Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy Coming To PSP Next Year

By Spencer . September 7, 2010 . 6:42pm

02Shonen Jump brings us news about a Dissidia: Final Fantasy sequel titled Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy. Get ready for more “dramatic progressive action”, that’s the game’s genre.


Kain from Final Fantasy IV and Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII are confirmed as playable characters. Right now, its unknown if the hodgepodge of Final Fantasy heroes and villains from Dissidia: Final Fantasy will return in the sequel.


Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy is a PSP game and slated for 2011 in Japan.

  • I want Noctis

    • Guest

      they’re gonna pull the same excuse last time when they wanted Lightning & Noctis in the first game: “Versus isn’t out yet so we don’t want to put Noctis in because we dont want to give away his moveset which would be a spoiler for Versus XIII”

    • RealityCheck286

      I have to agree, I want Noctis as well. The developers could just make him a decent moveset from going by the XII Versus trailers.

  • Will buy! They’re totally bringing it to America! S-E rules :P

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    This is so beautiful <3

  • ZOMG Lightning?! Now I may buy this one for sure. Hope would be cool in it too!

  • Schwer_Muta

    I might buy it if there’s nothing good released anywhere near it and it’s not pushed another year back like every other Square game

  • mach

    YES! I’m hoping they add more female characters this time, to balance out the sausage fest that was the first game (plus it would make my life complete if Rinoa showed up). Assuming they’re doubling up and giving us four characters from each title, it’d be great if they had some sort of team battle or tag-team system where you bring two characters into a fight. That’d fit well with the title “Duodecim” IMHO.

    • Advent_Andaryu

      I’d say Rinoa and Seifer will represent FFVIII.

  • Guest

    lightning looks like a guy in that scan.

  • Aoshi00

    The Nomura drawings was one of the things I missed the most from FF13’s menu, would’ve been nice to see the whole party’s 2D portraits instead of lame 3D heads turning.. I still haven’t played Dissidia yet, just the demo…

    • I actually kinda liked the 3D head-turning thing.

      • Ereek

        Me too. I liked it, it was different than most games. Sometimes I would just switch characters just so I could see the animation.

        • Haha! Same here, I would totally keep switching back and forth between characters in the menu just to see the gorgeous animation. (Especially with Hope… XD)

  • YoFace

    Let’s hope this game doesn’t get pirated to death as Squeenix claims the first one was. I however will buy it as I did the first one.

  • I’m surprised. Wasn’t there some study that showed 95% of the people who played the first one pirated it?

    • true but i think alot of those that pirated it bought the game; i for one snagged the japanese rip only because i was impatient and wanted it ibefore it came out in english; i then bought the game day one. i know its wrong but it also helpped me sell a ton of people on it when i worked at gamecrazy

      • kupomogli

        It was 70% of the people pirated it, but still. Over five million people pirated and a bit over one million purchased it. That’s does not necessarily mean that the one million people who purchased it also pirated it. There are and were quite a few PSPs at that time that could not play isos or csos.

  • MrRobbyM

    As much as I think Lightning look silly, I gotta say, her Dissidia artwork looks good.

  • Advent_Andaryu

    This excellent news! I can’t wait for more info to be released. I hope we get two new reps from each game, and possibly other characters included like Ramza from Tactics and Genesis from Crisis Core.

  • Awesome! :D

  • kylehyde

    It’s cool that Kain Highwind will be in the sequel, I hope that Richard Highwind and Cid Highwind made it too.

  • Please please please please please PLEASE put Zack or Ramza in it!

    • lol how would i love to see Ramza here xD, but it would be difficult, considering he is from a strategy game where he can be any job, so any fighting style can be used with him… also, i dont know why, but i just can picture him flying around hitting stuff

      • So was the case with Bartz, he started as a freelancer and then gained access to different classes, maybe they should have something that allows players to use different abilities.

      • Scrooge_McDuck

        The Onion Knight and Bartz Klauser can also be any job.

