Spotlight On Three Sinners From Criminal Girls

By Spencer . August 9, 2010 . 11:22am


Imageepoch’s girl punishing RPG, Criminal Girls, has players guide girls representing different deadly sins through the tower of hell. If you can pass through trials of ice and fire the girls will return to the world of the living rehabilitated.


Here’s a look at three of the seven girls you have to save in Criminal Girls.


Kisaragi is a selfish socialite who only cares about the price of possessions. She represents greed.

028[1] 029[2] 030[1]031[1] 032[2] 033[1] 034[1] 035[2] 036[1]


Alice is a taciturn girl who hears voices. Her crime is hearsay.

038[2] 039[1] 040[1] 041[2] 042[1] 043[1] 044[1] 045[1] 046[1]


Tomoe speaks with a Kyoto accent and lures men with her devilish charm. Her sin is lust.


048[1] 049[1] 050[1] 051[1] 052[2] 053[1] 054[2] 055[1] 056[2]



012[2] 013[2]014[1] 015[1] 016[1] 017[2] 018[1] 019[2] 020[1] 021[1] 022[1] 023[1] 024[1] 025[2] 026[1]  005[2] 006[1] 008[1] 010[1] 011[1]

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  • godmars

    What specific sin is hearsay from?

  • nyoron

    Alice is just too cute, I’m going to feel really bad punishing her.

    • NUUUuuuuu!! Alice is mine, I claim her in the name of JB2X! And I shan’t punish her. It’s not her fault she’s clinically insane… >_>

    • Yuan

      Will you still feels bad if she disobey your order to attack enemies :P?

  • xavier axol

    So far, I like lust and greed. oh who am I kidding, I like every sin these girls represent. But specially lust am pretty sure you know the reason. On the serious note, do anyone of you think that Ninpo ichi got the gust to localized this lovely psp title? am asking cause, I don’t want it to have the same fate as queen blade psp who everyone thought that atlus was going to bringing over to the u.s. but it never happened.

    • thebanditking

      This will likely never see release outside of Japan for obvious reasons and its probably better that way, gamers don’t need another Mass Effect Fox news special. There is already enough of a bad image on the industry and its supporters and that’s doubly true for the Anime/Manga crowd.

      • xavier axol

        All am saying is that we could be missing on an rpg that have a really fun gameplay mechanics like disgeae, of course seen a little something on the way doesn’t hurt either

        • Code

          This is kind of my position on it too really — although definitely agree with you thebanditking, odds are it’ll never come out here. But it feels like it potentially could be a fun RPG, maybe not quiet Disgaea (but even along those lines), nice graphics and hopefully equally weighted game play. Although yeah the whole spanking/massage elements aren’t really selling points, but the possibility of a legitimately original RPG are.

      • goronyan

        yeah, even Tomoe, with those delicious melons, could be considered as CP around here. ヽ(`Д´)ノ

        • xavier axol

          That right at least your honest and those people get so negative about the game for having sexual theme in it, I mean come on! Look we all are exposed to violence on tv every day on every network including the news and nobody says anything but when they try to show something like an exposed boob then all help breaks loose

      • mirumu

        I think it’ll take a few Mass Effect Fox news specials for the more puritanical countries to grow up in regard to games. Movies, music and books all had much the same trial by fire in the past. Creative freedom isn’t something you’ve given by playing nice and never testing the boundaries.

  • goronyan

    there are twins!! with cat ears ?! I can’t wait to punish both them.

  • godmars

    Calling it now: #2 & #6 are twins. Gluttony and Sloth? Those have always sounded related to me.

  • thebanditking

    OK its seriously getting weird with some of these posts…………So anyway Namco sure does suck

    • MisterNiwa

      Yeah. I agree.

  • 1st – Wrath (as ninja she probably fit this one)
    2nd – Sloth (the ear is down showing she is lazy)
    3rd – lust
    4th – envy
    5th – greed
    6th – Gluttony (she look genki and big eater to me)
    7th – pride (she probably a princess)

  • keriaku

    This game looks really interesting, love the art style too!
    I really hope NIS, Atlus or XSeed step up for this.

    I wonder if there will be different endings for the different girls? Or is this game steering away from the ‘dating sims’ elements?

  • Code

    rar, I approve the abundance of art going into this project~! Also fun character designs and I have to give them points for an original concept. This game really is treading that fine line between something I’d typically skip on, and something perhaps relevant to my interests.

  • darkonezero

    Screen shots of the girls with art is great and all, but its more of the same. I wanna know about the main character, Hell’s Prison Guard. Although he doesn’t seem to be the only one.

    • Yuan

      It should be a ‘she’ ^^’

  • zhemos

    Wow this actually looks pretty cool. :P

  • Happy Gamer

    man this game has me all excited! why? im a huge fan of Magic Knigth Rayearth (and own it) for saturn. i remember getting that game day one and altho not the best RPG in the world, left a huge childhood good memories on me (for those of u who played it, bow ftw lol)

    this game reminds me alot of that game visually. can’t wait! is it coming here?

  • JustaGenericUser

    Again I say, another interesting game that will never come to America. :(

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