Four More Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Characters Announced, Playable At Comic-Con [Update]

By Spencer . July 21, 2010 . 9:06am

Capcom is bringing a new build of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 to Comic-Con with four more playable characters. Chun-Li, Doctor Doom, Super-Skrull, and Trish, armed with Dante’s Sparda, are confirmed for Marvel vs. Capcom 3.


Super-Skrull should be an interesting character since he embodies abilities from the Fantastic Four team. Screenshots below show Super-Skrull with stretchy arms and fiery fists.


mvc35 mvc36 mvc37 mvc38 mvc39 mvc310 mvc311 mvc312 mvc313 mvc314 mvc31 mvc32 mvc33 mvc34




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  • Oh look, Deadpool is hitting his opponent with his health bar.


    • Haha, I wouldn’t have even looked at this article if I hadn’t seen your comment in the sidebar.

      That is amazing.

    • Electrium

      Whenever I see screens for this game, the first thing I do is look at the health bars for each team (I always hope they’ll accidentally reveal something XD), and I spent WAY too long looking for Deadpool’s healthbar in that picture before I realized where it was.

  • So Super-Skrull is the reason why the Fantastic Four aren’t going to be in this game.

    • cowcow

      why dat?

      • Choppasmith

        Marvel told Capcom NO to using the F4, but suggested Super Skrull as having ONE character with ALL FOUR powers instead. Nice compromise I think, SS looks great!

  • damn…This roster starting to look less attractive…Trish and Super-Skrull…WTF?

    • Trish should be Lady… but why the hate on Super Skrull. It’s about time some bad arse-lesser known characters get some spotlight.

  • They’d better have another awesome CG trailer at Comic-Con. :(

  • Oh look. We’re already starting to see slots being wasted. Why have Trish from DMC as well when we already have Dante?

    It would be like adding Ryu AND Ken here. It doesn’t make sense. My interest just dropped a little.

    • raymk

      for the record trish and dante have completely different movesets so its not the same as ryu and ken. We have enough sf already and dmc is ok with 2 reps but i’d rather not have her either but i knew she was in the game for the longest time already.

      • That may be true, but with this game (which is said to only have 30 something characters as opposed to MvC2’s roster), can we really afford to put in two characters to represent DMC? I think Dante was good enough to fill that role. Why Trish too?

        You’re right about my Ryu and Ken statement though. I guess I should have said, “This would be like putting in Megaman and Zero or Roll”.

        • Rumor has it anyway that there is another crossover game in development…

      • I take that back about super Skrull..lmao he looks awesome in this game… Im still aginst Trish tho. I know im not gonna see it. I’s love to see Shoma from rival Schools tho lol

  • i like the silver spada he looks awesome

  • Guest

    Trish… lame. The massive list of Capcom characters and they add trish? Dammit Capcom.

  • I would much rather have had Lady than Trish.


  • ThunderGod_Cid

    Chun-Li: That’s was expected, so was Doom, Trish: I’m okay with that, they need more female characters in the roster, and Super Scrull: looks like a freakin’ beast.

    It seems like Capcom is trying to have at least two characters from each franchise represented.

  • FFS Capcom fix the ugly shadows! You’re ruining what is probably a really awesome game by making it all dark and lacking of details.

  • Viewtiful Joe, Dormammu, Thor, and Amaterasu have also all been confirmed

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