When CDs Spin Neptune Characters Transform

By Spencer . July 26, 2010 . 6:31pm

This video from Super Dimension Game Neptune is all about transformations. Watch the heroines of Neptune change from everyday girls into console goddesses.



Did you see the sprites for IF-chan and Compa-chan? Graphics from Idea Factory and Compile Heart games like Octomania are used for their transformations in Neptune. Since Compile Heart and Idea Factory are under the same umbrella that wasn’t too hard to pull off. Nippon-chan, the mascot for NIS, has a fan service-y newscast reminiscent of Pleinair’s TV show in Disgaea.


The console goddess also… ahem… grow a bit after they transform.


Green Heart

image image


Black Heart

image image


White Heart

image image


Purple Heart

image image


Look at Neptune / Purple Heart’s measurements again…

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  • I can see the in-game jokes about Neptune and Purple Heart already.

  • Aoshi00

    I like how the armors are assembled onto their bodies piece by piece, like Saint Seiya :)

  • please dont look at me like that >83

    And the prinny girl pwnz all

    • I like her, too. She got spunk!

      レッツプレイ !

  • Ereek

    I know I’m probably really, really late, but this is the first time I’ve noticed the eyes are Power buttons.

    • Kris


    • Jaxx-Leviathan

      wow, only noticed the vertical line but you’re right, there’s a bow beneath it like a power-button. actually looks a little spooky, like they’re androids or something. huh, maybe they are… I mean, in-game they’re digital characters as well, right? I guess it’s too early in the morning for me to understand.

    • Me too dude. You’re cool.

    • lordryo

      I love how their eyes look like that!

  • NeoTechni

    Ditch the red body part labels. We know what they are.

  • goronyan

    I want to know more about the personality of each girl (`・ω・´)

    • M’iau M’iaut

      I’d suspect at least one likes kawaii things, is a bit on the slow side, but loyal to her dear friends and does not approve when the boy she likes gets attention from other girls.

      But that’s just a guess and perhaps a bit of overassumption on my part….

      But ya we needs to know which of those four darlins’ is the psycho yandere beeotch, don’t we? My guess there would be White Heart.

      • malek86

        If anybody here is well versed in japanese, there’s a profile for each girl in the official site.Someone feels like giving a quick translation?

        • Verde: Gentle Ojou-sama type figure who hates fighting but will fight Purple Heart if need to as Greenheart

          Blanc: Kuudere who turns extremely brash and violent as Whiteheart

          Noir: Honest overachiever, really minds the opinions of everyone around her. As Blackheart, she is really confident but also more aggressive

          Neptune: Cheerful and slightly naive but as Purpleheart she becomes a calm and intuitive character

          • You sure it’s not “fight alongside Purple Heart.” They are supposed to be on the same side aren’t they?

          • Pesmerga00

            Console Wars. lol

            I think they just see each other as rivals.

          • Early on, they have a less than friendly relationship with each other but eventually work with one another take the Majikonne down

        • goronyan

          .Neptune: with cheerful and healthy personality, she’s the type who calls everyone attention without noticing..ベール(the busty babe): she has a very calm and feminine manners/personality (lady-like?), wich is tottaly diferent from her in-game self..ブラン (wii): She has a silent and shy personality (dandere?)..ノワール(twin-tails/ my waifu): Have a strong and determined personality, acts rude when provoked.(tsundere PLEASE!)..gust-chan: She represents Gust co. (duh♪). Her dream is to sell her items around the world. Acts like a very brave and caring type of person but gives the impression of a weak girl..nipponichi-chan: Resembles a prinny, have a “heroine type” personality. This phrase made me laugh : ” 頑張れ!僕らの(ペタンコ)ヒーロー。” ( “Work Hard, Our (flat-chested) heroine!”)..アイフちゃん: She represents Idea Factory. Could kill herself without hesitation in order to rescue neptune ( Whatahell?!, i think i’m really wrong but it was what i read).Compa-chan: Represents Compile Heart. Sorry nothing about personality, only says she became friend with Neptune.That’s it. Sorry if i couldn’t do any better. Correct me if possible, thanks.

          • It’s better to say “Will sacrifice her life for Neptune’s safety” for the Idea Factory girl(Idea-chan). I can only read katakana a little, so let’s see the names for the hosts of Green Heart, White Heart, and Black Heart respectively are Ver, Blan and Noir.

          • goronyan

            Sorry about the write mistakes, i wasn’t paying attention. I think Noir would fit as a kuudere, Blanc would be more like an dandere.

          • Yea I noticed that you edited it when I saw there was a new comment, so I took that out of my comment. Now that I rewatched the trailer, Blan(c) is definitely dandere. Do you know why Blan(c)’s and Ver(de)’s names are cut short on the website? Are they nicknames?

  • Wow at Purple Heart, from loli for milf

    • cowcow

      how do you see a Milf??

  • I’m kinda hoping they are automatically transformed at the start of battle like in Digital Devil saga, manually changing them could become a real pain otherwise.

  • Didn’t recognise a single sprite during the transformations. Guessing a lot of this game will pass right over my head.

    It’s oddly fitting that the Nippon Ichi character seems to be a tsundere though.

  • lordryo

    Wow, Neptune really grows when she transforms! Good for her! And me…

  • karasuKumo

    Green Heart ;D

    I like the transformations, the battle system is a different story haha

  • Finalstar2007

    Need this game now!

  • Guest

    Black Heart has my heart

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