Valkenhayn Hellsing Officially Confirmed As BlazBlue DLC

By Ishaan . August 8, 2010 . 4:41pm


Following hot on Makoto’s trail is BlazBlue: Continuum Shift’s second downloadable character. Famitsu have finally been able to confirm the numerous rumours that Rachel’s prim-and-proper butler is going to be getting his hands dirty.


Makoto was released at 560 Microsoft Points ($7) on the Xbox Live Marketplace and 800 yen ($8.80) on the PlayStation Network, so that should give you an idea of how much you should expect to pay for Valkenhayn if you own a Japanese build of the game.

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  • So a Hellsing is a Alucard’s butler?

    Oh my.

    • MisterNiwa

      I’d rather had a SLAYER, if you know what I mean… Hurr durr.

    • z_merquise

      Are you referring to the anime/manga Hellsing? Strange isn’t it?

      Also, the voice actor behind Valkenhayn is the same one as the butler-assassin Walter in Hellsing anime and OVAs.

      • krokounleashed

        In the roman Dracula Hellsing is first mentioned. He is a doctor who hunts dracula.

  • zhemos

    Pass. Need Trinity.

  • darkonezero

    I heard somewhere that he’s a werewolf, right?

    • The current word is that his Drive is named “Lycanthropy” and his theme song is named “Howling Moon”. My magic 8-ball says all signs point to yes. ;D

  • Code

    rarr, approved! Although Jubei is still my number one character I want~! Although Makoto and Valkenhyan are just too awesome, glad to see them as part of the cast. Although I’m holding off getting Makoto for now until I get more comfortable with CS, admittedly I’ve hard a real tough time adjusting from CT.

    • I hear ya on that one, almost word for word. =P Valkenhaym and Makoto are very awesome additions to the roster, but where’s our Jubei? D:

      • Code

        Jubei already has one sprite in the game~! Just make a few hundred more ASW and were set~!

    • Ghengis_John

      I’m playing as Bang. You don’t know how hard it is not to do my old combos. I’ve done my double palm strike (623B) in the air after a throw more times than I can count. Which just says “Hit me!” now. Nice to know I’m not alone. As for Valkenhayn he always reminded me of Walter from Hellsing somehow. If only they’ed gotten Doug Stone for his English dub. In any event my brother’s been wanting to main him since the first game lol.

  • epy

    Man I missed the days where you could unlock characters by actually playing the game instead of paying for them.

    • EvilAkito

      And this is why I have no plans on buying the game. I miss the simpler times when you could buy the full game on a disc.

      • krokounleashed

        Your skipping the game because there is dlc, you don’t have to buy? Well sir, you might skip all future games then including ssfiv.

      • midgard229

        then u need to just stop playing games this gen.

        ur upset because they wanna add content thats not on the disc? wtf kinda crybaby are u??? this is content they cuda not thought of or just had in another release of the next game. the next game cuda just said “o these guys are the 3 new characters” and u wud be happy?

        or would u rather the game be delayed so it could be included on the disc?

        if that bothers u why dont u wait till the game is 20 (pretend its a delay) then buy the dlc. it shud equal about 40 and u cud stop complainin!!!

        tho u shud stay from this game, childish behavior like urs just means u wud rage quit all the time

        • EvilAkito

          Oh yes, that remark of mine was so childish. I should start acting more grown up by writing posts like yours… err, I mean , “posts like urs.” See? I’m learning!

          • Ghengis_John

            Yup. You sure showed him how mature you are there.

            I’ll say this to you Evil. If you have a friend who owns this, go try it at their house. To play it is to love it. And if you don’t love it at least you’ll have a better place to argue from than a stubborn principal.

          • EvilAkito

            Man, you people must REALLY want me to buy BlazBlue.

            Let me elaborate more on my decision. I paid $60 for the original BlazBlue. I thought it was pretty fun, but nothing special. It certainly didn’t pull me in as much as, say, Tatsunoko Vs Capcom did.

            Now they’re making an expanded version of the game. I’ll admit, I’m a sucker, and I sometimes buy games even if I’m only moderately interested, but I’m a bit more hesitant on this one considering that it’s not only a mere expansion of a game I already own, but it’s an expansion that requires extra expansions on top of it. That doesn’t exactly spark the flames of excitement in me.

