What Would You Ask The Producer Of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3?

By Spencer . July 22, 2010 . 1:00pm

imageLast year we met with Ryota Niitsuma, the Producer of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, armed with your questions. We’re meeting with Niitsuma-san again, tomorrow actually, to talk about Marvel vs. Capcom 3.


Any burning questions for him? Post them in the comments and I’ll do my best to get answers. As usual, we’ll try to include a fair selection of questions from Siliconerites.

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  • cowcow

    2 words:

    Optimus Prime

  • Can they give a definitive number on the size of the roster?

  • Hours

    Now that Amingo has been confirmed to not be in MvC3, are there any plans to use him and the other original MvC2 character Ruby Heart in another Capcom property?

    I think they would both make excellent additions to the Darkstalkers series.

    And regarding MvC3’s roster. Can we expect characters from the more lesser known and niche Capcom series? The Capcom side of the roster so far has been made up of almost all popular headliners from current series. It would be nice to see some characters from Rival Schools, Saturday Night Slam Masters, Star Gladiator, Breath of Fire, etc.

    • Yes, any information you can get on Ruby Heart please. I really liked playing as her!

    • Kris

      Amingo and Ruby do NOT belong in my Darkstalkers.
      …Especially Amingo.

      • Hours

        You’ll learn to love them. You’ll be maining Amingo in no time.

        But seriously, Darkstalkers in the perfect fit for them. Obviously, no one is going to like every single character on a roster, but they need a home and Darkstalkers needs a giant sombrero wearing cacti and a dimension hopping pirate lady.

        And if you still don’t warm up to them, use them as meat shields in practice mode. XD

  • capristrider

    Will Strider Hiryu or Hien be on the roster?
    Any Final Fight characters from Haggar to Maki and co will make the cut?
    Which character would he like to see/play from Capcom side and from Marvel in the game?
    Yippe, I’m so excited!

    • RupanIII

      Yes! Haggar!

  • Klaus00

    will there be Giants like PTX from TvC for example be in MvC3?

    and will there be some kind of Limited Edition?

    • Klaus00

      oh and , Will Daredevil or any character of Sengoku Basara be in it?

      • Hours

        Niitsuma already confirmed that Daredevil will not be in the game.

      • Daredevil has been confirmed not to be in it, but he was in the potential candidate list all the way until the last cut.http://www.capcom-unity.com/jgonzo/blog/2010/07

        • Klaus00

          awww , I was hoping for him to be in it so bad .

        • Jellybit

          Phew, thank goodness. We did not need a second superhero in MvC3 dressed entirely in skin-tight red, but much less interesting visually/personality-wise with a dull looking power that doesn’t at all translate in fighting games. I feel embarrassed for Capcom that Daredevil got as far in the candidate list as he did. Interesting comics or not, he wouldn’t fit in MvC3.

  • Will Virgil (DMC) and Strider Hiryu be on the roster?

  • raymk

    Will the game have DLC and will ingrid from capcom fighting jam make the game.

    • Last night Niitsuma said DLC will depend on how well the game does. So… that should be a yes, barring anything unfortunate happening.

  • sdragon21

    2 Questions:
    1.Will Strider Hiryu be in the game???
    2. If given the opportuinty, would you want to devlop a Shonen Jump Vs Capcom???

  • Will we see any of the smaller CAPCOM franchises like say: Strider, Power Stone, Onimusha or anything along those lines?

  • 2 Questions for Mr. Ryota Niitsuma:1. Will you consider adding Nero into the game?2. If possible, can you please add Dante’s DMC4 version as an alternate outfit for Dante with a different moveset?

  • gambitmvc3

    1. Do you have any hints about which X-Men or how many will be in the game? (Gambit and/or Nightcrawler please! :-D)

    2. Are there plans for DLC characters?

    3. Will the game be strictly 3 vs 3, or will there be optional team size settings?

    4. Will there be anything like a 6 player team battle mode, with each player controlling one character?

  • evilmoogle

    Will there be original characters? like ruby heart?

  • It was mentioned that the roster was going be over 30 characters, but I wouldn’t really call that “blowing fans out of the water” since the previous title had 50+ characters on the roster. Are there any plans for including unlockables to make the roster a huge one? (Also, please do not make this game to have downloadable content because from the way things are financially now a days for some people, no one is going to want to spend any more money just to download it. Especially X-box 360 owners.)

