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By Spencer . August 4, 2010 . 12:44am

010[1]BlazBlue: Continuum Shift’s first downloadable character is ready to rebel. Arc System Works released her in Japan earlier today and she’s headed for PSN later today. You can download the squirrel girl for 560 Microsoft Points ($6) from the Xbox Live Marketplace or 800 yen ($8.80) off PlayStation Network.


That price covers additional content for tutorial mode, challenge mode, an unlimited version, twelve colors, and extra achievements/trophies.


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  • Advent_Andaryu

    She’s my new main… Until Valkenhayn get’s here that is.

    • ThunderGod_Cid

      Yeah, I just downloaded her an hour ago, she’s pretty awesome.
      It just that at the moment you can’t use her in Story or Arcade Mode, just Versus and Online.
      Hopefully there will be Story and Arcade content for her later on.

  • Kris

    I know it’s asking for a bit much, but I wish that there was a story mode option for the DLC characters… Also, it looks like Makoto will be $7.99 on the US PSN store…
    Which is an odd $2 premium over the 360 version. What’s wrong with Aksys lately?

    • sasuke222

      Ps3 has free online enough said.

      • ThunderGod_Cid

        Yes it is free, that’s why I don’t complain about DLC prices.

        And the $8 I spent an hour ago on Makoto is the most I’ve spent on PSN all year.

    • They really have been crapping on PS3 owners for the last year, haven’t they?

    • if in japan it’s 8.80$ and 6$ (for PSN and XBLA) then 8$ and 6$ for the US makes sense doesn’t it?

      the ones you need to ask are arc system works, because they set the price at 8$

      • Kris

        Regardless of whether or not we’re getting slightly less screwed than Japanese PS3 owners, we’re still getting screwed. That’s what doesn’t make sense.

  • SerasVictoria

    ;___; Why couldn’t they release Valkenhayn first XD

    • Because then I’ll have absolutely no reason to get the others :/

  • maxchain

    Yikes, what a nasty price difference. You could buy a fourth Makoto on Xbox Live for just under the price of three on the Playstation Network. I’d be furious if I wanted to stockpile some extra Makotos for a rainy day.

  • FireCouch

    8 bucks for a character is pretty goddamn high. That’s almost 1/4th the price of the game… I guess the game should be priced at 128 bucks for 8 dollars a character then.

    • masuto

      Yeah but remember, it comes with Tutorial and Challenge so I think it’s fine at that price.

      • No arcade or story modes. I think it’s lame. People who buy this are dopes.

  • thaKingRocka

    Wow, this pricing is absolutely terrible. I can’t decide if I’ll just stick to CT or buy CS and ignore the DLC. Either way, I won’t spend six dollars for this one character. This is really disappointing. If they had waited and put all the planned DLC characters into the retail release, even at 50.

    When are they going to just do what they need to do, and properly patch the pre-existing game instead of retooling everything and creating new balance issues?

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    I get the feeling Hazama will rival Jin as my main, only time will tell. I do hope that Jubei will become playable sometime, although should he reflect his story, he should be much too over-powered.

    • Natat

      I doubt they’ll reflect it
      on his story power, I mean look at Rachel and Bang

    • Code

      rar, Jubei, do want >w<! Honestly if every character were picked by there "power" according to the story, Hakumen, Hazama, Rachel, and Valkenhyan, would all destroy everyone else on the cast. It's kind of a moot argument to worry about story power = tier placement. So I wouldn't say any character should be outside the playable spectrum just because they're strong in the story. But yeah seriously Jubei, would be great I’d definitely buy/and main or sub, depending on if I find him as fun as Tao >w<' Sadly only Makoto, Valkenhyan and Platinum are the only ones set so far for DLC — despite Jubei hinting at "showing us what he can do" in one of the new Teach Me Miss Litchi episodes T_T'

  • Exand

    Yay, the DLC is out! Hurray! Time to play Makoto!Oh wait, I can’t because I don’t have BB:CS yet X_XCanada gets screwed over (yet again)!

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