New Metal Gear Solid: Rising Screenshots

By Ishaan . June 18, 2010 . 12:37pm

Like Metal Gear Solid: Rising? Great. Here are some screenshots!


Don’t like the direction Rising’s going in? Don’t worry, it isn’t a replacement for regular Metal Gear, according to Konami. In a live stream where Hideo Kojima and two other Konami staff members answered fan questions, it was revealed that, while Kojima is supervising development of the game, it’s not “his” Metal Gear.


Kojima and Co. also addressed the topic of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and the Snake Eater 3D tech demo being on portables, assuring concerned fans that the Metal Gear franchise hadn’t abandoned home consoles. “We have some plans, so don’t worry about it,” they concluded, with regard to the matter.


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  • RupanIII

    This might be fun.. but I have a feeling that without Kojima it might be kind of lite story-wise. Then again, I’m probably the only person who didn’t mind MGS2 Raiden. In fact, I thought it was fascinating how he subverted expectations at every turn, seemingly trying to make us question our fervent desire for catharsis-thru-super-badass.

    • Ereek

      I really liked Raiden. I like him more than Big Boss but less than Solid/Old. Of course, I’m in the severe minority here.

      • Raiden gets way too much hate, I think. As surprised as I was when control shifted to him in MGS2, I enjoyed it just as much. Almost.

    • FireCouch

      Raiden is great. A character who develops and is likable throughout MGS2. Just as great as Big Boss I’d say. But Snake is the winner here.

  • Aoshi00

    Peace Walker should’ve looked like this, w/ a 2nd analog stick :P (don’t stone me for being a graphic whore..), just a natural continuation of 3 & 4…. Looking forward to this and Castelvania Lords of Shadow.As for Raiden, his Jpn seiyuu (Horiuchi Kenyuu) actually sounded very cool even in MGS2, much cooler than the Eng. voice actor, but Quinton Flynn did good in MGS4. But yea, he was made fun of a lot, Raikov and the MGS3 Subsistence spoofs :)

    • Have you played Peace Walker though? It’s probably my favorite Metal Gear Solid game! ::gasp::

      • Aoshi00

        Only about 5-6 hrs of the Jpn ver, got the US ver but haven’t opened it yet.. from what I’ve played it’s the one I liked the least so far compared to 1-4, I haven’t played the other portable ops on the PSP before. I dunno I just prefer console to portable (I tried to hook it up to the TV but it looked pretty bad). I really need to convince myself to try it again. Still, imagine if you like it so much alrdy, wouldn’t it be great to look like MGS4 or this? Did you beat PW yet, is the story as good as 1-4? Pls don’t spoil me though :)BTW, I just saw the Rising trailer, I was wondering what that electricity thing Raiden was holding in his fist, he cut a giant robot in half and ripped out his intestine! That’s badass :) Also they’re suggesting Raiden might be unstable and quite insane too since crazy stuffs has happened btwn MGS2 & 4. It’s probably be a while till I try Peace Walker again.. I just started Xenobalde and it’s very fun, far exceeded my expectation. See, a fun game is fun several hrs into it, not 20-plus hours into it like FFXIII (which people keep defending it being a good game/FF), that’s some serious pacing problem.

  • karasuKumo

    I have to get this game, I actually haven’t played a Metal Gear so I might not get the story but damn does it look fun to cut stuff up.

  • Just noticed in your platform tagging system you have it doesn’t include PC, although this game apparently will be released for Microsoft Windows – presumably at the same time as the consoles.

    That would make it the first MGS game released for the glorious PC platform since Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty I think.

    The only MGS game i’ve played was the first one on PC even thought it came out 2 years after the PlayStation release. Let’s hope it’s not going to be like that this time around. :)

    • Yea, I refrained from including PC because we aren’t entirely sure yet whether or not Rising will be released for GFW. Once we have solid confirmation, you can expect a post on the matter and the PC tag added to all future articles on the game. :)

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