Facebook Files: Oh My! I Just Totally Pulled A Braunle!

By Ishaan . August 22, 2010 . 10:36am


Part of the fun of games is the challenge they can present, and the sense of accomplishment after training long and hard to get good at them. While not all games have to be difficult to be fun, the ones that make you work for victory are also usually the ones that provide the greatest sense of achievement. This week, we’re talking about our close calls in gaming.


Samwise wrote:

What is “pulling a Braunle” you ask? It’s when you’re at the last moment before failure in a game, and somehow manage to pull through, victory at the last second. Basically, lookin’ like Goku pullin’ victory out of thin air.


So what Braunles have you experienced? Any war stories you feel like sharing?


I’ve got one. Well, many. Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast is basically, the motherload of Braunley goodness. I mean, seconds left on the clock, and YES you make it to the final stage… But wait? You selected the hardest course there is! But here’s something I learned, and it’s a good lesson which I’m sure most of you have too. If things are looking grim, fight with all you’ve got regardless. Always be at your 100%, because you never know when it’ll pay off. So here I am, reminding myself of this lesson, and I’m racing and racing, and I’m hating myself for crashing in the jungle stage like I so often do, and — I won? Wow! Literally 1 second left on the timer, and I passed into the finish line.


And that was how I saw my first ending in OR2.


Patrick wrote:

I’m sure I’ve done that kind of thing lots, but the one that is coming to my mind right now is something that happened one of the first times I played Left for Dead.


My friends/Brother and I were on the final part of No Mercy and we had to run for the helicopter. One of my friends was low on health and hopping towards the copter when a smoker grabbed him. I yelled to leave him behind but my other friend was all “Leave no man behind!” and went after him. My brother and I made it to the helicopter but were getting swarmed by the horde, and got knocked down in the helicopter. My friends both got knocked down and eventually killed by all the zombies. When that happened the Helicopter took off with my brother and I inside it, luckily.


Ishaan wrote:

Oh wow, this is tough. It’s almost always fighting or racing games with me. Lately, it’s been a lot of Street Fighter IV, just like Samwise. But I think the real credit in this case has to go to Monster Hunter Tri, since there are no HP bars on the monsters. I can’t begin to count how many times I felt like I scraped through by the skin of my teeth, even if I did spend ages grinding for resources and customizing my armour until my brain hurt. ><


The reward, however, is that I can now take three Great Jaggis out without working up a sweat. Bwahahahahaha!


So, what close calls have you experienced in your game time?

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  • i have too many to count

    but god it feels so good

  • malek86

    Happens to me countless times when I’m playing Serious Sam games.

    A more unique case, would be the time when I eventually managed to defeat a multiplayer Gravios by myself… with all potions used up, no continues left, all whetstones used up and a weapon with less-than-optimal durability, and only 16 seconds away from the time limit. I remember I was like “if he doesn’t die with the next hit, it’s over”.

  • Kris

    My favorite Braunle games are the Mega Man X series. There’s something beautiful about beating a boss with one health mark left on your last life, or just narrowly avoiding spikes by latching onto a ledge. It’s a wonderful thing.

  • Generally every race in Split/Second has one of those moments thrown in.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Well I usually pull minor Braunles in racing-games, but those come with the genre and doesn’t feel… epic. My most memorible racing-Braunle is Diddy Kong Racing against the walrus. After God-knows-how-many-times I had struggled and cried in frustration trying to cross the goal line first, I suddenly and somehow managed to keep up with and jump over him and into the goal. I was dumbstruck for a few seconds before I started laughing in hysterical relief.
    Oh, and Soul Edge for PS1 back when I was a kid. Cervantes pretty much had the same effect and conclusion on me as the walrus.

  • karasuKumo

    The amount of Pokemon matches I have won on with 1hp remaining is beyond awesome. Dissidia seems to give me a few moments like that too, and L4D OMG I was crouching for better aim and just by reflex shot at a zombie forgetting there was a witch in front of it :/ and she put her head down just as I shot seriously I felt too lucky and then I said I meant to do it haha.

