New Xbox 360 Helps Drive June U.S. Hardware Sales

By Ishaan . July 15, 2010 . 7:43pm

The new Xbox 360 Driven by the release of the new Xbox 360 model revealed at E3, sales of the system in the U.S. bested every other piece of hardware, save for the Nintendo DS, in the month of June.


While the industry overall slumped 6% as compared to June of last year, console hardware sales revenue actually increased by 5%, owing to significant PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 purchases. “The Xbox 360¬†experienced its second largest non-holiday month after September ’07 when Halo 3 launched, and the PS3 has now garnered 11 consecutive months of year-over-year unit sales increases,” according to NPD Group analyst, Anita Frazier.


The resulting increase in the number of hardware unit sales as compared to June ’09 was a whopping 35%. U.S. hardware sales for the month of June were as follows:


System Sales
PlayStation 3 304,800
PSP 121,000
Xbox 360 451,000
Wii 422,500
Nintendo DS 510,700

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  • i’ve seen that this xbox turns down itself (giving a warning first) when it is getting overheated lol

    • thebanditking

      yes but unfortunately in most of the cases I have seen, while it shuts its self off before melting the soldering the console never turns back on after cooling down. So in essence this new problem (regardless of how widespread) is just different enough to not fall under the RROD warranty that MS previously instated, and that I can assure you was no accident.

  • Aoshi00

    If there are some killer apps for Kinect later, I would upgrade my old Jpn 360 w/ this, it’s a bit of a pain to switch btwn the two systems, moving the memory card/flash drive to carry the gamer profile, I want to consolidate everything into one. I’m not too crazy about the touch sensitive btns though, and too bad this is still not slot loading..

    • thebanditking

      in reply to your previous posts:

      Yes it would seem like this may be wear and tear related but my 60GB still sounds the same as when I bought it (at least to me). If you ever wanted to have it looked at and/or have the fans replaced I know of a few very good console repair shops that will fix any console without shipping you a refurb unit. Yeah I hear you with the glossy finish and touch buttons, they never bothered me with the phat PS3 but that’s the only way it came, but with the 360 I still like the original design better.

  • epy

    I would be interested in the new 360, but the fact that they missed the chance to fix the long standing RRoD issue dissapoints me.

    • Aoshi00

      I know they fixed it w/ the Jasper chip over a year ago, did the RRoD somehow come back in the new model? It was pretty much a non-issue before, I doubt the overheating problem has come back again w/ even more ventilation now. I run all my games on the HDD, so it’s pretty quiet and cool anyway just like the PS3 slim, also for much faster load times.

      • thebanditking

        The jury is out on this one Aoshi. I have heard way too many reports of this new xbox having a larger failure rate then the Jasper units. Now most of this could be shrugged off as fanboys claiming the new 360 is faulty but the alarming part is that if you check some of the Amazon confirmed purchase reviews (as noted by the text below the review title) these are people who actually own the product, and I highly doubt they would buy the console just to pretend it broke. There are multiple youtube vids that show this issue as well being dubbed the RDOD (red dot of death). Apparently it may be caused by the power brick or the return to the X clamp design for the CPU/GPU but who knows, I’m tired of this guess work after 5 years the damn thing should just work. My advice, if you really want an 360 go pick up one of the older Jasper units while you still can; at least those have a 3 year warranty still.

        • Aoshi00

          Thanks for the advice man. Actually it did occur to me, that I think I should wait to see how things in the new system are ironed out.. I’ve only seen this one video on youtube where the guy had a red light on his brick. I can’t imagine how the overheating issue would come back since they fixed it w/ Jasper, the new system is not that much smaller and there’s vents everywhere now… Actually my US system is Jasper and runs fine. It’s my Jpn system that’s the oldest model. I wanted to get the latest model in Jpn region, since the new one has built in 250Gb HDD and 802.11 N wi-fi (not that I have N router yet..), also it has a separate Kinect port w/o needing a separate power.. If Jpn turns out to have some good Kinect games later on, I don’t want to switch the Kinect btwn the two..

          BTW, off-topic, remember I told you my PS3 phat’s fan is loud a long time ago.. I just play the slim these days, but I still use the old one to play PS2 games occasionally. I cleared out the dust from the vents, put it vertically, and the rm temp can’t be high (placed is AC’ed..), but the fan still hits loud very soon after it’s turned on,.. wish there’s a way to make it quieter, think the 250HDD had anytyhing to do w/ it? That’s why I bought a slim before, watching Blu-rays w/ that fan noise was so distracting and bothered the heck out of me :(… slim is very quiet though, even after I upgraded to 500 Gb as soon as I bought it.

          • thebanditking

            Well the overheating could return due to the redesign the motherboard recieved. The Jasper unit was still supporting the original motherboard design but with shrunk seperate CPU and GPU, they also changed the heat sink (the other specifics escape me). Likely why the Jaspers tend to be more reliable due to the fact the case and the fans were designed for a much larger chipset.

