Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Collector’s Edition Unlocks Minato

By Spencer . August 12, 2010 . 2:52am

narutolimMinato, also known as the fourth Hokage, is a playable character in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 and you won’t need to pay extra to access him. But, he’s the very last character players will unlock.


The Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 collector’s edition comes with a DLC card that unlocks Minato right away. This bundle also includes a soundtrack CD and a laser cell artwork of Hokage Naruto drawn by series artist Masashi Kishimoto. While the picture shows the PlayStation 3 version, Namco Bandai Games Europe has a collector’s edition with the same items for Xbox 360 too.


Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 comes out in Europe on October 15. An English demo will be available for PAL gamers on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network starting on August 25.

  • awwwwtsss… i really want to buy this, but i dont think this will be available here in the Philippines… if i import this, i need to pay another extra feed for the tax and shipping.. too costly!!!

  • omfg i want this, still no America’s release? this will be in America as well… right? …RIGHT?!

    • It’s Naruto and published by Namco Bandai. I don’t see why they won’t publish it in America..

      Or unless you’re talking about the CE, then I’ll zip my mouth shut

      • Oh, i know this is coming :P, i was talking about the release date xD, and of course, the CE as well

        • andref

          I believe it comes out around october 25 in america

        • It states october 19 in gamefaqs…

          So yeah should be around 19-25. Don’t worry you’ll be getting your copy :)

          • Well im asking because there is still no official release date from Namco Bandai America :P, all is “i belive” or i saw in “X” page, i know im gonna get this, i just freaking want that CE T_T

  • joesz

    I’ll buy this..not for minato,But for the cover.

  • Played the demo a few days ago and it felt the same as the previous game demo. Don’t see much change to the gameplay. I’ll buy this once price goes down.

    • sasuke222

      It’s a demo that didn’t even have much you shouldn’t base it off that. When the game is out watch youtube videos of it to make your final decision.

      • Could you tell me reason why people advertise the product before even releasing it? There are some people like myself who likes to play the game at launch. I don’t mean to be rude but I don’t determine if i should buy a game based on player video. Although it show all the awesomeness (can’t think of a better word), I rather experiance it myself.

        • sasuke222

          I don’t either I just thought it might work for you.

  • In my opinion, the character unlock process is one of the factors that contribute to a game’s replayability…

    Unlocking the most awesome character from the start just kills the excitement :|

  • Time92

    will north america get this too cuase i really want to buy this.

    • The game or the collector’s edition? The game we’re getting. The collector’s edition probably not since it’s not as popular in NA as it is in other regions

  • rasengan280

    awesome collectors edition!!! im so hyped for this game now im making a clan for xbl called Konoha Leaf Ninja right now I only have a few people but if you want in message me it will mainly for helping each other out with strategies and stuff.

    • i want in…my xbox live username iz obeast94 messege me

  • shion16

    im drooling

  • I’m wondering if Namco Bandai will bring this Collector’s Edition to North America too? Hope it will, cause I know they’ve passed on the Limited Edition of Dragon Ball: Raging Blast.

    • We sent an e-mail to Namco Bandai Games America regarding this and will update if we get a response.

      • they will probably say “currently,we have no information about this… and no, we dont know anything about those “tales of” games.”

        This is the new Namco Bandai automatic response mail xD…. just joking :P hope they answer you =/

  • Melacanth

    Anyone have a link to where i can buy this from? i dont mind importing it (thats what i did for demons souls when it 1st came out)

  • Melacanth

    sorry about that double post.

  • omg the third story mode is minato

    • no its jaraiya

      • sasuke222

        Everyone loves to spell his name wrong.

      • that makes no senese he only does one fight

        • how many fights does minato get into none in the story line for the game

          • but they can have it when he was teaching kakshi

        • It probably does since they decided to make the third story about jiraya

        • according to the cyberconnect2 CEO the third story mode is jiraiya

  • OtherWorlded

    It is ok nothing special I can get Minato by just beating the game, I can wait. The only thing I might like is the original Hokage Naruto art.

    Ohhh yea, I think that it would be so awesome to use one of his transportation techniques after throwing a kunai. It would truly capture the characters superiority.

  • naruto66

    this is great but i’m gonna beat the game to get minato and unlock the naruto hokage costume like the sasuke akatsuki robe costume

  • punkguy03

    Can you import it and play it on an american ps3? I really want the laser cel.

  • when this game will be in malaysia…???
    hope so soon…i can;’t wait 2 play it….??

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