Blue Roses Is Nippon Ichi’s Next Strategy RPG

By Spencer . June 11, 2010 . 12:35pm

Some employees from Flight Plan, the makers of Summon Night, splintered off and formed a new company called Apollosoft. Nippon Ichi is going to publish their first game, Blue Roses: The Fairy and Blue Eyed Warriors.



You just watched an animated teaser of it. Blue Roses is being made for PSP and slated for September 16. The official site doesn’t say much about it, but a leak from Rakuten, Japan’s Amazon, says Blue Roses has multiple endings and tells the story from the perspective of two characters.

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  • andref

    Wish it was for DS, but i guess we owners can’t get everything

    • at least DS owners get most of the games localized ._.

      • jarrodand

        lolwhut? Wake me when 7th Dragon, SaGa 2, Soma Bringer, ASH, Tales of Hearts, Sakura Note and Retro Game Challenge 2 finally show up…

        • andref

          Yeah, and even if some of the Tales games are for the psp in japan, i at least wish they could at least be localized

          • andref

            Well to better clarify another thought, it just seems some games just don’t seem to meet the quality of some of the big titles the psp gets which makes me ask the question, what is stopping the game from being multi platform instead of being a psp only game.

        • That just prove DS gets more games as well, those are just what 5 that didnt get localized, out of 200 or 300 localized? and ASH is getting a fan translation, as well as tales of hearts , psp also barely gets fan translations

          • jarrodand

            As if those 5 are it? Yggdra Unison, Luminous Arc 3, Jet Impulse, Nameless Game 1/2, Sigma Harmonics, Front Mission 2089, Last Window, Shining Force Feather, Item Getter, those new Wizardry games… I could keep going if you’d like?

            More DS games might make it over than PSP, but more are also left back in Japan…

          • andref

            Luminous arc 3, dude that came out in december that can’t be mentioned in your list just yet. Everyone knows releases outside of japan can take almost a year

          • dude, count the DS games released and PSP games released in the US, psp wont even get half, there has been more and more famous already localized, is easy to mention the ones that arent localized, if you want to play that game there is a WHOLE lot of psp games released in japan and never seen here

          • jarrodand


            Ack, reply limit hit. Anyway, care to list all these unlocalized PSP games? Outside Bamco stuff (Gundam, Tales… y’know the sort of stuff they also pass over on DS) I’m not seeing all that much? Let’s play that game?

          • lol found this reply available xD, there are way too many, here is the playasia list, i dont know if you can filter them for rpgs, but i can assure you, you will see lots of games that will call your attention that you’ve never heard of before

          • kupomogli

            Like Wild ARMs said, there’s many more PSP games I wan’t that haven’t been translated over the DS.

            Now sure, there’s the usual Namco Bandai games that everyone wants but will never get. Gundam vs Gundam series, Gundam Battle series, Ghiren’s Greed, Tales of VS, Tales of Destiny 2, Tales of Phantasia X, Radiant Mythology 2, .hack//Link, etc.

            There are also the other Falcom games we’re not getting. Zwei 2 and Brandish.

            Also games such as Breath of Fire 3, Tales of Eternia, Suikoden 1 and 2(all four I own on the PSX, two of PAL releases so doesn’t much matter haven’t received US release,) Growlanser, Elminage 2, Classic Dungeon, Kingdom of Paradise 2, and King’s Field Additional 1 and 2.

            There are others that I can’t think of right now, but yeah. The PSP has quite a few Japanese only releases I’d like to own. More than enough that I wasn’t already a PSP owner and these are the only games I wanted then I’d purchase a PSP.

  • Artavasdus

    Isn’t it a suicide move after all the Psp japanese flops NiS has had in 2009 and 2010? The game seems very nice and I hope it gets localized by NiSA, but seeing how NIS Japan seems to be in trouble I wonder why they aren’t speeding up Disgaea 4’s development (they haven’t even announced it yet :).

  • nyoron

    Well that wasn’t interesting at all… gonna need to see some gameplay footage.

    • Kuza21


  • cmurph666

    I should probably get a PSP at some point.

  • ANYTHING MADE BY ANY DOOD THAT WORKED IN ANY SUMMON NIGHT GAME, will be 5 stars quality, im sure of it.

    AND BESIDES, some of the art does reminds me to SUMMON NIGHT!!! mhmmhmHUAHAHHA, i will be waiting for moar, the only 2 arts im in love with are summon night’s art, and STING’s art

    • PROTIP: Summon Night: Swordcraft Story wasn’t all that great.

  • Cool looks awesome

  • Code

    People in places! Standing around, looking in directions! Going on an adventure!? Not today! Suddenly a gust of wind! Hair flick~! This is what JRPG’s are about!

  • “multiple endings and tells the story from the perspective of two characters.” – I hope that means there will be a male and female lead and that the different endings will be character related, just like the Summon Night games. Hope this one will get localised tho unlike the Summon Night games.. ;_;

  • Day2Day

    First thing that comes to mind when they say “Perspective of 2 Characters” is actually Hexyz Force, which has been sitting on my PSP for ages…

  • kupomogli

    Is this being released on the PSX? Or have PSX quality graphics?

  • RAVENKam

    Nice tune.

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