Ys: The Oath in Felghana Limited Edition Helps You Gets Organized

By Spencer . September 7, 2010 . 5:09pm


We hope you’re done or at least halfway through Ys Seven by now. Why? Because there’s another Ys game coming to the PSP soon. Xseed sent us a reminder that Ys: The Oath in Felghana is due in stores this year.


There’s also another limited edition for Ys fans to pick up. The Oath in Felghana package includes a music CD and a desktop calendar, which you can use to jot down dates for Ys I&II Chronicles and Trails of the Sky. Both of those Falcom titles are slated for 2011.


The Ys: The Oath in Felghana limited edition costs $39.99. A standalone game is $10 less at $29.99.

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  • OneOkami

    Not as good as the Ys Seven LE but it is a bit cheaper…

  • I gotta be honest: dropping another Ys title this year is somewhat risky. While America’s had sporadic Ys releases for decades, releasing too many too fast runs the real risk of franchise fatigue, making it difficult to get new people to try the games. While I do love me some Ys, I really don’t want the situation to reach the point where people say “Oh, another Ys game, ho hum we just had one of those three months ago”.

    On the other hand, given how much XSeed probably had to invest just to get the rights, I suspect they need to get these to market somewhat quickly. It’s a sticky situation all around – you don’t want to flood the market, but you need to get the product out there to recoup the investment. Here’s hoping Oath does well, at any rate!

    (The Ys games are basically the tipping point for me getting a PSP when my funds finally come through, for the record.)

    • It seems like they had such tremendous response to the previous Ys (Ys Seven?) that they must know that players want more. If it releases Novemeber or Decemeber, then I think thats enough time for people to have gone through a ys game. Though isnt one more coming int he early 2011…? I forgot how many were part of that new ys deal

      • Ever heard of google? XSEED will release Ys I & II Chronicles on Jan. 18 2011 and this will conclude their three PSP Ys games, until Falcom announces some more anyway.

        How do you know that the response was “tremendous”? It was always their plan to publish both games this close. Even if Ys Seven sold horribly, Felghana would still be on track. I find it odd that you’re treating Ys Seven like a decade-old release when it came out three weeks ago… I suppose you didn’t buy it because it doesn’t have voice acting?

        • Well it they may not have said tremendous, but going by the PR it seems that the response to the ys seven was great that it rectifies the decision to not only release the game so swiftly, but with such an excellent edition. Though I guess you’re right in that even if it did bad the next one would come regardless.

          I dont understand why companies cant go the distance and include voice acting. It is mind blowing in this day and age that we do not have voice overs as a standard in ALL games. People like me do not like to always read tomes upon tombs of dialogue. Im just saying.

          • Ys Seven is a fantastic game, voice acting or not. It’s a matter of BUDGET vs getting the games out the door for fans to enjoy. What is mind-blowing is that you can’t seem to get accept this simple fact.

            rectifies: I do not think you know what it means.

          • If they have money for these limited editions and all that jazz, then certainly voice acting for a psp game can not be that cost inefficient for their budget. Its an RPG, tons of people buy RPGs…voice acting is usually strongest…no…almost required in rpgs these days. Their Wii games did not miss on having voice actors.

            rectifies: lol, thanks, this was actually the first I even looked up the definition, won’t be using that word wrong again.

          • conchobhar

            (this is meant in reply to Yousuke above, but sadly I cannot reply to them directly)

            The cost of making a LE and the cost of hiring voice actors is IN NO WAY comparable.

          • Ren

            I see no problem with no voice acting. The original didn’t have it, so the localized version surely doesn’t need it either, it’s not like it detracts from the game or anything like that, you can still understand it fine, and there will be no discussion if the voice acting was good or bad(those get annoying fast. Altough we’re talking about Xseed, so the voice acting would probably be good). I wouldn’t have liked if the original had it and they took it away only on the localization.

            And you will still read tomes upon tombs of text even with voice acting. As long as you understand the letters and look at them, your brain will still process part of the words even if you think you’re only listening(wich creates a lot of disonance if they differ, like playing Lux Pain), you just don’t notice or pay attention to it most of the time since you’ll be trying to focus on the sound(I tend to notice it more since my English reading proficiency is better than my listening one. It’s far easier to understand what the characters are saying when there’s text near, even if I’m not paying attention to it. The opposite happens with my Japanize, but only as long there are unknow kanji). And even if it’s not the case, not every single line of text can be voiced, and you would still need to read them. There’s nothing but lazyness stoping you.

          • To play devil’s advocate: “Laziness”…or a learning disorder like dyslexia that makes reading and writing difficult.

            The industry doesn’t need to add VA to everything (that’s how we get Chaos Wars, barf) but there are some legitimate reasons for someone to want more VA than not. Even if it’s just “I understand the spoken language much better than the written one, and am using the VA to try and close that gap in my knowledge”—i.e., what you do with Japanese.

        • fallen

          is there a way to block you?

  • woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    BRB changing preorder

  • shion16

    The soundtrack………………
    i need this………NOW!!!!!

  • xhunter

    Xseed,I shall forever worship the ground you walk on…

    So awesome. <3

  • WonderSteve

    Awww…more money out from my wallet

  • Ereek

    I’m glad I waited on pre-ordering this.

    Go ahead, XSEED, take all of my money.

  • kupomogli

    Everyone might as well get the premium version. What else are you going to spend your money on. More than likely it’s something that’s not nearly as awesome as Ys3.

  • d19xx

    Damn, I’m barely done with MGSPW, still playing P3P, Ys Seven and VCII are on queue, waiting for Phantasy Star Portable 2 and now this….. I’m not complaining :D

  • *_____* ! Aww im such a sucker for LE/CE’s , but im just not geting why Ys3 is comign out first XD than I and II . .. but its ok XD ill buy it!
    Also i dont mind at all Ys7 not having voices , it beats having bad ones!

  • still need to buy limited edition os ys 7 :( guess ill order both.

  • Souji Tendou

    I’d like to ask something, is this a prequel or a sekuel, I mean, does this come after Ys Seven, or before that?

    • Justinzero

      Before Ys Seven. YsF is a remake of Ys III.

      • Souji Tendou

        Thanks. :D

  • Day2Day

    Did anyone else just purchase the Ys Seven Limited Edition?


  • Justinzero

    ***Looks at PC version sitting on shelf***

    I may snag this when it hits the cheap bin.

  • I can’t wait to find out what happened to Aron and Colin

  • EvilAkito

    Just pre-ordered the special edition! Now I don’t have to feel so bad about pirating the PC version a few years ago.

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