Nomura Wants To Release Parasite Eve Classics On PSN Before The 3rd Birthday

By Spencer . August 24, 2010 . 3:42am

imageThe 3rd Birthday, a new game starring Parasite Eve protagonist Aya Brea, is slated for release this winter. That’s after another Tetsuya Nomura project, Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded. After Sora, but before wedding dress Aya, Nomura wants to re-release Parasite Eve and Parasite Eve 2 on PlayStation Network


“But, before The 3rd Birthday I’d like to do something for the numerous requests for the archives [version] of 1st and 2nd,” Nomura posted on Twitter.


The Game Archives section on Japan’s PlayStation Store is home to a library of PsOne games ranging from classics like Resident Evil and Final Fantasy VII to rarities such as L.S.D.

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  • xavier axol

    I was hoping to hear for a ps3 sequel of third birthday, but this too is awesome news.

  • I loved the first Parasite Eve but, for some reason, just had no interest in the sequel. If these were released in NA, I guess I’d actually pick up 2 and see if I liked it.

    • Guest

      Thats how I felt too, Maybe it was the setting. Since I live in NY, seeing the NYC setting was a cool experience that wasnt the same in the sequel. Chrysler building, Rockefeller plaza, Central Park…they were all there. It had that weird familiarity flair to it. In fact I like games with familiar real world settings like that. Even Crysis 2, while I normally can’t stand FPS, is interesting to me now that it is set in NYC. Grand Central Station terminal trailer video with the Met Life building overhead looked amazing.

      • I think that is exactly it. I live in Brooklyn (although I lived in Manhattan when PE2 came out) and I was always happy when it was a place I recognized in the first one. I still think of the first Parasite Eve whenever I actually enter the Chrysler building.

        • Guest

          I’m hoping Third Birthday will be like that but I dunno from the videos I havent seen much other than the Empire state building and a few subway stations. Everything else is just normal generic streets. I’m hoping for Times Square like in that early wallpaper artwork. We’ll see I guess..

    • Ereek

      You won’t like 2 if you don’t like old-style RE games. That’s why so many people dislike it.

      On the other hand, PE2 is basically PS1-era RE games perfected with more enemy variety, more weapon variety, and more skill variety. The main difference is that RE games focus on survival and that’s less of a factor in PE2 since you can buy Ammo and healing items.

      The tl;dr of it is that it’s basically a RPG version of early Resident Evil games.

  • tubers

    Hmm I hope it can also be played on the PSP :)

    • So far there’s only 1 PS1 game on PSN (in the US at least) that can only be played on the PS3. I doubt we’ll see that happen much in the future but the controls really do suffer from the lack of a 2nd analog and the addition 2 shoulder buttons. If a game utilizes the entire controller (dont remember), we’ll only be able to play it on PS3.

      Edit: I doubt they’ll release it for PSP usable as PSPgo only since thats the only one capable of using a full controller layout by use of a PS3 controller.

  • mikedo2007

    do please, and also make sure the classics goes to US and Europe also.

  • badmoogle

    If they don’t release the first Parasite Eve in the EU store,then it’s impossible for me to care about the Third Birthday…Thanks to SE i haven’t played the first one (it was never released in EU) and therefore i haven’t played the 2nd one either.So it would be dumb to jump right into the third one without having played the previous games,don’t you think SE?

    • Ren

      While this is the third instalment of the series, it has been said by Nomura that it isn’t the ‘third’ game, actually, by the way he says it sometimes, it feels more like a spinoff turned into main game(wich is probably what happened considering this was originally for cellphones). He said the game was made so that any knowledge of the first and second games events won’t be necessary, and will probably be just bonuses to the overal experience.

      I can’t say for sure, but it seems like the connection with the previous games won’t be really touched from what he says, and may be done just as small references or things like that.

      Anyway, feel free to correct me id I’m wrong.

  • Do it. My copy of Parasite Eve 1 is so scratched up the first disc doesn’t play. All I can do is the Chrysler Building on disc 2 =(

    • Ereek

      That’s too bad. Doing the Chrysler building right when you get into Day 2 is when it’s the most fun! Also, fun fact, the “rough” level cap in the main game is around 38 or so. Enemy encounters pretty much stop appearing after a while and it’s very difficult to get past that level. However, you can raise that cap in the Chrysler Building. But what’s most interesting is when you go beyond the “cap,” the experience to level up spikes way down. You end up getting something like 10 levels per battle. Pretty obvious, but there are people who don’t know this, since you don’t really have much need to go beyond 36 or so, even for the Chrysler building.

  • EvilAkito

    I’ve never played the classic Parasite Eve games, so I’d greatly appreciate it if we could get those on PSN.

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