Hatsune Miku: Project Diva 2nd Music Videos

By Melinda . August 2, 2010 . 5:00pm

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva 2nd came out in Japan last week with new songs, characters, and modules. Here’s a quick look at what’s in the PSP game.


Magnet with Miku & Luka


From Y to Y with Ruka


Updating Your Love List? with Ann


Promise with Len & Haku


Change Me with Len

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  • goronyan

    i’m really enjoying this game.
    I can’t get sick of Miku, although i prefer UTAU instead of Vocaloid.

  • Ugh. My copy arrived today, but no one was there to sign for it! Gotta get it at the post office tommorow…

  • *sigh* … Watching these just reminded me about how bad I am at rhythm games

  • The sad part is of course… I’m not all that good ar Rhythm games either, to be honest.

    I’m sort of half expecting someone to point out how many newbie mistakes I made… although I think it showcases a significant amount of Diva 2, and about some of the fun that can be had.

    • superdry

      Luckily, Project Diva is pretty newbie friendly. =) Just have fun playing and slowly get used to the mechanics.

      I think SEGA hit it on the spot again balancing fun, replay value and challenge. I’m totally in love with the 2nd (my most anticipated game of 2010).

    • i dont really think you did too much newbie mistakes, i feel that there’s something very different about most of the beats in game since i used to get perfects in the first like crazy,got almost all of them perfect cept of disappearance of miku since the way the images moved confused me a lot. so i really feel that most of the songs feel.. sightly off

    • You’re much better than me. I just don’t seem to have a sense of rhythm. No matter how much I practice, I can only do one or two sections in a single session decently well and the rest of the notes are all safes, bads, and worsts, or whatever their equivalents are in other games.

      • Joanna

        heh. pretty much the same with me. It took me three tries to even finish one of the easiest songs (let alone get a decent mark on my playing) on Easy difficulty in Guitar Hero 3. And for Elite Beat Agents, a friend of mine had a copy so we tried playing with our group of friends…I was the worst in the group. ^^;;;;

        So to me your playing looks godly, Melinda. xD

  • BTA

    It arrived a few days ago, but I’m trying to finish my (Normal difficulty) playthrough of the first one and then get some of the easier costumes before I move onto 2nd, since it imports the costumes…

    The only song I have left is The Disappearance… That may take a while.

    • I didn’t realize this when I got my copy this morning… do you know if you can unlock them in 2nd, or do you only have to unlock them in the first game? I’m missing a few swimsuits and the gold one…but I don’t want to go back and play right now…

      EDIT: Nevermind! I didn’t realize the wiki was updated for 2nd.

  • Words cannot describe how I want this game & the previous. Sadly it’s only in Japan… I am so sad :(

  • goronyan

    Have anyone saw Toro Station this week? They made a review about Project Diva 2nd.They even dance ぽっぴっぽー (poppippo-) with Miku :D


  • dannyhibiki

    Ann?? I thought that was Meiko.

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