Sales Figures Of Nippon Ichi Games That Sold Over 9,999 Units

By Spencer . June 30, 2010 . 6:41am

imageIn a financial report, Nippon Ichi shared sales figures for select games released last year. More specifically, last fiscal year because Absolute Hero Modding Project data is included.


Let’s look at their localized games first. Phantom Brave: We Meet Again, the only Wii game developed by Nippon Ichi, sold 19,300 units overseas. Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days did 36,300 damage to retailers. Sales figures for Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love were not disclosed.


Earlier this year, Nippon Ichi launched two new series in Japan. Classic Dungeon was first and 22,600 units were sold since it’s launch on February 18. Absolute Hero Modding Project, released on March 11, did fairly well with 53,400 units. The sales data is only goes up to March 31, so games like Absolute Hero Modding Project may have done even better.

  • Hraesvelgr

    “Sales figures for Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love were not disclosed.”


    • I should have specified that sales figures for Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman, another licensed game weren’t announced either. The only overseas sales figures were games developed by N1.

      • Hraesvelgr

        Oh, I see. Hopefully it isn’t too bad, then. I don’t really like the games NISA releases, but I like to see smaller companies do well, especially when they are actually involved with their fanbase.

  • malek86

    That’s not bad for Zettai Hero. I’m hoping it will come here soon.

    • Code

      Likewise, honestly after all the years of having a NIS inhouse game a year for like 4-5 years — I’m practically starving lately T_T’ Zettaiiiiii Herrooo saveee meee!

  • woa, i think disgaea 2 did fairly well right? that’s good, and darn, i cant belive sakura wars was that bad…

  • symytry

    Doesn’t sound like anything they’ve released lately has turned much of a profit… 53k is a drop in the bucket for sales figures.

    • malek86

      It’s still their best selling game for the time considered. Stuff like Infinite and Prinny 2 has sold much less, apparently, so 2011 is looking worse… for now.

  • Seriously? Sakura Wars did that poorly? Ah man. That’s a real shame considering what it is.

    Then again, you are dealing with ‘outside of Japan’ with something that a lot of people don’t really have any idea of. Low figures are probably expected. :/

    • Ereek

      Don’t think that just yet.

      Look at the titles they released sales numbers for. Notice a pattern? They’re all first party titles. They didn’t release sales numbers for their third party titles, despite the fact that they may have sold more than 10,000 copies.

      • That may be but I do recall reading in the interview article that the title sales were ‘less than expected’. And that seemed to be putting it bluntly. :/

        • Ereek

          I posted this before Spencer did, but look at Spencer’s comment down below:

          The only overseas sales figures were games developed by N1.

          You’re worrying too much. They didn’t release the numbers. I know it’s sad that it didn’t do well, I think we all agree on that, but let’s not be that pessimistic.

          Also, 1,000 posts! Wow!

    • I almost have to wonder if Sakura Wars did *that* badly. It took me two weeks to actually find a copy in my area to buy – checking both major outlets and small stores. (I was going to be traveling for work and didn’t want to order from online.) Everyone said they sold out of the copies they received. I ended up having to settle for a used Wii copy from GameStop.

      And even that used copy was hard to find. I had to call three GameStops after seeing online that some “supposedly” had it, and only one of those three did.

      • Actually that right there would be a sign it did badly. Not that the games sold out, but that the retailers didn’t restock the shelf. In that instance its more of a lack of confidence from the retailers than an actual lack of confidence by the consumer.

        Whenever they produce numbers like this it usually counts for the total that they shipped to retailers. So 20,000 Phantom Brave Wii copies were shipped out to Best Buy, Amazon, Game Stop and the like. How that works with their projections will reflect on how much money the studio made off the sales. So when Activision announces the numbers that a game like Call of Duty sold 4 million copies in a month, that means that 4 million copies were shipped to stores. It doesn’t necessarily mean that 4 million Americans own the Call of Duty game, though a good majority of that number should.

  • cj_iwakura

    Re: Sakura Wars

    I bet it was hard to find because stores didn’t stock it. Even across the internet, the game got a lukewarm reception. I can’t imagine why, because it’s an amazing game.

    • Nico87

      Sakura Wars got a 9 from IGN and B something from 1up, 90% from RPGFan, so it’s not all bad.

  • Finalstar2007

    I realy wish if their games can go over 500k, why people are still buying CoD MW2 and not this? arghh! -_-..sigh
    anyways i’ll keep my support to their games, going to go pick up Trinity Universe soon

    • CoD continues to sell because it’s properly marketed and appeals to a general core area of gamers. NIS games are all over the place, poorly marketed, and console choice doesn’t appear (and certainly won’t) to appeal to it’s general niche of players. There’s a reason the handheld titles sell well. That’s where the audience is. But, as NIS says “Let’s put games on the PS3! That didn’t blow up in our face with Disgaea 3!” How many people have played Disgaea 3? About 70,000 copies? That’s barely over what the handhelds were making.

      • Code

        I’d hardly say NIS games are poorly marketed, there a vastly different scale when it comes to Activision’s marketing budget versus NIS’s marketing budget. For the size of NIS, I think they do an AOK job marketing, NIS is marketing a niche product, and they know this, so they tackle it appropriately. But marketing isn’t the problem — you just aren’t going to get FPS numbers in North America if you aren’t an FPS, MMO or Sports game.

      • Do you really think if they gave up console exclusivity and betrayed their fanbase, their sales wouldn’t be even lower?

        • malek86

          No real reason to think they would be lower, actually. They might not change much, which would not justify the added porting costs. Or they could be much higher. But i find it difficult to think that they could be lower. What you think about people buying exclusive games, pretty much only happens with big releases, the kind that you can show off to jealous friends.

          • They’re a niche market with a very loyal fanbase. Even with their low sales, probably 50% of those sales are from that fanbase. A lot of that fanbase are loyal to them precisely because they’ve stayed exclusive when everyone else is going for the lowest common denominator. If they were to give up what makes them special, a lot of that fanbase would stop buying their games.

  • So D2:DHD did pretty well, huh… ^_^ Anyway how much did Prinny 2 sell in Japan?

    • Data was not released for Prinny 2. I think this is because it wouldn’t even have a full week of sales if Nippon Ichi added it to their report. This only covers data up to March 31, 2010.

      • Oh I see… I should have read more carefully.

  • jarrodand

    54k for Absolute Hero? That’s actually not that great, considering it was hyped up as the new game from the core Disgaea team… yikes.

    Classic Dungeon and Phantom Brave Wii totally cratered. And lol/cry @ Sakura Wars. These sales are making Marvelous look good…

    • Yuan

      Zettai Hero is a new IP with a new genre, and that sales only goes from March 11 to March 31.

      For Classic Dungeon and Phantom Brave, you don’t know what kind of sales they’re expecting. One of them is very low budget, and another is just a port.

  • ForeverFidelis

    I’m VERY happy that N1 is doing so well.

    I love each and every one of you bastards workin’ for the number uno Nippon company

    Except Paul.

  • Guest

    What about releasing PAL Phantom Brave?

  • What about a PAL release for Phantom Brave Wii? I guess that will never happen :( Pity as I was willing to buy a copy.

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