        • But, Onion knight is actually a job in FFtactics for psp, so they had it figured out how the “onion knight” style would be… And Bartz, all they did is give him a bunch of weapons, i dont think that would work with Ramza

  • ShinNoKami

    No, God, no… Why, God, why?

    • why not I thought the game was cool.

      • ShinNoKami

        Instead of working on an original new IP, they’re churning out another sequel. It’s prolly gonna have the same storyline, new characters, same camera…

        They should finish Agito and Vs XIII before this.

  • Yes!!Finally!!!

  • joesz

    As I said before on that hidden final game!

    Super awesome! I really wanted a sequel and I got it!..we got it!

  • I was really hoping Kain would be playable in the original, but he was scrapped. I can’t imagine it took them too long to add him in this installment, lol. Adding Lightning was pretty much a given.

    They should throw the main from Versus in just for the hell of it. I have a feeling he’d be really hax though, heh. Anyway, I’ll play it whenever it comes out I’m sure.

    I played the first one quite a bit and since Lightning and Kain are in this one, that makes me lean more towards playing it than not. Just something I noticed not mentioned in the article, but Tetsuya Nomura said a playable demo will be present at TGS (this was his, “mystery project”), so I’m sure we’ll get even more details about the game shortly after the event.

  • Ereek

    I’m very interested. I spent a lot of time with the first and I think SE could improve it a good deal with what they learned with balancing and such. Already the North American Dissidia was far more balanced than the Japanese version, despite there being a few obviously strong characters, so I think this could be even better.The addition of Kain shows it’s not just the main protagonists/antagonists, as well. Maybe we’ll see people like Seifer and Tifa?If it’s “I wish” time, I’d like to see Maria from II and Celes from VI, but Leon and Locke – respectively – are far more likely. Meliadoul from Tactics, too, but that won’t happen.

  • 9inchsamurai

    I’m sure the writing is going to have the same expert quality as the first…

  • kupomogli

    I’m going to pick it up. I’m glad they’re adding Kain. If there were to be only two additional characters each game, I’d like to see Ninja/Red Wizard, Lionheart/Richard, Kain/Edge, Edgar/Cyan, Cid/Tifa, Seifer/Zell, Freya/Vivi, and Auron. I’d also like to see more alternate costumes. I know that the Warrior of Light looks like his art work, but the Knight looks so awesome on the NES version of FF and I’d like them to recreate a good looking 3d model of that.

    Also. I do hope they do some heavy rebalancing on some of the original characters.

    A few examples.

    Frionel is unstoppable against anyone short range and is somewhat better than the average mid range character, however up against any long range character you might as well not even try.

    Cecil is possibly one of the worst characters. While as a Dark Knight he’s almost useless in air and as a Paladin you might as well either fight in air or use an HP attack(preferably Dark Flame) to change into the Dark Knight. He’d have been a much better character and actually equal to other characters if you could change his class back and forth without using an HP attack(you can, but only during EX Mode or certain Brave combo attacks.)

    So yeah. They really need to rebalance the characters. One final thing is that I play a lot of people that just random come out and block. The time in between blocking is nothing and the screen darkens when using an HP attack so if you weren’t ready for them to block and one HP move won’t hit them, then you can’t do anything and you’re forced to attack right before the block lifts to connect as it lifts and hit them, but you only have a fraction of a second. So if they’re someone who throws random blocks out left and right in order to counter with a critical then you’re screwed with that. I think that they should add atleast a three second delay once the block lifts before the player can block again. They can still move, but that way if they just throw out a random block then they should have something more than a half a second penalty to block again.

    • Cecil is actually high-tier, if my memory is correct. He’s hard to use, but definitely a powerhouse once mastered. And Dark Knight is actually good in the air; he’s just not meant to stay in the air for long periods of times like the other characters.

      • Ereek

        I’d put him at mid. He’s very limited in what he can actually do once you max him out compared to other characters.

    • I agree with Muscle about DK!Cecil. Firion’s Shield Bash and reeling attacks also go a long way to countering long-range enemies.

