Arc System Works Explain How They Knocked Out Lag

By Spencer . August 10, 2010 . 6:29pm

imageBlazBlue and BlazBlue: Continuum Shift are almost lag free even when Noel is Chain Revolver-ing an opponent halfway around the world. The netcode, in Arc System Works’ words, is virtually transparent to the user and here’s why.


A technical document posted on their English site highlights two points.

  • When network lag is detected, Arc System Works’ technology complements this delay and uses it to perform CPU and GPU intensive tasks such as rendering.
  • When a delay is detected, there is code that examines the condition which existed before the delay and the current condition. Arc System Works’ proprietary technology creates a new condition based on the change.


Thanks for the tip Matty!

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  • MGSBigBoss

    now they need to fix the delay in CS

    • :/ Stop downloading your internet PrOn when playing. I don’t exactly have the fastest connection in the world but I get minimum lag unless my users connection is really poor. Also, I tell everyone who I play with to drop all downloads while playing and for the love of go, play hardwired and not wifi.

      • It makes sense that you’d assume someone is downloading something when they complain about slow internet, but the fact that your mind thinks it’s internet porn right away leads me to believe that you’re the one who downloads a lot of internet prawn….fooking prawns

      • I use the fastest internet plan offered and still have delays when playing online. And that’s when I’m the only one using the net, without anyone torrenting or downloading stuff. It just happens

  • i cant even imagine how many lines of programming that takes -.-

    • if(lag) cpu=100;else{if (net lag)}

      ah its difficult indeed LOL… but good thinking on their side and good for us xP

  • That sounds like the way Valve compensates for lag.

    • ECM

      It’s actually how pretty much everyone compensates for lag, so I’m not sure why this is super special mega awesome news.

      • krokounleashed

        Because in every other Fighting Game, there is lag. And msec and delay count far more in a Fighting Game than in a FPS oder RTS. Super Street Fighter IV compensate lag with inputdelay, which is well not good.

      • Exactly. I can only imagine this is news because it’s a sign that the Japanese finally understand Western expectations of netcode.

  • I was completely blown away by the online code used in Blazblue: CT, if CS (which I’m getting today) has online that good, then they can definitely call me a fan.

    BB is the only online fighting game I’ve ever played that didn’t have huge amounts of lag in it, every match I played against anyone was almost always completely lag-free due a syncing algorithm running in the background.

    since I live in israel, it is obvious how amazing this is, as every other game (PC or otherwise) will smack me down with the lag hammer faster than I can say anything about it.

  • neocatzon

    Hardwired is your answer

  • cmurph666

    OF COURSE~! Its all SOOOOOOOOO simple~!

  • tsukasa1288

    No lag? Ha. I play this game so much I know this isn’t true. Once I get outside my region its almost impossible to play competitively. I can even feel the difference between a 3 bar and 4 bar connection.

  • Exand

    The netcode in CS (and even back in CT) was very good.
    Although one quibble, I wish they’d speed up the wait times for finding matches. It’s painfully slow right now.

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