Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Interview Covers Character Selection And Game Balance

By Spencer . July 30, 2010 . 2:12pm


With a list of reader questions in my notebook, I met with Ryoto Niitsuma, Producer of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, at Comic-Con. I wanted to ask about characters, but Capcom is keeping the roster tight-lipped for now. So, I opened with a more general question about character selection.


The readers at Siliconera really want to know about characters, but I understand you can’t reveal the roster now. So, maybe you can tell us how you pick characters?


Ryota Niitsuma, Producer: Yeah, I get the question a lot. Because of Capcom’s experience with fighting games we tend to have an idea of what characters we want. We present Marvel with a list and then they come back to us with ‘maybe use this character instead.’ It goes back and forth like that until we get the final roster.


Will any original characters like Amigo or Ruby Heart be in the game?


Unfortunately, there will be no original characters this time. There are so many popular characters on both the Marvel and Capcom side. We wanted to allot as much space as possible in the game for the well known Marvel and Capcom characters.


How do you select the stages?


We look at the source material to come up for them. From the Marvel side we have the Daily Bugle stage and the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, which is an all new stage in this game. After looking at the source material from Marvel and Capcom we try to choose the most suitable backgrounds for a fighting game.




During your Comic-Con panel you touched on story mode and how characters have unique endings. Can you elaborate on this?


Each of the characters have their own specific endings we designed for them. There is a story for the whole game, but we are still refining it. So, we’re not sure how to incorporate the overall story with each character and even what kind of mode it will take in the game. We’re hoping to make an announcement about that very soon. Please stay tuned.


Can you tell us about the character unlocking system?


We’re working on that right now. We don’t want to make too many unlockable or hidden characters because it will take away from the game’s balance. Because its the type of game where you have all of these characters to choose from its more fun to be able to choose who you want to use.


I’m not going to rule out there won’t be any unlockable or secret characters, but for the most part we want players to be able to choose characters from the beginning.


Why did you add the launch button?


The main reason is it’s easier to start air combos with a specific button. Before, like in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, you would push down or down-forward and a button to launch a character in the air. This makes it easier to launch a character in the air and start an air combo. I think the gameplay is much smoother if you have it that way.


There are a lot other reasons why we decided to do it, but if I go into all of them we’ll be here forever. Maybe the next time we meet up we can talk about them.




While Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is fun to play, it’s often criticized for being unbalanced. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has so many permutations with assists and teams how are you going to balance Marvel vs. Capcom 3?


The team is working very hard to make sure the game is balanced. Our process for trying to balance the game is as we make each character we try to balance it within itself. Once we have all of the characters made then we go back, pair them up, and try to find all of the bugs and points where the game is not balanced.


We’re working hard because we know this is the type of game you play over and over again. The more people play it the more likely they’ll find bugs and places where the game is not balanced. The team and I are working really hard to get rid of all of these issues before you guys find them.


In the event that players find bugs or discover unbalanced parts will you release a balance patch?


First, I’ll try to make sure we don’t need to do that. If a situation did arise we’ll look into trying to patch it.


Have you thought about releasing downloadable characters like BlazBlue?


I haven’t ruled out the possibility of that. It’s something I’m interested in doing, if possible. I’m looking a lot of other games and seeing how they’re dealing with the [DLC] issue itself. Once I decide on that I’ll make a decision.




What other fighting games have you been looking at? Are there any titles, not made by Capcom, that inspired you?


I think you get inspiration from all of the games you play even though you are not aware of it. But for this game, specifically, the main inspiration is Marvel vs. Capcom 2. We made this game with our focus on that. I can’t say there is any conscious inspiration from other titles. Maybe unconsciously it slipped in, but that’s not the focus.


Going back to the characters… my readers want to know about characters from Rival Schools, Gene from God Hand, and Strider. Can you comment about any of these?


[Laughs.] Actually, I was talking about this on the Capcom U-stream today and yesterday. I kinda got in trouble for saying too much. I already said there are no Rival Schools characters in this game.


As for Gene from God Hand, I have to put those rumors to rest as well. No Gene.


As for Strider, that remains to be seen.

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  • Klaus00

    you didnt ask if there will be a Limited edition D: , oh well I can’t blame you . thanks for the information :P

    • Just for future reference, I generally don’t ask questions that can be answered “yes” or “no” in interviews. That’s kind of a yes or no question.

      • Klaus00

        oh ok , sorry for my ignorance

        • No need to be sorry (and sorry if that came out as harsh). I just wanted you to understand why I didn’t pick that question up. It’s just that “yes” or “no” questions only have single word answers so they usually aren’t as interesting to read about.