  • Alright, I’ll echo a few questions, disregarding how realistic or unrealistic it is for him to really be able to answer the question as of current (because you never know!)

    I’ll echo the request for lesser known Capcom characters, such as Strider, Higemaru, Hunk (perhaps as an alt costume for Chris? I’d love that, especially if they put a gas mask filter over his voice), Tron Bonne, or Mike Haggar?

    As for odd Marvel characters, what about Rom Spaceknight? That’d be too awesome.

    Scaleable teams?

    How are they working on fixing fighting balances, and how do they determine what stays and what goes? By this I mean, they find some really good combos between certain teams, how do they decide how to change that? Make it easier, harder, or whatever to do?

    How much will the graphical engine progress from now ’til release?

    What is it like working on such a short, kanine creature such as Amaterasu? For some reason I imagine it something like making a Blanka-type character, what with being so low to the ground.

    It looks really hard for non-fighting fans to be very good at this, what efforts are being made for accessability without alienating the hardcore crowd, and how can one’s growth as a player be expected to take effect?

    Will there be the return of individual character themes, as battles go on?

    Lastly, perhaps as a joke, what are your favourite Marvel and Capcom characters, and if you could have one character from a non-Marvel comic company in who would it be? and if you could have one character from a non-Capcom video game company in who would it be?

    Hope some of these requests will be honored, regardless of that I’m honored to be part of this community! This interview will be wonderful!

    • Too late to edit it now, I’ll rephrase my question about the lesser known characters: How do you strive to achieve a balance and plan with lesser known characters, and with the mainstream guys? Along with big requested characters, that are just not workable into the game for whatever reason or another? Is there any process for that?

  • nyobzoo

    Is there any characters that you personally liked that’s in the game and or would like to be in the game in the future as DLC?

  • Need to ask about Strider Hiryu, Strider Hien, Megaman X, and Ryu from Breath of Fire (could be any of them, but the one from 3 would probably be best) ;)

    • I can tell you it’s confirmed that there’s no Megaman X, which I’m disappointed about, but that might mean another incarnation of Megaman is going to be in the game instead. I’m leaning towards Volnutt/Trigger.

  • Eddie

    Will you be doing anything to make the story mode a more enjoyable experience? (if there is one that is)

  • I don’t really have any questions except for two characters I want to see as, at least, mid-bosses (Albert Wesker and The Sentry/The Void). Otherwise, I like what I’ve seen so far and I like that there are endings this time.

  • What made you choose these new characters?

    Can we have the original MvC2 cast + more?

  • krokounleashed

    We need Ruby Heart.

  • Choppasmith

    Okay one burning question I have. In 2009 around the time Tatsunoko vs Capcom CGOH came out in Japan, it was reported that there would be a crossover anime project of some sort between Tatsunoko and Marvel (due in 2012) (http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2009-02-24/report/tatsunoko-marvel-aim-for-joint-tv-anime-in-3-years)

    Really coincidental given the VS series. Instead of just making another Marvel vs Capcom or Tatsunoko vs Capcom could we ever see a three way VS title?

    And on a related note, rumors were flying years ago about a DC vs Capcom in the works, but ultimately dropped, is there any truth to that?

  • What is the male to female ratio in the game? I read something about it being 33% (which with current assumptions on roster size would amount to 10). How come no female Marvel character has been shown? Does Amaterasu count as a girl?

    Also, how diverse will the cast be? Would characters from Power Stone, Strider, Dino Crisis make the cut?

    • Choppasmith

      Ah yes please ask about the females on the Marvel side. Any particular reason we’re seeing more females on the Capcom side and currently NONE on the Marvel side?

      • bjwanlund

        I did ask about Jean Grey on the Marvel side, so hopefully Niitsuma-san will answer that question in a definitive manner.


  • Guest

    i don’t really have a question, just a character(s) request

    the gargoyles from demon’s crest

  • Nyron

    This is HIGHLY important:

    Why would you not include Gene from God Hand? If there’s any game he’d be perfect for, it’s the Capcom vs. series.

  • bjwanlund

    3 questions for Niitsuma-san:

    1) How likely is it that we would see, say, all six of the original 60s X-Men (Beast, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Professor Xavier, Iceman, and Angel) in MvC3?

    2) Will we get to do scaleable teams? For example, say I want to do all 6 original X-Men as a team. Could I possibly do that?

    3) With regards to the Capcom side, will we see the following characters?

