• Proooocedin


    Touma = Most likely a cancel-counter character. Will be cheap as all hell if one button cancels most projectiles or whatever…

    Misaka = I see a Tager clone here.

    Accelerator = I see a *problem* here…seeing as this guy can’t fight worth a damn, but can also cease the Earth’s rotation for like five minutes…

    Kuroko = I see a winner! :3

    Misaka Imouto = Watered down Tagersaka + lots of machine guns and anti-material rifles. I can dig it!

    Hamazura = Bare-fisted monk. No powers or nothing. My favorite. (Plus a gun!)

    Motoharu = Bare-fisted badass. Gots no use for powers or nothing. My favoritest. (And gun!)

    Index = Classical long-range and trap-caster. Meh.

    Kanzaki = Best mid-range fighter. Weak defense, fast, top-notch combo rate.

    Stiyl = Watered down Index.

    Kakine = The real beast to watch out for in here.

    So, let’s see how many of these I get right… Provided they actually add some depth to the system, like say Unlimited Codes style, and not cop out like Heat The Soul style.

    • http://thrust-the-sky.deviantart.com/ WildArms

      no!! Touma will be running around of the field until something happens

  • http://www.c-games.info CIN

    I didn’t like the actual anime much but I’ll be more than happy to play this game once it’s released. Hope it won’t suck:)

  • holyPaladin

    Accelerator should be the strongest….

    Based on story only :p

    oops, I mean Touma

    • http://twitter.com/T1A60 T1A60

      Touma FTW! xP

  • nyoron

    I’ve got this on preorder mostly for the Mikoto figma, but hopefully I can get a decent fighting game out of it too.

  • SanityCrisis

    I’d been wanting this to happen ever since someone made that parody video of To Aru Majutsu no Index set to the BlazBlue opening.

  • DemonicX

    That’s good to hear, but I just wish it would come to the US.

    • mikedo2007

      You’re not the only one. Since we got the anime, they should try releasing the game in US just maybe to satisfy the fan. I mean Capcom release Fate/Unlimted Code in US, so it’s not hard for this game to get a US release.

  • http://www.facebook.com/keishenra Kyle D. Johnson

    I spy Tsuchimikado~

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