Lunar: Silver Star Harmony Discounted On PSN Summer Sale

By Spencer . August 3, 2010 . 11:43am

imageMissed out on Lunar: Silver Star Harmony? For one week, you can get the game at half the price. Sony cut the price of the PSN version down to $14.99. Sure, the digital download doesn’t come with fancy bromide cards, but you still get the game. And Nall.


Patchwork Heroes, a game that blends planes with Jezzball made by Badman studio Acquire, is also on sale for just $4.99. It’s a quirky title worth checking out if you’re looking for something new.


Here’s the full list of deals from the PlayStation Blog. Prices are good through Monday, August 9.


PlayStation 3
Fat Princess – $7.49 sale; $14.99 reg.
PixelJunk Shooter – $4.99 sale; $9.99 reg.
Groovin’ Blocks – $4.99 sale; $9.99 reg.
Madden NFL Arcade – $7.49 sale; $14.99 reg.
Wakeboarding HD – $7.49 sale; $14.99 reg.


The Eye of Judgment Legends – $14.99 sale; $29.99 reg.
echoshift – $7.49 sale; $14.99 reg.
Patchwork Heroes – $4.99 sale; $9.99 reg.
Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars – $14.99 sale; $29.99 reg.
Lunar Silver Star Harmony – $14.99 sale; $29.99 reg.


Tetris – $4.99 sale; $9.99 reg.
Dracula Undead Awakenings – $2.49 sale; $4.99 reg.
Monsters Probably Stole My Princess – $2.49 sale; $4.99 reg.
Zombie Tycoon – $2.49 sale; $4.99 reg.
Bloons – $1.49 sale; $2.99 reg.

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  • I already bought and beat the Lunar limited edition, but I’m really tempted to buy it on PSN as well, just to boost numbers for XSEED :P

  • RupanIII

    This is tempting. But I have the PSX version already. And I think I remem the Siliconera reviewer kinda liked PSX version a tad better. How different are they again?

    • Difficulty on the PSP version is pathetically easy. Also, there’s a new dub and an updated script that’s a mix of the PS1 Ireland script and some new translations. Depending on how much you liked the old script and how open minded you are about re-translations, that can be a plus OR a minus. The PSP version also has a new prologue sequence with the four heroes, though its never referenced again.

      There’s also some issues with loading times, though I’ve heard from people that bought the digital version that loading is a lot better on that version.

      I enjoyed it for what it was, but the crap difficulty made combat really dull. The new dub is better in some places (Non-Smurf Nall) and worse in others (ROYCE). I’ll also warn you that none of the actors are the same (though the singer is the same), so if you were really attached to, oh, Ghaleon, you may be in for disappointment. People are split on whether the new versions of the two songs are good or not.

      I’ll say it’s leagues ahead of Lunar Legend, but I’m still personally not sure whether I’d pick the PSP or the PS1 version first. There should still be a demo of the game on the PSN network if you want to check it out. You get a small bonus to your starting character in the full game if you have a completed demo save on your memory stick.

      • RupanIII

        Thanks for the input! Hm, sounds like there are definitely some changes. Personally, I really enjoyed the WD script, didn’t mind the topical humor and such. I know it’s not exactly true to the original, but it certainly made going around talking to NPCs fun. I never played the original, but it seemed to be my understanding that a direct translation would’ve been a bit dry. And I liked the original VAs as well, there was a certain appropriate cheesiness. I totally forgot there was a demo on PSN. I just got a PSP recently so it didn’t quite click that I can dl a demo to get a feel for it, I think I’ll do just that

  • cmurph666

    Yaaaay, Nall~!!

  • Chow

    This was a great week for sales on the North American PSN Store.
    Not included in this Summer Sale (but is in the regular Special Offers tab) is Final Fight: Double Impact.

    I haven’t bought this much off the store in a while, so I’m stoked! >:)

  • Joanna

    That price on Fat Princess is tempting…

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