare Goemon series.

  • Cautiously anticipating eight-panel DDR. Everything will depend upon the songlist. (can it be revive time for Furuhata’s Theme and Saints Go Marching In from 4th mix nao pls ;_;)

    Since they’re calling DDR a “perennial favorite” this is probably Konami US speaking, but I’m hoping this means IIDX17 on PS3* soon anyway.

    *a region-free 360 release is fine too

  • doubletaco

    So about that IIDX 17 CS…

  • crunc

    They may be focusing on DDR, but in the mean time the sources for good dance pads has all but disappeared. There’s no Ignition dance pad any more and no Red Octane store for that matter. Other suppliers have also dried up, other then the cheap ripoffs. I’d love to try the 360 DDR, but I need raised arrows and cushioning and good performance. I really can’t play without the raised arrows.

  • This is half-rant, half-solution proposition post; you’ve been warned.

    Konami, for the longest time, Bemani fans such as yours truly have noticed that you have been too busy focusing on the home market alone; as a result, even older games, specifically, beatmania, GuitarFreaks, drummania, and pop’n music are seen as “Guitar Hero rip offs” in America.

    Specifically about DDR, oh, don’t get me started. First and foremost, it has the LEAST amount of full-time in-house artist that works for AC DDR. The worst-kept secret about DDR is that it ONLY has NAOKI, since the beginning of the franchise, while the rest of the full-timers are late joiners. It didn’t even help that YOU SOLD OUT BEFORU TO AVEX, when it’s singlehandedly the best thing that DDR ever had! For what? “Authentic anime songs” that only last 1, or at the most, 3 arcade mixes? Or, how about the fact that even specific licensed artists such as smile.dk, the late Captain Jack, X-Treme (Agostino Carollo), Bus Stop (Daz Sampson), and E-Rotic have more licensed songs in AC DDR, in comparison to the rest of the Bemani line-up? Hell, even dj.TAKA only has two DDR Originals (read: composed for DDR) under his name: Kakumei and Freeway Shuffle. Oh, how about that TaQ (Taku Sakakibara) NEVER composed for DDR? Heck, even Akira Yamaoka NEVER had an arcade debut on DDR, just like 95% of the Bemani artist roster.

    You know, it’s embarrassing that mainstream America thinks that “every single song that’s from DDR is from it”, which is the misinformation, which stemmed from the fact you haven’t brought the rest of the Bemani series PROPERLY.

    Finally, the fact that you under-marketed beatmania USPS2 & pop’n Wii and used their respective low sales to justify NOT bringing over the main series irks me, instead of promoting this with pride.

    With those three in mind, here’s what you should do:

    I. Specifically about DDR, here’s how the song roster should only consist of:

    –AC debuts
    –licensed songs
    –AC DDR Originals from guest artists from other Bemani games

    NO BEMANI CROSSOVERS or offer them as E-Amuse unlockables and DLC’s at home.

    –Bring back BeForU, since DDR is its humble beginning.
    –Increase the full-time roster from three (Naoki, U1, & jun) to 10.
    –Make the songlist arcade-faithful (read: it has the exact same song list with J-home versions)

    II. Stop underpromoting the other games in Bemani. It’s basically shooting yourself on the foot.

    I’ll expand this later, but, this is what I thought of at the moment.

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