            Now the 360S uses the long fabeled Valhalla setup, but what no one counted on was the systems design changing. Everyone up until a few months ago assumed that with the Valhalla design moving the CPU and GPU on to one chip combined with the original case, Jasper heat sink and fan specs with a lower power consumption that would produce a very reliable 360. Everyone also assumed that the power brick would remain the same but again they shrunk the case and removed the fans from inside the bricks casing. Given that the system uses way less power that should not have been an issue but as we all know its not always faulty design, but the manufacturing of faulty products, they may again be using cheap solder on the boards or in the bricks case cheap components, its hard to say with out being able to look at a broken one.

            That huge fan over the new CPU/GPU combo chip should be enough but the fact that they placed it directly over the chipset and the vents are also directly over the fan makes me wonder if its a seperate component over heating because the fans are not cooling the entire board properly. Its all guess work at this point and when it comes to spending money you should remove as much guess work as possible.

            SoI would not think too hard on a 360S right now, I know I’m not biting this time. Also I have heard numerous people complaining about WiFi problems. From what I know there is a problem with signal strength that the older WiFi add on does not have, even with the 360S being in the same spot their older 360 was, the console will only pick up about 10% signal strength. Also IGN calling the casing “cheap and flimsy” when compaired to the original 360 and the PS3 slim is not encouraging me either.
            as for the PS3 yup I remember, is your PS3 is it a 60gb model or the 80gb with software backwards compatibility? How are you clearing the dust from the vents? If your using compressed air, that can push the dust further into the system rather then removing it. I highly doubt the HDD would cause the extra heat concerns, larger drives add extra heat but not much. Was the drive you bought a 5400RPM or a 7200RPM? Its not often (usually never an issue) but I have seen certain models of 7200RPM drives cause excess heat in older PS3’s due to the way the drives seeking algorithm works. I always use 5400 RPM drives in my PS3’s and usually select the “green” drive option (the one thats main purpose its to cut down on power consumption) that the manufacturer offers, your installs will take a few seconds longer but IMO its small price to pay for less heat. Could be that one of the fans for the system is not functioning properly, keep in mind these fans are nothing more then plactic blades on a aluminum spindle and that as it spins up and then slows down over repeated use the bearign that holds the fan can wear down. So my last question is, when you say loud does it just sound like the fans are working really hard or is there a certain noise? Try this as well, I will assume your upscaling the PS2 games/DVD movies to full HD if so set the upscalers to off and try to play a PS2 game and see if the fans still crank up as fast.

          • Aoshi00

            My PS3 phat was the original 60Gb model, the new HDD was 5400 RPM because I remember reading about 7200RPM might get too hot for your PS3 (actually I didn’t remember until I check my Amazon order page, how useful :). I used the vacuum cleaner to suck out the dust from the vents. Actually I tried once putting back the 60Gb HDD in it to retrieve some data, I think the fan still kicks to higher levels very soon. I’m not sure if it has to do w/ the PS2 setting, because the fan got loud either by playing PS3 games or watching blu-rays, maybe it’s just wear and tear.. but I distinctly remember the fan gradually got louder after I switched to a bigger HDD, before the 60Gb was filled up, I remember it was really quiet.. maybe it’s wear and tear, I just hope I could make it run quieter so I could still use it, right now I just don’t feel like turning it on. The slim is quiet though even after I switched to a 500Gb.I guess it’s not safe to upgrade to the 360Slim yet, especially when I’m considering importing one. Last time I lucked out (I was told) that MS replaced my Jpn 360 for me w/ another Jpn 360. Both of them run perfectly fine, but the older system gets hot and slightly louder. I like the look of the old system anyway, since I have one faceplate on each of them. Not crazy about the glossy surface and touch sensitive btns either.. I guess I don’t need to upgrade for now, unless my Jpn 360 dies before then..

          • malek86

            Yikes. Looks like I’ll have to keep my original 360 for some more time. Not too much maybe. It’s a refurbished one, and it’s the old model. I have had this replacement unit for 3 years now, and while it seems to be holding up fine, you never know when somethign might hit – especially on a hot summer such as this.

            But aside from that, it’s not like I have too much reason to jump ship. The original 20Gb HDD is still ok, big enough for DLC and demos. My wi-fi G works pretty well, the signal is strong. And aside from the loudness, the console works.

            I’d actually have more reason to change my PS3 with a Slim, since at least I’d get bitstreaming HD audio, which would go well with my new HT system. But I’ll probably just get a standalone BR player, costs less.

            Sometimes I feel like one should wait at least 3 years before buying a console, unless they want to get shafted.

  • lostinblue

    I suspect the “sales peak” was brought on by the discount and phase out of both Arcade and Elite models.

    I mean the new one is fugly and priced at the same pricepoint as they’re dispaching the older models at discount prices.

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