  • I really want to see what a Monk and a Gunner can do or someone like Angeal who uses his fists and sword in combat along with a summoner like Yuna imagine her HP attacks like Hell Fire and BA to be Meteor Strike, the HUD looks the same. Even Edgar could be a good choice, I wish they alter the board thing and give a playable villain storyline.

  • goronyan

    dramatic progressive action、now that’s a genre

  • Natat

    Wow, awesome. I definitely want Ramza in it, I doubt they will put him in, though.

  • doomspeller10

    HELL YES!! Finally a word on a game I’m looking forward to even more than Agito and The 3rd birthday. I really enjoyed Dissidia even with its flaws and still have it in my PSP. Hopefully it doesn’t get delayed much since they only need to work on the new characters’ models/animations/attacks, hopefully add more stages, fix the camera issues, and a more decent plot… the Advent Children-like cutscenes are appreciated, but I think they could use that space much better by adding many more characters, maps, quests, or even music… how come Liberi Fatali and One Winged Angel (AC Version) were not included in the original Dissidia? I don’t think they are hard to make loopable. I’m just wondering if the final boss will be Chaos again or some other boss like Minerva, Zeromus, Orphan, or a new one. Regarding the new characters, Lightning and Kain are a nice addition, but I’d also like to see Noctis, Shadow, Zack, and especially Tifa, it’s a fighting game after all (dramatic progressive action is just another name for fighting games on streoids).One more thing, hopefully they include some way to transfer the first dissidia savedata to dissidia duodecim… so that my 600+ hrs are useful in not just one game.

  • evilmoogle

    will ALL the characters have more/better screentime? and more lines.seriously, people still complain about voices and yet the cast had like 4 lines.No development at all.

  • karasuKumo

    I’m hoping there’s more than two characters per series, I’d like to see Genesis (VII), Locke (VI) and throw in Cactuar XD

  • Billy Añonuevo

    Celes or Cyan from VI, please.

  • OMG!!I’m so excited already. Hope SE don’t delay this like all the games they develop. I’m just worried, what if they cut out some characters from the first game to give way to new characters or maybe this is a sequel where there are only new characters. But nevertheless, I’d like to see:
    FFI- Red mage – Astos
    FFII- Minwu – Borghen
    FFIII- Freelancer?lol – xande
    FFIV- Kain – Zemus/Zeromus?
    FFV- Faris/Galuf – Gilgamesh
    FFVI- Celes/Setzer/Sabin – Ultros?
    FFVII- Tifa/Zack – Genesis?
    FFVIII- Rinoa – Seifer
    FFIX- VIVI – Necron?
    FFX- Yuna – Seymour
    FFXII- Vaan – Vayne/Dr. Cid
    FFXIII- Lightning – Cid

  • urbanscholar

    Well I see Ill get the chance to mop up the competition with Onion Knight & Warrior of Light again. That is assuming they’re still around.

  • i dont think those are the only new playeable characters

  • We need more FF girls! here is my list:
    IV: Rosa
    Other games: Ramza (TA)


    • doomspeller10

      What if Tifa’s enemy is Aeris? Now that would be nice.
      It’d also be nice if they make Kuja wear some pants or, at least, make them available with the alternative outfit.

    • I like how you listed Seifer in VIII as a girl hahaha.

    • Wut bout Quistis n Eiko. ps. Snow is a dood.

  • gatotsu911

    That’s somewhat good to hear. I’ve been playing a fair bit of Dissidia lately, and thought that it really screams out for its hodgepodge of ideas to be focused and perfected in a sequel. Here’s hoping the transition between the two games is comparable to that between Super Smash Bros. and SSB Melee.

  • Well I’m sure that the older cast will come back because in the scan you see Kain vs. Cecil, unless they did this to not reveal more characters

  • they should add more mages to the hero side

  • Roses4Aria

    Yes!!! I’ve been hoping for this and they’ve actually announced it sooner than I expected they might.

