Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes Rewriting History This October

By Ishaan . July 14, 2010 . 1:17pm


Capcom’s Sengoku era fantasy, Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes, for the Wii and PS3, is releasing this October 12th. Development of Samurai Heroes in Japan was headed by Hiroyuki Kobayashi, producer on Devil May Cry 4.


How did Capcom go about developing a game to be multiplatform across PS3 and Wii, given the vast differences in hardware? By constructing a PC version on a scaled-down MT Framework, the engine that most of Capcom’s high-def games run on. You can read up on this and why Basara appeals to women in our interview with Kobayashi from E3.


I’m curious — are any of our female readers interested in the game?

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  • Guest

    I’m not female, but I’m interested.

  • Hell and yes! I am very much looking forward to this game, especially considering that I own Devil Kings and actually played through the original as well as played the crap out of the sequel. :)

    The massive Japanese female following comes a lot from the voice actors though. Oh, and the massively gay undertones of Yukimura and Masamune. :p (Of course it helps that the men are all very purdy…)

    • Yea, not surprised to hear about the voice actors in the least. Is that Koyasu I hear at the end of this vid? (awesome trailer btw)

      Edit: Link fixed

      • Koyasu Takehito has been known to voice act for Sengoku Basara, yes. His role is for Sasuke the ninja. Sengoku Basara always has a huge and famous cast, heh. Unfortunately, you’ll never hear them in the English release :/

        Oh well. I’m importing it this month anyway >_>

        • “Unfortunately, you’ll never hear them in the English release :/”
          What, no dual audio confirmed ? :[

    • Hey, I have an idea from Japanese developers: want your games to sell like hotcakes? Then fill your games with gays and lesbians! ^_^ of course, you might lose a chunk of any devoutly religious followers, but it’s something to think about, right?

      Personally, i’m not a guy that finds the lesbian thing hot, actually. I mean I just dont get yuri and yaoi fans who are straight. I mean, *gets hit with a shoe* then there’s no fantasy that those characters would give a damn about you! Even unlikely for a threesome! Unless there’s evidence of them being bi, but usually there never is ;_; it’s either gay or straight undertones, no bi undertones (but I never lose hope! I know I could make you bi, Echidna! *ahem* sorry).

      I also don’t get voice actor followers *gets hit with a boot*

    • The massive Japanese female following comes a lot from the voice actors though.

      I concur. :D Although I’ve never really known much about the Sengoku Basara series, the moment I read the previous article on how it has a massive female fanbase and that 90% of the people attending the events were female, the first thought that came into my head was “It has to be the male seiyuu.” XD

      (Being somewhat of a rabid seiyuu fan myself, all I can say is: never underestimate the power of a seiyuu’s voice – it can get fangirls/fanboys to watch/play even the crappiest of series. LOL.)

  • Kibbitz

    Liked the first, loved the second. Attempting to 100% the game killed me though… not sure whether I want to pick up the third now without owning my own PS3, and knowing that I’ll not 100% it ever…

    Oh, and I’m not female. Sorry.

  • Joanna

    Not interested. Don’t really like these kinds of games (not my cup of tea) and I haven’t watch Sengoku Basara (which may have piqued my interest in this game if I did).

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