    • thaKingRocka

      I have no inside info whatsoever, but I will say that the answer is yes.

  • ForeverFidelis

    “I already said there are no Rival Schools characters in this game.

    As for Gene from God Hand, I have to put those rumors to rest as well. No Gene.”

    Oh God

    Oh God

    My heart

    I think I’m dyin’

    “As for Strider, that remains to be seen.”


  • Pichi

    Hope Ammy will be selectable from the start! I like the idea of having most of the fighters in the beginning.

  • ryne11

    NO GENE!?!!?!?!!
    Only a Killer7 or 2 can save it for me…
    Meh, I will get it anyway, but still…

  • cmurph666

    No Rival Schools… :(

  • kashiwaba

    No rival school characters :_: this killed my hype for the game now if there is no tronn bonn I wont buy this game.

    • Kris

      Tron Bonne is a background character in MvC3. In other words, unplayable.

      • kashiwaba

        F*** you capcom they keep ignoring their best characters for the sake of overrated ones like trish and others ==;.

      • And Kuroko was a background character in SS2, yet also playable. And Servbot was part of Tron Bonne’s moveset in MvC 2, yet still a playable character in its own right (yes, I know there are multiple Servbots). My point is that argument is not valid at all. I don’t expect her to be playable, but not for that ridiculous reason.

        • Kris

          Fair enough. One would assume a character’s low-poly 3D model in a background would imply that the character was unplayable, but you’ve made your point. Vega and Balrog often show up in Africa in SFIV as well.

  • Being a background character never disqualified any character from being playable. A Previous Marvel vs. game has proven this:

    Character: Spider-man
    Game: “Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter”
    Stage: Cooking TV Show Set
    Info: Flash Thompson, Mary-Jane, and Peter Parker are all in the background, with Peter taking photos of the ongoing match if Spidey isn’t being played. If Spidey is selected, J. Jonah Jamieson and a assistant will take Petey’s place.

    Character: Charlie “Shadow” Nash
    Game: “Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter”
    Stage: Showdown in the Park
    Info: Chuck, Rose and other Street Fighter characters are hanging out in the background if “Shadow” is not in use. He’s obviously not there however if you put the secret code to play “Shadow” however.

    Know your gaming history and count no one out unless the producers say so. And then, still doubt them.

  • Again, no Strider no Buy. Give me my Strider, Capcom.

    • They already have a final list. If we look at his responses about the other two, I don’t think he wants to tease anyone any more about characters that didn’t make the cut. I could be wrong though.

  • Nyron

    We knew Gene wasn’t in, the question is WHY?

  • Hours

    No Rival Schools characters at all? That’s ridiculous. I’m so tired of Capcom just ignoring the franchise. I really hope they are going to give us a new Rival Schools game soon to make up for all this.

    And I’m not sure if his answer rules out Ruby Heart or not. We already know Amingo isn’t in the game from Seth. :( But it seemed he was just talking about future original characters, not the ones added to MvC2. (PS. Put Amingo & Ruby Heart in the new Darkstalkers please.)

    I’m getting worried that Capcom is focusing way to much on only characters from currently franchises and we’re not going to get any people from any older ones. Distressing.

  • CrisSpiegel

    He has the personality. He has the looks. He has the moves. He has the power. He has the arm of a freaking god and yet the guy says “no Gene”!??? WTF Trish is doing there!? Take her away and bring us Gene!! I’d rather see Olivia than Trish in the game! Capcom hates us…

    • FireCouch

      Yeah, they hate us so much that they actually decided to make Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 after 10 years of hoping…

      • Madjob

        From all appearances, Capcom seemed perfectly content to sit on their behind until Marvel came to THEM and said “Hey, remember those games you guys made? We’d really like you to do another one, with our full support.” The timing was right, Marvel has been booming lately thanks to heavy hollywood success with films based on their characters, and Capcom’s fighting games have been experiencing a rebirth.

        • Actually capcom got their marvel character license back in 2008 and they approached marvel. the game has been in development this entire time and im sure their are lots of characters that ryoto wanted put in but even though he’s the game director and producer he has a boss too and that person(s) maybe the reason some of the fan favorites of older franchises aren’t in MvC3…

  • capristrider

    Nice interview, interesting to read about bug/glitch testing. As for the roster I a bit sad to read that no Rival School characters will be included :(
    And I can see the chances of Strider are slim, but Ryoto did say it remains to be seen, there is a glimmer of hope…

  • wharcraff

    I mourn the lost of the Rivals on actual release day. Glad there is hope for Hiryu to make an appearance. DLC booster packs seem like a certainty for this game just to quell fan fervor.

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