    • Joanna

      Oh, I had a few of those pokemon matches as well, usually against gym leaders. :D

  • RupanIII

    One that really sticks out for me was beating the black car in Ridge Racer and unlocking it. Don’t know how I managed that, but I know it was by the skin of my teeth. Also, like every final boss in all the fighting games I’ve played.

  • My Braunle was last night, I was playin Ys: Naptism n i was fightin a boss dood shot a homing missle from his ass n I had 4hp left ni I just jumped out of the way while killin the Hornet wit the whilwind attack. Sweet Victory!

  • Chow

    I’m pretty sure I have more than a handful of these experiences, and I really had to pick my brain to remember this particular one:

    In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, there was a race near the end of the game against a character named (I think) Hilary. He had a much faster car than you, and you had a POS car to race him with. Being that it was story-related, you had no say in the cars being used.

    I remember just barely winning the race one time, and I actually pumped my fist in the air because of it. Then I decided to attempt a stunt jump over the river nearby. I didn’t make it. :(

    Being OCD, I couldn’t let having one death be on my record, so I had to resort to reloading my file. ><

  • Just today, actually. I was playing Castlevania: Curse of Darkness and I was fighting Dracula in his Demon form. I’d used all of my potions, My Death Doll, had run out of hearts for all of my Devils and was down to 43 HP. If he hit me one more time, it was over. I just barely managed to pull off a combo and finish him off before he threw out another attack. It was AWESOME.

  • MisterNiwa

    So a Braunle is a hyper burst mode in pinches? Well.. I got plenty of them in plenty of games.

    Like in Tekken 3, the last battle against Ogre, I was there, getting my butt beaten and then I was in Hyper Burst Mode and beat the hell out of Ogre with like 10% of the Life Gauge.

    Or in Killzone 2 in the Online Multiplayer when I got my first kill against a player… I went into Ultra Frenzy Hyper Burst Mode and killed everyone from the enemies team…
    No wonder I was General (Max Rank back then) in 3 days.

    Or in Megaman Zero, where I got totally wrecked by Copy X, and then had my HB-Mode… I didn’t really lose HP in that battle, but I lost lifes before, I was real desperate to make it and then KA-POW.

    Oh well, there is one Game I never made it through… Super Ghost N Goblins.

    • “Oh well, there is one Game I never made it through… Super Ghost N Goblins.”

      has ANYONE :3?

  • Joanna

    I usually have these with every RPG, there is at least one boss fight that makes me feel like I’m going to lose any time. Off the top of my head:The stone gargoyle in Dragon Quest IX: I only had a thief, minstrel, mage, and priest so I had nothing to undue it’s stat boosts and stat decreases. I was doing very little damage and right when the battle tide was really turning against me, I won. I was so happy. Victory from the jaws of defeat, indeed!Lavos in Chrono Trigger: Took me a few tries and I always felt like I was right at the edge of my seat, but I managed to beat it! :DFenrir in Etrian Odyssey: With the constant threat of the smaller wolves joining and being overwhelmed, it was quite the battle. There were quite a few times that the battle could have gone either way.

  • AdamBoy64

    I’m a bit of an RPG fan, so the main ones I have are from them.. Quite a few, but will just post the most recent one.

    My brother and I have been playing through Eternal Sonata (on PS3), and recently did the second playthrough scenario, ‘The Church of EZI’, far too early (half way through the game instead of at the end). As you could guess, as in most RPG’s – being underlevelled, and having terrible weapons/armor on, made it quite difficult.

    The battle lasted a bit under an hour and a half. Close to death many times.
    One of those battles that leaves you mentally smacked.

  • The only specific example I can think of right now is when I entered an area with enemies that were far to powerful for me in Tales of Vesperia. With my attacks doing almost no damage the only thing that got me out of the battles alive were Fatal Strikes

  • It was my first time playing through resident evil 2, i made it all the way to the end. the Elevator was in sight…but oh no, it wasnt that easy! Uber-giga-mega Burkin burst out of the ceiling. it was ON!

    i was playing as claire, it was a tough fight for me, he slapped me all over that place :(
    i was literally within an inch of my life, limping about!
    i emptied every last bit of ammo on him, so i thought
    “i might as well use my knife :/”

    me panicking.
    1 stab from the knife.
    Burkin went down.
    my was face was literally :O…

    will never forget that :D

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