Your Disgaea Infinite Questions Answered

By Spencer . June 7, 2010 . 12:57pm


Disgaea Infinite comes out in North America tomorrow and you may have remembered we asked Siliconera readers to send over questions about the game. We got answers and a look at the story right here.


Let’s start by setting up the plot. Why is a Prinny possessing people?


Nao Zook, Marketing Coordinator: It was a very peaceful afternoon… BOOOOOM! (no peaceful afternoon in the Netherworld! You knew THAT, right?) Someone dared to try to assassinate Laharl! Furious Laharl orders the Prinny Squad to find the culprit, and if they can’t, Laharl promised to take away all the money the Prinnies have earned so far.


What can a powerless, useless Prinny do? Well, one lucky Prinny gets his hands on a mysterious clock, TickTock, which talks to and helps Prinny (you!) travel through time and possess people. By possessing people in the Netherworld castle, you can investigate their whereabouts at the time of the assassination attempt. So TickTock’s special powers give Prinny a huge advantage while looking for the suspect. However, how you use these potentially helpful and useful powers will determine whether you can successfully find the suspect or not.


How is Disgaea Infinite different from other visual novels?


Being a “Prinny,” time traveling, and possessing others…  I think just that would make Disgaea Infinite very different from others. Many visual novels brought to the US so far have been grounded in some semblance of reality. Courtroom drama, missing persons, murder mysteries… these are all good adventure titles in their own ways.


Disgaea Infinite is different because it takes place in the Netherworld and lets players experience hilarious sequences that could not happen in visual novels grounded in reality. It also has animated sprites that will enhance the humor and the storyline, so you aren’t just looking at bust-ups 100% of the time!




How many decision branches and endings can players find in the game?


There are too many decision branches to count. There are 13 endings in Disgaea Infinite. Happy Possessing!


What kind of crazy things can players make the cast of Disgaea do when they are possessed?


You can possess other characters, and have them say or do stuff they normally wouldn’t say/do. Like, let’s say you possess Laharl, and have him preach about “LOVE” or try to pounce on a girl character like a real pervert. Creepy, right? There is tons of stuff like that, and the rest, I strongly recommend you find out yourself. :)


How long did it take to localize Disgaea Infinite and how did it compare to other NIS America titles?


I will ask our script writer/editor, Nick, answer this question!


Nick Doerr, Script Editor: Hi! From start to finish, that is the time the translator got her hands on the text to the time I finished the final edit after voice recording was about two months. This is really quick compared to other titles because it mainly had story-relevant text. Not pages upon pages of item names, descriptions, etc.
However, the debug and QA process was a different beast due to the nature of the story branches. Our game testers had to play extensively, answering every story branch in every order imaginable just to make sure the game was A-OK.


I enjoyed it, though. I really hope this title does well, so perhaps US publishers will see visual novel games DO have an audience here and more of these incredibly fun, engaging stories will be translated into English.




Some fans seemed concerned about bugs and text errors. Do you have anything you want to tell them?


ND: Like I mentioned with the debug and QA process, there’s a pretty extensive check that goes into this game and every game. This was also the first game I got to work on at NISA, so of course I was particularly careful about making sure the text was not only correct, but flowed well narratively-speaking so it can really pull out the character’s emotions for players and really engage them in the absurd happenings of the Netherworld.


Like with all things, practice makes perfect. The NISA of two years ago no longer exists, and neither does the NISA of yesterday. We’re constantly growing, we’re constantly improving (as are most other localization companies), and I hope people can see the blood, sweat, and tears we put into all of our games. Every fan’s devotion counts to me and all of NISA, and we want nothing more than to keep them smiling. I intend to do just that.


Does Disgaea Infinite have any new art assets like backgrounds or sprites?


NZ: There are definitely new sprites and art work. So even if they are the same characters from the Disgaea series, you will experience a brand new Disgaea world :)




Did you get the English voice actors to reprise their roles?


ND: You bet. Every single one.


