Amazon Serves Up Final Fantasy XIII As Blue Plate Special

By Spencer . June 9, 2010 . 11:39am

imageToday, you can get the most polarizing Final Fantasy game in years for under $40. You can get the PlayStation 3 version for only $36.99 since Final Fantasy XIII is Amazon’s deal of the day.


Xbox 360 owners can partake in a different Square Enix deal between 2PM – 6PM PST. Just Cause 2 will pop up as a lightning deal then.

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  • Jirin

    FFXIII is the most polarizing Final Fantasy game in years? I think the MMORPG ones are the most polarizing. Some people just hate MMORPGs and don’t even acknowledge FFXI as part of the series. And, more polarizing than FFX? FFX has lots of people who think it’s the best RPG of all time, and others who think it’s emo garbage with annoyingly slow combat and irritating characters.

    • mirumu

      I tend to agree. Since the PS2-era FF games have all been polarizing and I really couldn’t pick which has been the most so. FFX-2 probably would be up there if many hadn’t outright shunned it. FFXII was definitely very polarizing too.

      It seems to me the series has been losing groups of former customers with each of these releases. I kept buying right up to FFXII myself, but haven’t really liked anything since FFIX. No interest in FFXIII at all. To me there’s far better JRPGs out there.

      I used to hold the anti-MMORPG view you described regarding FFXI, but ironically at this point FFXIV looks to be the only future FF game I might actually buy.

      • RupanIII

        Same here, since IX none of them have appealed to me in the same way. I tried out X, put somewhere between 5 and 10 hours into it, but I just couldn’t get into it. To me the voice acting made it feel very un-FF, and the overall aesthetic was kinda too poppy or superficial (ha, nothing compared to XIII). I felt like X signified the start of the new generation FF and the split from the FF of yore. It wasn’t totally different, getting rid of turned-based, etc., but for me the change was palpable. From X and on either I wasn’t into the gameplay (XI, XII) or the worlds just felt really shallow (X, XIII), or both. The earlier games felt more complex, more conflicted than just pretty boy/girl in slick/super tech advanced future, even VIII. Anyway, admittedly maybe I didn’t give X enough of a chance but my first impression wasn’t great.

        I have a friend who keeps buying them too just out of habit but he doesn’t enjoy them like the earlier ones. The only people I know who are really into FF in its current form started with X.

    • Aoshi00

      I think the statement of XIII being the most polarizing is correct, has to be up there w/ 12. XI is not counted automatically because it is not a single player game like the rest of the numbered games 1-10, 12-13, it’s not a matter of like or dislike, they are Online I & Online II just like FFCC being a separate series. S-E bucked the trend, from now on, they can call FFCC 15 or 16 too if they like if they follow the logic of giving online games a number. 12 was the first polarizing one in that it was pseudo-MMO, succeeding and mimicking XI’s online gameplay w/ gambit AIs. X-2 also did not count either because it was a spinoff/official fanfiction if you will, no more a main entry than say Revenant Wings, numbered FFs were never about Online/RTS. 13 however is the first true single player FF after X, and definitely more polarizing than X. Actually up until recently, I had no idea some people did not like X, which I think is in the minority. I would guesstimate 80% like 20 % dislike, or at most 30% dislike. But FFXIII it’s right there split in 50/50 (13 directed by the guy who directed X-2 didn’t help matter). slow combat? That’s crazy, 10 has the same turn based gameplay as 1-9, if one thinks 10 is slow, then the 9 FFs that came previously would be slow to them as well. Of course most people shun true turn-based RPGs these days like Lost Odyssey writing it off as last gen.As for $36.99, that is the price I got it on release day. I ordered it at $56.99, but I got a $10 discount w/ my Discover card during the Thanksgiving promo, and another $10 credit from Amazon after the game was shipped. But I did get the Jpn game at about $90… sigh, no more Gooch made turn-based FFs w/ Uematsu music no more :(…

      • Jirin

        I think most PSX-PS2 turn based RPGs have annoyingly slow combat. But maybe that’s because I grew up on the SNES RPGs. In FFIV-VI, regular attacks would take about half a second and spell animations maybe one or two seconds tops. In FF7-8-10, regular attacks take a few seconds, and spell animations take from several seconds two minutes and are usually unskippable.

        I think most of the people who love FFX are the people who grew up in the PSX era. (Which probably constitutes a majority of American JRPG fans). But all the people I talk to who grew up in the SNES era and many of the people who enjoy more niche titles like Shin Megami Tensei or games with more tactical combat like Valkyria Chronicles or Demon’s Souls are anti-FFX.

