See Fate/Extra’s Battle System In Action

By Ishaan . July 6, 2010 . 12:02pm


Judging from the video, it looks like you can use a single turn to perform a mix of up to six offensive and defensive actions. While Fate/Extra’s simulation mode might look a little — okay, a lot like Persona 3 — the battles stand more on their own.

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  • Boy, and I thought Tartarus was repetitive-looking.

  • Day 1 import, provided Archer’s hilarious “Bone of my sword” speech is included.

    • I could hardly believe they included it in Unlimited Codes. Just the first line, though, during his special.

      • Kris

        That reminds me, how is Unlimited Codes? It looked kinda cool, but I wasn’t sure about spending $30 on a download-only game. Is it worth it?

        • It’s kind of hard to say. It was the first PSP game I got, so I was pretty impressed by it early on. Ultimately, I ended up only really taking to one fighter (Rider) because the game is super-complex, and it takes ages just to accustom yourself to the basics.

          I’m really surprised just how hard they made it to pick up and play. It’s fun if you like to obsess over a single game for months, but since it doesn’t have the kind of community backing Street Fighter does, it’s a little hard to justify. Can’t see myself going back to it honestly. :/

      • The whole speech was in the PS2 version. It was broken up into seven parts, with the seventh part activating UBW. Did that change in the PSP one?

        • Actually, I never managed to pull off Archer’s special completely (yea, this game had its way with me…) so I’d always hear the first line and never any more. So I can’t be sure if it was the same as the PS2 version, haha.

        • Nope, the speech and super’s still intact. Too bad it uses a lot of the power gauge to activate UBW.

  • Reimine

    The battle sistem of the game looks great, im glad that I preorder the game

  • Bloody nice. Fingers crossed for it finding its way overseas.

  • DemonicX

    There’s no chance of this getting localized, now is it?

    • Look around the site. :)

  • masuto

    umm…isnt this like rock, paper, scissor?

    • i would like you to show me a rock paper and scissors with all this xD

  • Cool, is like having a pokemon haha, i wanna have saber D:!

  • BrotherCavil

    “While Fate/Extra’s simulation mode might look a little — okay, a lot like Persona 3”

    You really like comparing *everything* to Persona/SMT… There ARE other games out there, mang. :< Explore! Go on a journey of adventure!

    But yeah. Initially I was pretty psyched about this game, but seeing it in action pretty much killed it for me…. I need a new word for boring. :<

    • That’s because the school sim part does look eerily similar to Persona 3’s.

      • cowcow

        The battle engine reminds me of Last Ranker a bit

  • shion16

    It really looks like persona 3

  • raymk

    I want it and if it comes out day 1 purchase for me =D

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