“This Is A Trinity Universe Promotion Movie”

By Spencer . May 27, 2010 . 12:40pm

NIS America put together a clever Trinity Universe trailer where the cast of characters are aware they’re in a video game trailer. So, they explain stuff such as mangagraphics, how dungeons work, and who they are.


Rizelea or Riz is a valkyrie… never mind, I’ll just let the cast of characters introduce themselves.


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  • You mean that they show us the translated version of the original Japanese debut movie :)

    Basically it´s the same, only change is that this time around the language is English.

    • Ah I missed this Trinity Universe trailer when it came out in Japan. D’oh.

      • Then there is a lot of reason to watch this trailer :)

        I keep watching new trailers from Gust games and wanting the games. I don´t really care if they are in Jap or Eng. Some parts I can make out anyway in the Jap audio :)

  • This is dual language right?


    • It seems so, yes, BlueRay dvds shouldn’t have a problem with space O.o (since this is mostly why most publishers take out them, i think)… And knowing NISA, if they can leave it, they leave it :P

      Still i like the english voices :).

      OMFGFGFGFG FLONNEEEEE and ETNA’s voices are the same?! RIGHT?! they sound the same but the audio doesnt haves very good quality so i cant still tell.

      • Pichi

        They seem the same to me. I would be surprised if it was otherwise.

    • It is. What bothered you? The voices themselves or the stilted dialogue? If it’s the latter, don’t worry. That’s just something on the programming end that happened due to… circumstances… and being blindsided a day before recording.

      • Kris

        Nick, you have put my fears at ease. I’m not a huge fan of Pamela, and I’ve always found Flonne a bit grating, but that was my biggest concern with the trailer.

      • Joanna

        Actually, I thought that wasn’t too bad. There were some parts that the pause was a bit awkward but overall I can tell the English VAs did a good job. All except Riz’s VA. She sounds like she is reading off the script. :/

  • One major woe: Coming July.

    But the main site says next month.

    @()*%$ NISA. You always push every project back. :/

  • Pichi

    Love what I’m seeing and hearing!

  • Lol, flat chested space pirate xD, and lol, low income servant. Flonne <3 :DD im so getting this, the battles looks nice, and also the dungeon crawling

  • The ESRB, as usual, delivered some bits that had me busting up about this game:
    “Peace is the best for enjoying gratuitous amounts of hard liquor, dood.”

    Seeing the AAA explanation by them is a little bizarre, but I’m sorry I’ll be missing this – it looks right up my alley. At least my choice for the giclee contest won (#4):

  • Volcynika

    I don’t see this for preorder on Amazon yet. I am disappoint.

    • Roses4Aria

      Yes, I noticed this too. It was on there a few weeks ago, but it disappeared. I’m not sure why.

  • dusk

    Look at my Tension Gauge!!!

  • masuto

    Oh? The character portraits move like Agarest Zero. How nice.

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