            You could go on and on about how great the game is, but really, that doesn’t matter to me. I have no shortage of games to spend my time and money on, and on top of that, I sometimes go weeks without playing video games, so I’m probably better off not jumping in and buying games that I may not find time for.

            And that’s all there is to it. If you’re a BlazBlue fan, then buy it, play it, rave about it, and have fun with it. There is no need to concern yourselves with whether it’s sitting on my shelf or not. I will soon be too busy with both Ys 7 and Metroid Other M to care about anything else anyway.

      • raymk

        why are people complaining the characters for BB aren’t even on the disk because not all of them or finished yet. Buying the full game then could still end up being a limited game as well.

    • kupomogli

      I was thinking I might actually pick the game up afterall. I was thinking, well only one DLC character is fine. After this though, I think I’ll wait for the next release.

      • Pichi

        I see this as a trend that might happen for future releases, sadly.

        • Not if people don’t buy this crap! Everyone who buys this is telling Aksys and other publishers that this is how you want your games. They’ll be more than happy to oblige! Don’t buy this garbage if you don’t want games to be released like this.

          • I really hate to be the messenger of bad news but I don’t believe any company is going to just TOSS in extra content next time if you don’t buy new characters. What they are going to do is completely sack the idea and not give you anything new, bringing us back to the old days where people would say “Man, you know what? I’d totally pay a few bucks for a new character–how awesome would that be?!” I do believe, however, that the prices are a bit steep. -_-

          • Yeah, really, it’s a choice between DLC characters and $40-60 updates for games, which are really the same game you had before, but with a couple new characters. I’d actually prefer the DLC model.

      • Aoshi00

        It’s a shame, 560 pt or $8 is a lot for each extra char even compared to your usual $5 or 6..but I still want them (having an incomplete game drives me bonkers), at this rate, I would pick up the game and the DLCs when they’re both on sale like Assassin’s Creed 2.

        • thebanditking

          Agreed, $8 is just way too much for one character. I would find it easier to believe that this was real DLC if it was coming a farther after release and if I did not know that the blu-ray the game is printed on did not have the space for this already. Knowing what I do though this just seems like their way of cashing in the BS DLC companies have these days.

          • Aoshi00

            Yeah, this is even worse than Bamco’s Vader/Yoda for SC4.. even SFIV and Super SFIV only make you buy costumes, and Juri or Hakan weren’t DLC chars.. W/ this in mind, I won’t get Continuum Shift until it’s $20 and the DLC’s price slashed in half at least :(… and if you want to bring your game to play at a friend’s, those DLC chars stay on your system only…

          • If ya think about it, your getting the character, the 12 additional costumes, and the unlimited forms for said character. I believe no one cares for the unlimited but it kinda balances out. Taking those 2 out would make the char like 3XX-400 ms points or like $4 or $5. Ehh I don’t mind paying for new chars cause I buy most of the DLC for the games anyway lol.

      • I wonder how many people will rage if they decide to release BBCS with all the DLC’s included in 1 package

        • Ghengis_John

          That will actually be the Special Edition which so far is only slated to release in Europe, which will be 60 dollars and come out in December. Or you could just prepare to pay 61 dollars and start playing in July. And Manga the game’s 40 dollars. I was mad too, till I learned this fact.

    • Well…

      Mu is available as DLC and unlockable by playing the game.

      For her it´s pick your poison.

      To have Makoto as DLC only is a cheap trick. But so far she has been worth the money.

      I just hope that they don´t release a lot of characters this way.

      • midgard229

        y was makoto a cheap trick? she was made after the game and released a month later. wud u have felt better if she was released 6 months later when u might not be playing the game?

        if the content was on the disc then yeah i wud be maad, if it was day 1 in japan, yes mad, but its not, its brand new content, not 15$ costumes

        • Simple. She is added later on to bring in more money to ASW.

          I wouldn´t call it brand new content. Add on sure.

          But I would rather have waited a couple of weeks or even a month or two to get Makoto, Valkenhymn and probably one more character from the get go instead of having to first pay like 50US and then start paying 8US per character.