    I’d definitely like to see a playable Zack, and as a female player myself I’m putting in another vote for more female characters. I know there are a lot of Yuna bashers out there, but I wouldn’t mind seeing her in place of or alongside of Tidus. :)

  • Guest

    Ah crap this is good news but bad news at the same time because most likely Noctis from Versus XIII wont be in!

  • Oh man! This will be awesome, Zack Fair, Balthier & Ramza please!

  • Draparde

    I’d like to see well…most people said most of what i’d like to see…. but i also wana see Prishe from XI, or Lilisette(to be more current).

  • P4ine

    I would say SE is back in the game. FINALLY a NEW announcement I can look forward to.

    • Well its the wrong new announcement, instead they should be focusing ALL energy on FFXIII Versus.

      • P4ine

        Yes, and Agito, in my opinion. But this at least is better than giving us shitloads of KH games nobody really needs.

        • KHSoraKeyBlade

          Actually the more KH games I see the better. This announcement was brilliant and Versus looks great but in terms of how FFXIII was I think it would be nice if we don’t see a FFXV for a while.

        • They should be giving us the Kingdom Hearts that everyone needs, ie, KH III

  • Hope they balance out the cast a bit. Most of the time, the most memorable characters in FF aren’t the main character’s an main villains.

    I hope they add:

    FF4: Rydia / Rosa
    FF5: Faris / Gilgamesh
    FF6: Celes / Locke
    FF7: Tifa / Aeris / Vicent / Zack
    FF8: Rinoa / Laguna / Seifer
    FF9: Vivi / Garnet
    FF10: Yuna / Auron
    FF12: Ashe / Balthier
    FF13: Fang / Cid / Jill

  • This game needs Zack. If he, Cloud, and Sephiroth are all in it, they will be the only reason I buy it.

  • Guest

    One of those most pirates PSP games of all time — hopefully it’ll be better this time around, the franchise deffinetely deserves it…

  • I’m really excited about this! Still hoping to see Rinoa and Freya in the game as well!

  • epiphaniesarefun

    lol at least the first title made since somewhat since Dissidia is latin for conflict. Duodecim means 12. 12 conflicts?

    I’ll enjoy it either way ;)

  • karasuKumo

    Duodecim is XII in Latin if that help at all. I don’t know why it would be called that though??

  • kupomogli

    Supposedly a leak of the new characters Dissidia characters. It looks like the characters are.FF1 Grand Master, Red WizardFF2 Guy, Minwu I originally thought Richard, but take a look at the original artwork.FF3 I don’t know. I hate this game. Both versions.FF4 Kain, RydiaFF5 Reina, GalufFF6 Locke, CelesFF7 Red XIII, CidFF8 Seifer, Laguna(never thought about Laguna, good choice.)FF9 Vivi, QuinaFF10 Auron, Yuna(FF10-2?)FF11 No idea. Don’t like this game either.FF12 Vaan, Larsa Don’t like this game either, though.FFTactics Ramza, AgriasFFTactics Advance Montnblanc, DunnoLast character, dunno.http://www.qj.net/images/stories/090910/leak.png

  • Let’s see…

    FFI: White Mage/Red Mage/Monk/Princess Sarah – Pirate, Vampire, Astos, Lich.
    FFII: Maria/Minwu – Borghen/Lamia Queen/Leon
    FFIII: Refia/Desh/Anyone – Xande
    FFIV: Kain is there already so/Rydia/Edward”Spoony Bard” – Zemus/Maenas
    FFV: Lenna/Kryle/Faris – Gilgamesh
    FFVI: Edgar/Sabin – Vargas/Ultros/Gestahl
    FFVII: Aerith/Zack – Anyone will do
    FFVIII: Zell? – Seifer
    FIX: Anyone will do.
    FFX: Auron – Yunalesca/Seymour
    FFX-2: Yuna (Songtress/Gunner)/Paine – Shuyin
    FXII: Balthier/Larsa – Dr.Cid/Vayne
    (clash of father/son and brothers!)
    FXIII: Lightning is there so…/Sazh – Anyone.

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