Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow Rides Into Stores On October 5

By Spencer . August 19, 2010 . 10:25am


Mercury Steam’s 3D Castlevania game is less than two months away. Konami set October 5 as the release date for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.


The game stars Gabriel Belmont who is searching for pieces of the God Mask, an artifact that can resurrect the dead. Gabriel wants to use the relic to bring his wife back to the world of the living. He’ll have to defeat the Lords of Shadow and dozens of supernatural creatures with his combat cross to get the pieces. How many types of monsters? Konami says Gabriel can use his 40+ combos to fight over 45 monsters spread across 50+ stages.


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  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    I’m still waiting for that CE announcement, Konami Europe.

    I really hope the story is good on this one, this game has so much potential…

    • FlamingSausage

      Already confirmed

      “Konami UK rep Richie Churchill revealed via his Twitter account that the game will be getting a distinct collector’s edition for (at very least) the UK, featuring the game’s original soundtrack and a “replica God Mask in awesome packaging.”

      It should be announced very soon.

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        Flaming Sausage, you are a God among men, thank you.

        A replica of the mask? Oh man, that’s awesome, but what about the price =S I wouldn’t mind the artbook and the beautiful exclusive artwork, but let’s see what they’ll announce!

  • FireCouch

    Those are some awesome environments.

  • malek86

    Demo please. It can’t be far, right?

  • Happy Gamer

    I’ve given up on 3d Castlevania games after I reluctantly played thru Lament of Innocense…ok wasn’t that bad but it was no Ecclesia etc.

    But for some reason i have been really looking forward to this game and I am hoping it is great. I am going to pick this up without reading reviews. I hate to admit it but I have been getting affected by reviews alot more than I used to. ugh.

    which is why I at first disliked Nier, but liked it later, and I got God of War III, which i really disliked at the end. maybe im weird but i felt Nier was just a more interesting game. GoW III was an excellent playthru as far as action goes but man…to me it was a bit too much testostorone and horrible plot etc.
    at least i got it for 29.99 new! which i think was worth it…
    deng i strayed too much from topic lol

    back on track, i hope the kojima team and CV team really make a huge turn for 3d castlevania games!!

    • Guest

      wut about Prince of Persia

      • Happy Gamer

        oh! I love prince series tho for diff feel and reason. i really enjoyed the new prince i hope they get back to it. seems like sands of time is everyone’s fav. that series was amazing, but I’d really like to see what happens for the new franchise as well. I personally loved it! :)

        all in all tho i think this gen has some really great games existing or coming out. i only feel RPGs have been a bit lackluster than usual vs. psx and ps2 era. (but again, there are amazing ones none the less!) i think RPGs have been reduced in quantity which isn’t a bad thing as long as they are good.

        back track again, lol hope Lord of Shadows is great!

    • Aoshi00

      Ever since I’ve played Dante’s Inferno (which to me felt like a 3D Castelvania done right), I have a feeling this one should pull thru. If I have my mind set on a game, I wouldn’t read any review, like Nier (one of the best games in recent years, but critics didn’t like the “graphics”), and the upcoming Enslaved and Vanquish, since I loved Heavenly Sword and Bayonetta. I also got GoW3 on sale because I only liked the first two so-so.

      So many good action games coming out in the same time frame though…

      • Happy Gamer

        Man i felt so bad for Nier in my case I didn’t enjoy it altho i did not read the review, that is until I played it again (bought it again after selling it lol) and i got the game like day 1 too kuz it looked so interesting and diff…and yes it was!

        GoW was on of those strange games for me. I got em all at sale. I got my GoW III new for 29.99 and other 2 when they were greatest hits.
        i never really cared much for it, but they were games that made u play thru. its like an arcade game in arcades: maybe not the best story, didn’t like char etc. just loved to play the game thru kuz it was fun.
        GOW def does the fun to play part right, which in my opinion, is all you need in a game, but the prob is they tried to add a narrative *booo in background* what? its true! lol

        yeah Enslaved is something im really waiting for.
        along with Majin, Last Guardian etc. man so many games.
        i went on break last friday i got so many games im so screwed…
        Megaman Zero Collection
        Brutal legend (new 16.95!): i dunno why i put this game aside so long…)
        Uncharted 2
        Muramasa Demon blade (i waited for this game so long, didn’t have time)
        Metroid Prime Trilogy
        GoW III (beat)

        and preorederd Other M….
        and school starts next monday -_-
        and Lord of Shadows is juss gonna make it worse for me in oct lol!

        p.s.- Bayonetta is still my favorite game in past 5 years along with Okami. my top 5 fav game of all time and 90% of my “all times” are usually games from NES, SNES era so thats saying alot at least for me)

    • RupanIII

      Yea I hear you on the 3d Castlevanias.. I’m cautiously approaching this one. Too bad there’s not a market anymore to do something like a full blown 2D game ala Symphony of the Night, imagine that in HD. I’d buy multiple copies just to support

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