          So we just look at it all different.

  • Is there a date for him yet?

  • ForeverFidelis


    I bet that v stands for


  • ForeverFidelis

    I was hoping that he would wear his suit during battle..

    • Advent_Andaryu

      I’m excited to see his battle suit!

  • Isn’t 560 7 dollars?

  • Aiddon

    Apparently he’ll be out in September. Good times

  • Awesome! There have been rumors abound for quite some time about him and Platina both, glad to see him finally confirmed!!!

    Looking forward to listening to Howling Moon and using that Lycanthropy Drive! :D

  • JustAnotherTraveler

    I remember when buying a fighting game meant that you bought a fighting game, not that you bought the starter kit for almost full price and are expected to pay for the rest. Costumes and stages are one thing, but characters are the heart and soul of fighting games. I would not be surprised if the next Blazblue forces you to buy supers and specials as DLC. Soon, you’ll have to pay extra just to use a custom button configuration. Good job guys. You somehow managed to convince me not to buy the game by showing me reasons to buy the game. Impressive to say the least.

    • Pesmerga00

      Yeah. I really hate this trend. Like you said costumes are one thing, but this is getting ridiculous. When all is said and done you will probably be paying just as much for the game as the extras. :(

    • Code

      Super and Specials, nah that wouldn’t happen because that would directly impact game balance, it’d get thrown out of every serious tournament outright. The characters themselves are in full, so it’s not a case of: I didn’t spend $4 so my default Tao is worse then premium Tao. That would just never fly at tournaments, ASW knows this.The difference between this argument and characters, is characters are standalone, the game’s balance for a fight isn’t impacted any more/less because you don’t own Makoto, then if you didn’t select Tager for your fight. Despite what people might think just because the game is missing 3 characters when you buy it, the game is no less balanced just because you can’t select these 3 characters versus someone who can, character match up are all that matter when it comes down to it. The one instance this wouldn’t be true, is if ASW released a character who happened to be top tier by a fair margin, which although game balance might not suffer, the community could become split between Mecha Tao owners, and non-Mecha Tao owners >w<' I’m certainly not agreeing with ASW’s choice here, but I think your maybe being a little overzealous and jumping the gun.

  • Draparde

    Hopefully blazblue Keeps all the characters they add throughout their series…unlike guilty gear. i dont wana see some games where i can play as Hazama…and some where i can’t…ect..ect >_>

    • Imagine when the next game comes out and you have to re-buy all these characters separately as DLC…

      • Draparde

        Ewww. i’d hurl.

  • masuto

    Will buy.

  • Exand

    Not a fan of the way Arc System does business :|

    Both SSF4 and BB:CS were cheaper than the original game, which is nice. And in SSF4 they’re talking about adding in new paid DLC characters, same as BB:CS. But at least SSF4 got a ton of new characters, BB:CS got three.

    • Nite

      Keep in mind that Arc System Works is a smaller team than Capcom and that the process to make new characters is probably longer for BB since they make their characters in 3D then convert them into HD sprites. Also remember that BB is a newer series and they don’t have a bunch of unused characters from older entries they can borrow from.

      I’m totally fine with the way they’re doing this. Just the pricing that bothers me.

      • Code

        BB’s sprites aren’t from 3D models converted into sprites, they are traditionally animated, in fact you can find some of the original animation roughs for Noel’s astral heat/ and at least the roughs for other characters, like Tao. I think you might be thinking of King of Fighters, which used 3D models to give there sprites added depth.

        When it comes down to it SSF4, is still using 3D models, which is marginally less work. And it’s definitely true, ASW is much, much, smaller, and they really need to make good on Blazblue. Capcom can bench the reduced cost of SSF4, for ASW it’s a different story.

        • Nite

          Actually ASW does use 3d models too.

          Probably not as reliant as SNK though. Some of the animation in XIII looks insane.

          • Code

            Oh wow! I had no idea, I had seen all kinds of the raw sketches from Blazblue’s sprites, and even like I said, I’ve seen Noel’s Astral Heat in traditional rough. Almost find it hard to believe the sprite had any 3D history behind them! Learn something new everyday >w<~! Yeah from what I’ve read about SNK, all the characters had 3D models which they used to help add depth to the sprites and create some of it’s beautifully smooth animation.

