Wild Arms Developer Hiring For A PS3 / PSP Project Intended For The World

By Spencer . May 26, 2010 . 12:35am

imageMedia Vision, the studio behind Chaos Rings and the Wild ARMs series, have big projects in the pipeline. Their upcoming games are so big they’re searching for new planners and programmers.


The actual job listings, found by Game Johou, reveal the project details. First, the title(s) are for PlayStation 3 and PSP. Media Vision is also building these games with international markets in mind. The planner description explains they want to make this project appeal to game users around the world.


Media Vision says to potential recruits this is an ambitious project and will be a long term job.


While Media Vision is no stranger to the PSP (they made the hex-grid strategy RPG Wild Arms XF), this yet to be announced title is their first confirmed PlayStation 3 game.

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  • Zeonsilt

    Wild Arms 6?

  • kupomogli

    I love the Wild ARMs series.

    Alter Code F is the only Wild ARMs I didn’t enjoy, and not because it’s a bad game, it’s just I didn’t give it much of a chance outside of getting past the Aldehyde because it wasn’t as good as the original.

    XF was amazing. The AI was a little dumb but they worked around it by creating most stages to where the stupid AI didn’t matter(and then the AI was pretty ruthless.) Not my favorite Wild ARMs, but it beats out FFTactics for my fourth favorite tactical RPG. Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together, Arc the Lad 2, and Brigandine/Brigandine Grand Edition are ahead of it.

    I wouldn’t mind a Wild ARMs XF 2 with an expanded customization system(as if there wasn’t enough customization in the vein of tactical RPG combat though,) or a Wild ARMs 6.

  • Mazen

    Great but it feels they are just starting so 2 years from now we will see any results?

  • Ereek

    I love media.vision. If their next project is at the same quality of Chaos Rings, it will be amazing.

  • Wild Arms 4 & 5 were some of my favorite RPGs, 3 was nostalgic please do something awesome.

  • epy

    Wild Arms 6 on the PS3, make it happen!

  • CrimsonFlamesX

    W-….Wild Arms is coming back!? Will Michiko Naruke come back also? Please….please bring her back too. I miss Wild Arms so much.

  • Whatever it is, I’m looking forward to it. Especially if it’s a new WA—XF-style or mainline entry, I don’t care.

    …As long as it’s not an iDevice exclusive, that is.

  • MAN!!, i just couldnt stop smiling while i was reading this!! OMG YES EVERYTHING RELATED TO WILDARMS IS RELATED TO MY SOUL, just look at my nickname god, wildarms is with me everywhere, even in my ipod, i have all the freaking games in a place i can look at them everyday, WA2 WAS THE FIRST rpg i ever played and inmersed me into the best world i’ve seen, …da world of rpgs. This game obviously became my favorite rpg numer 1.

    IM EXPECTING FABULOUS THINGS! i love the world, i love siliconera, i love the world… ahh good news in these weeks full of freaking tests….

  • Oh God yes!!

    I didn’t like FX but I want to see a Wild arms portable like Wild arms 1-5. Good news for ps3 too ^^

  • Another JRPG for PS3 is great news, even more greater if it is a Wild Arms game!BUT when they said “they want to make this project appeal to game users around the world”. it made me worried if they are trying to hard to appeal to the west only and westernized almost many aspect of their game and ended their game to be mediocre at best, I hope they doesn’t mean world = US/UK only (there is also Asia and other non english speaker PAL region they should consider!).if they want to appeal to game users around the world. then release their game simulteanously and give people choice, ex :like dual voice option for japanese/english and multiple subtitle, also don’t made 2 different version like NIER just let gamer chose who they want to play, and don’t change the theme song!

  • Nyron

    As someone who owns all seven WA games, the animu and various books and stuff relating to the series, I can say that I have absolutely no expectations. XF was a fantastic SRPG but had nothing to do with Wild Arms at all, and WA4 and WA5 were among the worst things I’ve experienced in my entire life. Unless they go back to the series’ roots, which they won’t considering their need for “mass appeal”, I can’t see anything coming from here being that good.

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