It seems like many people are curious about this… will we get Japanese audio?


NZ: YES!! :)


There’s been some talk about this because of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker so have you thought about porting Disgaea Infinite to PS3 and releasing it as a download?


NZ: Actually, Disgaea Infinite will be available on PSN for download. However, there are no plans for porting it to PlayStation 3.


If Disgaea Infinite does well will NISA consider localizing more visual novels or perhaps a certain visual novel-like game with steampowered mechs that has the first two episodes on PSP?


Hmmm, well, we will just have to wait and see, won’t we? If only I had the power of TickTock! I would totally time travel to the future, and tell you the fate of our visual novel game. :p


Anyways, it’s been said that visual novel style games don’t do well in the North American market. But I hope our Disgaea Infinite can prove otherwise. At this moment, I cannot really tell if we would bring more visual novels, but the door has opened, so let’s see what’s coming through the door in the future :)


Thank you for this fun interview! I must say, Spencer has been very patient with me, and I really appreciate his support of NIS America! :)

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  • Great interview, NISA always comes across as really passionate about their titles. It’s been a while since I imported a US game, but a Disgaea visual novel is too good to pass up!

  • Aw you didnt asked if there were extras, like for example beating the game in “X” ending lets you download (from the game, not web) a psp theme related to the ending or some stuff like that :P

  • Guest

    Smilies? I was unaware that NISA employed tweens.

    • Ereek

      You know, you’re always so negative.

      Didn’t your parents ever teach you “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all?”

      Doesn’t it make more sense that if you don’t like something you simply ignore it?

      • Guest

        I feel, given the circumstances, I’m a remarkably upbeat lad.



    • you are so meanie poo

  • Only someone from NIS America would flaunt being able to pounce on a girl like a pervert. XD

    • Feynman

      And that’s why we love them!

  • SeventhEvening

    I assume when they mean the voice actors reprise their roles they mean New Etna, not Classic Etna. I’m glad they left in the Japanese voices.

    • Oh, yeah. I assumed the question was referring to the “fan favorite” VAs instead of the “original cast.”

      • SeventhEvening

        Yeah, I think I’m the only one who really doesn’t like Michelle Ruff’s version of the character. I love all the other English voices more than I like the Japanese ones, but Michelle Ruff’s Etna voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard to me.

  • Slashlen

    Nice interview. Lots of good info, love the part about making characters act out of character, and it got me off the fence. Just waiting for it to show up in my Gold Box now…

  • Code

    rar, look forward to picking this up, although I’m torn between digital copy, or the hard copy. Anyone know if it’s an actual UMD or if it’s just a download ticket? Although chances are I’ll go digital, I’ve had a terrible time with disc drives lately, Wii needed disc drive cleaned, and then less then 2 weeks later my PS3’s drive died. Digital is becoming my preferred medium, I guess T_T’

    • I can answer this since we have it already. The game is on an actual UMD.

      • Code

        Thanks I appreciate that >w< Still hasn't made my decision any easier, lol — but now I can decided a head of time before I go out and pick up Peace Walker, if I'll get Disgaea Infinite the same time too.

  • ^_^ That’s a really nice interview I must say. Now I just wait till my copy arrives so I can finally start playing this.

  • ShinNoKami

    :D Great interview. It’s making me look forward to the game even more! Can’t wait to get my paws on it now…
    :3 And I’m happy to see my question answered.

  • masuto

    Ok, I’ll believe NISA. But if I find one spelling error then I will be disappointed.

    • One?! Oh, my… I suddenly feel really anxious… but good! That’s what I need to hear, because that’s how things need to be! Don’t ever let us, or any localization crew, get lax. Perfection or bust! And we’re all trying to get there…

      • masuto

        Yes! You know I love your games and I only want you guys to get good reps for quality localization. So work yer testers hard!

  • Nice. I forgot about this… I had it on pre-order already… guess it’ll come just in time for my new MGS:PW PSP-3000 to play! :)

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