    Viewtiful Joe
    E. Honda
    Phoenix Wright
    Mega Man (Rock Man), either Roll, Volnutt, Zero, or Mega Man himself
    Jill Valentine (am asking on behalf of a friend who plays Jill Valentine as part of his team in MvC2 ALL THE TIME)

    Thanks Niitsuma-san for answering our burning MvC3 questions! I can’t wait for the game!


    • Hours

      Phoenix Wright is already confirmed to not be in the game and Viewtiful Joe is all but official confirmed. One of the newly revealed silhouettes is almost certainly him.

  • How did the team decide what stages to put in?

    This question was asked in the Capcom-Unity live-stream but I think the question deserves to be asked again.

  • Scallion

    What is your favorite attack name to yell aloud?

  • Is there any chance that we would see a Breath of Fire representative such as Nina in her Breath of Fire 4 rendition? The series is very popular and still popular as of today. Most people want to see a BoF character in Marvel VS Capcom 3.

  • A few questions.

    1. Is Zero from Megaman Zero going to be it.
    2. And is individual link up specials going to be in it.

  • BluCup

    With today’s announcement/leak of Amaterasu and E3’s reveal of Dante, I don’t have much in the way of character questions, but I have this.

    Is there any chance of custom soundtracks being played from the XMB crossbar in the PS3 version?

    I don’t know about anyone else, but having the ability to play your own music, especially in fighting games, severely ramps up amount of time that I’ll spend with it. It also doesn’t hurt that I’d be far more likely to buy it at launch rather than wait to pick it up used.

    • I would really like to second the “Custom Soundtracks” for the PS3 version.

      And I would ask the Producer if there would be any chance of having “Firebrand” as a fighter. As a DLC character.

  • will you adding in the original 56 characters as part of the roster for the 3rd game. I really want the original 56 to be a part of the game so please add the original 56 characters from Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 into Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.

  • will phoenix wright be in the game?

    • It was confirmed last night that he’s not.

  • any chance for juggernaut??

  • lostinblue

    Since they are doing Street Fighter IV for the 3DS and it looks good, and this game reportedly uses the MT Framework, who was showcased on Resident Evil 3DS last E3, are they planning on doing a version for it now or somewhere down the line?

    Also what are their thoughts on the 3DS?

  • ForeverFidelis

    Have you guys considered putting Megaman, X, Hub, and Megaman Volnutt into the game together instead of just choosing one?

  • Even though I said you shouldn’t mention specific character names, could you briefly touch upon Rom Spaceknight, and ask about that possibility?

  • Zefiro Torna

    Roster requests aside…

    I can’t help but wonder if the backgrounds and character models seen so far are still a work in progress, as there are times when some characters strongly blend in with some of the backgrounds.

    Don’t forget to ask if there will be any character unlocking to be done. What kind of modes can we expect anyways?

    Outside MvC 3, ask if any other future Vs Capcom games are likely to happen once this finishes. TvC2? Another company? It would also be interesting to hear from Niitsuma how different an experience it is collaborating with Marvel Ent in comparison to Tatsunoko Pro.

  • raymk

    will there be any rival schools/project justice characters and will saki from tvc return. Are there still going to be obscure characters making the game or and will there be sengoku basara characters

  • Any chance of seeing lesser-known characters like Katie Power and Alex Power in his PowerHouse guise as well as Squirrel Girl and Darkhawk in MvC 3 along with Dudley, Xiaomu and Saya from NamcoxCapcom or Hsien-Ko from Darkstalkers.

  • xxx128

    Why is the game so goddamn ugly?

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    Any chance any female Marvel characters, MegaManX, Sigma, or any Project Justice characters will appear?

  • Right, then!Fans are always enthused to see familiar faces, but there is an element of allure and mystique to esoteric choices and it oftentimes encourages them to learn more about the source material (see: Marth/Roy in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Fire Emblem) as well as makes the roster revelations less predictable.Was this a factor in any of the roster decisions?

  • kupomogli

    Can support characters only come out a limited amount of times similar to the first MvC?

    The fact that you can just gain special by spamming attacks while repeatedly spamming support characters degrades from the quality of MvC2, like the repetitive gameplay didn’t degrade the game enough to begin with.

  • its possible the character hayato kanzaki of star gladiator will be in marvel vs capcom 3?

  • its possible that the character hayato kanzaki of star gladiator will be in marvel vs capcom 3?

  • say

    wheres the breathe of fire love? cmon dont forget about fou lu and ryu now!

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