Ys: The Oath in Felghana Uses Fan Translation As A Base

By Spencer . June 21, 2010 . 10:53am


While Ys Seven was completed by Xseed, they publisher went with an outside of the box strategy for their Ys: The Oath in Felghana localization. Instead of doing all of the work in-house, Xseed licensed a PC fan translation for Ys: The Oath in Felghana. Yes, we’re talking about Deuce’s work. His translation is also the base for Ys I&II Chronicles. Since Deuce is a licensed translator they optioned his work. Xseed may edit it in house, but Deuce’s translation is being used as a base.


This means Ys: The Oath in Felghana will be released overseas quicker. Expect to see the PSP version in stores this fall, a season after Ys Seven launches in North America.

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  • Guest

    More companies should at least try doing it this way….list goes here; starts off with Mother 3. =P

    • Justinzero

      I totally agree. Not only would it motivate would-be fan translators to do more work, but it would open the door for more of their works to end up, officially, on more consoles.

    • Draparde

      yeah, mother 3 was done so well, i sometimes forget it was in japanese in the first place while playing it.

  • masuto

    Errr…I really don’t know how to respond to that…should I say, xseed is being rather lazy and low budgeted?

    • Justinzero

      You would think so, but Deuce’s work really is that good. The release window on those three Ys titles is really small too, so I’m sure taking “lazy”, simple routes with the production process is key to making any deadlines. In this case, while it may seem like XSeed is taking the easy way out, they are still maintaining a good level of quality and saving a ton of time in the process.

      Essentially, they’re killing 2 birds with one stone.

      • chaosaxess

        Putting a bulk of the series’ best games out there all in a short frame will really help it establish some new blood and make the old fans want to support them. XSEED is really doing this well.

        If only their voice actors didn’t suck…

        WTB dual-voice options for Oath

    • Artavasdus

      Since we are ending up with an awesome translation who cares if XSeed’s localization expenses are lower than normal? Deuce’s translation of Ys OiF is all but amateur, and it will probably cost XSeed less than what Ignition gives to Entalize for their awful “localization” jobs.

    • EvilAkito

      Their laziness is a benefit to me because I’m terribly impatient and want these games as soon as possible. There is no reason for them to re-invent the wheel. And considering the deadlines that an official translation team would be burdened with, I’d imagine that they wouldn’t be able to match the quality of Deuce’s translation anyway.

    • You can’t be for real.

  • I for one, congratulate this move. Less work, less cost and I hear the quality of the base translation is excellent.

  • BTW….love the boxart for Chronicles!

  • chaosaxess

    Oath’s translation is incredibly well done and professional, it’s also extremely accurate. If it helps them get the game out here faster, which it very much will since the programming for the game is probably very similar to the PC one, then I’m all for it. Too bad Deuce is a gigantic asshole, but he did a good job.

    Also thank God they’re using his as a base for I&II, no offense to the Eternal translators, but they did a pretty awful job.

    • At least it wasn’t Nightwolve

      • Justinzero

        I miss Deuce’s website; All that free Ys music… *Starts Drooling*

        • It’s a shame the administration of RHDN is pretty facepalm worthy too. Driving off Kitsune Sniper, banning me for “bad help”, other decisions they’ve made.

      • chaosaxess

        Yeah, Ys I&II Complete’s fan-translation was absolutely horrid.

  • shion16

    i want the 3 games!!!

  • CIN

    SOLD! I want those so much. Time for a little importing….

    • kupomogli

      Why import when you can get the localized versions?

      • I believe he means import the Xseed localized versions to another region, say Europe, perhaps.

      • CIN

        Just Like Spencer said, I was talking about importing the Xseed’s versions:) Not everybody’s from the US.

  • I’m loving those covers!
    It’s also promising to hear companies looking out for projects like this. It’s not just making for a quick process, but one that makes it possible for games like this to be released at all.
    I wonder if there were a lot of meetings between the three or if it was actually not that difficult to make it happen.

  • i love you world

  • jarrodand

    I wish more publishers would look into this as an option. Especially in the DD space, there’s quite a few Virtual Console titles I wouldn’t mind nabbing if they worked out similar deals (Monster World IV, Tactics Ogre, Shiren the Wanderer, etc).

    • Hraesvelgr

      I have to agree with this. Quite frankly, there are tons of terrible fan translations or retranslations of already translated games, but there are plenty of excellent ones, as well.

      Gemini’s Innocent Sin translation is an example of a really good one: no stupidly excessive profanity that plagues some translations, a proper English translation with no leftover Japanese words or honorifics and proper spelling/grammar.

      • chaosaxess

        Also, Mother 3’s is simply fantastic.

  • Pretty thrifty, XSEED; I like how you guys think. Mark me down for the whole Ys shebang.

  • Somehow I can only see this ending in litigation.

    • How? Xseed licensed the translation from “Deuce”.

    • Xseed licensed a PC fan translation

      Right in the article, dude.

  • Kris

    Such awesome boxart! I need to add these to my collection.

  • jaybern123

    Nice Move XSEED!!! :D

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