      • Exand

        Not sure what being a new / old series has to do with things. If anything having to bring back older characters and retuning / adjusting to a new game play format while keeping their old flavor intact is more work than just making one from scratch and adjusting it to whatever they like.

        I do realize Arc is a lot smaller company without the resources of a big company like Capcom, but then I have to question why they went with BB:CS in the first place instead of just expanding on BB:CT.

        I guess that’s the big thing for me. BB:CS doesn’t feel like much of an improved game. Sure it’s got the new stories + couple new modes (even legion mode was from the PSP), but overall it doesn’t seem to justify getting the game (even at the lower price), then paying so much for a DLC character. I would much rather have just kept BB:CT and bought the new characters as DLC.

    • You have to take into consideration that SF has been around for a long time, so they have more content to draw from. out of the 10 added characters, only 2 were actually new.

  • What’s next, buyable ships with higher scoring potential in shoot’em ups?

    • Ghengis_John

      It’s not like the DLC characters are unbeatable juggernauts by any means.

  • Everyone needs to stop complaining..the game was only 40 dollars in a 60 dollar zone..its still 5 dollars cheaper than that of a natural games price at 55.. the only thing i think they shoulda had free or in the game are the different announcer voices..but whatever.

  • BBCS announced; people complain that it should’ve been DLC.
    DLC for BBCS; people complain that it should’ve been in the game.

    ArcSys is breaking their backs trying to add content to this game and you spit in their face, just because you’re out 8 bucks. If you don’t like it, don’t get it. But for the love of god, stop whining about it.

  • Ghengis_John

    I don’t really know how to feel about it but it certainly doesn’t make me mad.

    I would be mad, but then I found out a few things. Like the game, sans DLC is only 40 dollars. The special edition with all three DLC characters is slated to come out in Europe around December and retail for 60 dollars american. By contrast for 61 dollars total I can get the same content and start playing in July. Which is the way I’m going and I’m fine with it. It seems a fair compromise.

    Some people seem to have adopted a hard moral stance about the whole thing and that’s fine. I understand where they’re coming from. They don’t have to buy anything in the end. After all they could always wait for a price drop and see me next year. (People will eat them alive, but it *is* an option) I personally see it as a really practical move on Arc System Work’s part though. You have a completed game, but three characters aren’t finished. Releasing piecemeal sustains interest and keeps a certain level of hype and curiosity around the game that will hopefully keep people playing longer.

    That being said it opens up a really interesting option. You could just buy the game for 40 dollars and never buy any DLC. I have a friend who’s doing just that. Nothing is stopping you from mastering a character, kicking butt and playing an A list title for a bargain bin price. Unlike your first person shooters where DLC supplements are a requirement to keep playing with the pack in BlazBlue anyone can fight characters they haven’t purchased thanks to free, regular system updates. And those updates come with bug fixes and balance adjustments. The kind of support only arcades usually get for a fighter.

    As an aside, in fighting games the door to success is usually opened by practice and that means time spent. This scheme lets the competitive scene get rolling sooner and lets casuals start having fun sooner. And speaking of said competitive scene any serious player would expect to pay more than 21 dollars in expenses to meet his opponents offline anyway. I know guys who buy plane tickets to play each other, they would find balking at 21 dollars ridiculous. Not everyone relishes spending cash, I’m just stating a fact. For that matter thanks to some MS point cards I picked up on sale for 20% off I’ll actually be paying less than my European counterparts will for their special editions. Even less reason for me to get bent out of shape.

    It’s not like I’m happy about it. I’d prefer to pay 40 dollars and get ten new fighters. Hell I’d really prefer someone handed me a copy of the game for free and maybe a hundred dollars on top of that to “encourage” me to play it. But this is reality and I can learn to live with the hand I’ve been dealt. The thing that sedates me most though is that this game is great. The characters (even the DLC) all have a ton of personality, the net code is amazing and everything about it is quality. I see a lot of ” and that is why I will not buy this game”. If a lot of the people complaining stopped their keyboard contemplations and picked up their controllers they’d probably stop complaining too. It’s pretty easy to hate something on principal.

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