        • Aoshi00

          I grew up on NES RPGs, yep the 8-bit ones like Dragonball or Romance of the 3 Kingdoms (Tenchi wo Kurau), they were like old FFs. But I loved 1-10 w/ perhaps 8 being the only exception, and had been longing for a turn based game for a long time, only Sakaguchi answered my prayer w/ Lost Odyssey, which was more FF11 than Online I. Personally I think it’s the other way around most who didn’t like X started playing RPGs on the PSX, because by the time of PS2, it was popular in the West to say “emo is lame”, and “Tidus looks like a girl”, or people who didn’t play X in real time and now played it in retrospect. Yes, there’s other newer RPGs, but I don’t think turn-based RPGs/FFs have to be completely phased out, just like DQ has stayed turn-based up until now, so why not FF? Because other than Jpn gamers, people think it’s slow and archaic. Still waiting for Blue Dragon 2 here, but they better not make an MMO or fighting game and call it Blue Dragon 2.So yeah, 12 was the most polarizing until 13 came out. Most Jpn gamers didn’t like 12’s MMO-like gamplay and more Western gamers did, so it was 50/50 kind of balancing each other out. and 13, as I said, was directed by Motomu, who directed X-2, nuf said…

          • mirumu

            Those are some good points, but I think there’s still quite a bit of truth to what Jirin says. Speaking as someone who disliked FFX he pretty much described me exactly. i.e. A gamer from the pre-PS1 days who prefers things like Shin Megami Tensei and Valkyria Chronicles. In my own group of friends I’m not the only one who considers FFX the start of the rot either. FFXII just made matters worse. You may well be right in saying FFXIII is the most polarizing, but I think all post-PS1 FF games have been alienating significant elements of the fanbase in some way. It’s definitely not something that started with FFXII. Out of my friends who used to buy every FF game I’d estimate that only about half of them bought FFXIII. If this was a larger scale trend then it would lower FFXIII’s potential to polarize somewhat.

          • Aoshi00

            But you’re talking about the groups of pre-FF6 and post-FF6, namely those who played RPGs before PSX refuse to like what came after 6 (Nomura char design instead of Amano). But overall, FF7-10 were all classics to this day and liked by the majority of gamers/FF fans for the most part, those who didn’t like were the minority. Otherwise S-E wouldn’t be selling the PS1 games for 1,500 yen instead of 600.FF6 was one of my favs too and was the pinnacle of 16-bit RPG along w/ Chrono Trigger, but I see nothing wrong w/ the ones that came after FF6. They played the same to me, turn-based except it became 3D starting w/ 7. 12 was the first one that they changed the “core gameplay” dramatically. I didn’t feel the turn-based RPGs on PS1/2 were slow, Shadow Hearts 1/2 were great. I suspect people who like Valkyria Chronicles got tired of the tried and true turn based battles and need some action to spice things up. For me, Lost Odyssey was the same kind of game I grew up w/, except w/ next gen graphics (yes, I would have to say that one had long loading times because the textures took so long to load from the disc). W/ 12, we’re talking about an overhaul going from turn-based to MMO-like, and it was hailed as a great step of evolution, mostly by the Western gamers, Jpn gamers were less thrilled by the change. W/ 13, they went back to the basics, single player that’s story oriented, but they also stripped away many elements of the old games that made FF special.So saying X was more polarizing than 13, I definitely do not agree w/ that. Up until 12 & 13, there was never a 50/50 split among fans. And bringing 11 into the equation is inappropriate, people who don’t like online games of course wouldn’t like it, just like they shouldn’t call Agito a portable game FF16.

          • mirumu

            Your description may fit others, but it certainly doesn’t fit me. I liked 7,8 & 9 as well as what came before. I also still play turn-based RPGs today so I’m not exactly tired of them. In FF10 they replaced levelling with the sphere grid, had heavy character specialization (“only use Wakka for fliers”), had Blitzball as the main minigame (7,8 and 9 all had card games) and had you actually control the summoned beings rather than use them as a one-off attack. The user interface was completely overhauled (significantly worse than 9’s slick UI) and I personally felt the story and characters were weak.

            Now I’m not suggesting everyone had the problems with FFX I did, many did like it as you say. Much of this comes down to personal taste after all. There certainly were a number of ways they changed the game with FFX though. FFXII in some ways actually felt more like a return to form other than the poor man’s MMO-like battle mode. I think I’d have liked it better if they’d actually made it play more like a decent MMO. Really that’s what Bioware’s Dragon Age did.

            But yes, I wouldn’t say X was more polarizing than 13. I guess I’m just wondering how many older FF fans have stuck with the series long enough to even play 13.

          • Aoshi00

            From the millions of copies sold, I would say a good chunk of old fans still bought the game, FF still has that brand power just like DQ, giving S-E the benefit of the doubt. After all, I’ve waited 8 yrs for XIII since X (contrary to the Jpn ad stating 3 yrs since FF12), which made it all the more disappointing. What puzzles me though is some have claimed that they couldn’t stand X but thoroughly enjoyed 13. 13 was just like X except having less of everything, less control over your party (your main char dies, game over) and their action, no actual level up, even more linear and less emotional story, etc. And we have many people still looking forward to the other two so-called XIII, VS and Agito. So I would say many have not given up and would still buy anything w/ the FF name slapped on them.Also when I meant “core gameplay”, I meant whether it’s turn-based, action RPG, strategy RPG, RTS, etc, X was turn-based like 1-9 at its core, 12 was a poor man’s MMO, and 13’s just a weird hybrid that’s not as fun (battle system took literally over 20hrs to fully open up, quite a way to test gamers’ patience). I have never heard so many people describe a FF as a non-game prior to 13.

  • ElTopo

    Still too expensive. K-mart had it @ 30$ last month, along with a bunch of other new releases.

    • Aoshi00

      Right, Kmart did have that deal.. everywhere is having these crazy deals and price matching each other on either release day or shortly after release day, guess it’s to get people buying in this economy.. like Mario Galaxy 2 is $50 w/ $20 credit on Amazon, and Gamestop had it $40 w/ $20 credit.. so lots of chances to take advantage of..

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