Extended Mega Man Universe Trailer Shows Three Versions Of Mega Man In Action

By Spencer . September 3, 2010 . 4:15pm

Capcom sent us a longer Mega Man Universe trailer. This one has Rockman, the angry looking “Mega Man”, and Bad Box Art Mega Man leaping through levels.



While he doesn’t have an arm cannon, Bad Box Art Mega Man looks like he can hold his own. He’s equipped with a gun just like the Mega Man package art. The levels have nifty designs like the Met kart track and it appears Dr. Wily is involved in the game. One of his trademark Robot Master gates can be seen at the 1:55 mark.

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  • godmars

    Am I the only far less impressed now that gameplay’s been shown? Really want to see Mega Man Legends 3.

    • Code

      We could really see both you know? I do think Legends 3 will eventually happen, and I want it just as much as anyone else, but I’m alright with this too >w<' Frankly the more Mega Man games and content we see, can really only help at getting the ball rolling for Legends 3.

  • krokounleashed

    i kinda like it. Want to see Arthur.

  • MisterNiwa

    I want to play as … Akrid.

    • Guest

      i want to play as Casshern

  • i wonder how the online captibility will be. It be cool if the online would be 100% customizable level Designe like megaman Power up. And we can have more customizable characters… I hope

  • cmurph666

    Mega Man Legends 3 for PS3/360/Wii please.

  • The 3D models don’t mix with the backgrounds at all. The characters stand out way too much because of the colours and lighting on the 3D models :(

  • AdamBoy64

    As with many others, I’m not a great fan of the character design.. looks out of place. I’d like it a lot more if it was something like the original MM series. It looks a bit shonky at the moment.

  • I wanna play as Arthur (from GnG)!

  • Advent_Andaryu

    I’d like to see playable Mega Man/Bass/Proto Man from the MM10 retro-american-style artwork. Hey, if box art Mega Man can make it in this is possible.

    And like I said before, Strider Hiryu would be awesome in a Mega Man game.

  • CrisSpiegel

    I’d like to play as Viewtiful Joe and Gene. Maybe Amaterasu. X and Zero for sure.

  • Mathwyn

    Pheonix Wright. PLEASE.

    • That just wouldn’t make sense…

      • MisterNiwa

        O. Buster (Objection Buster) will make you think otherwise.

  • I don’t think I’d pay 1600 MSP for this game, but definitely 1200 MSP

    I also want some MegaMan.exe in there

  • The original “bad box art mega man” artist must cry himself to sleep everyday.


  • I love the MegaMan franchise but wuts gettin me is that it was said that more Street fighter characters r gonna b in it. Who cud they b?

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