Nomura’s Message To Overseas Kingdom Hearts Fans

By Spencer . September 10, 2010 . 1:50pm


Tetsuya Nomura hopped on to the official Kingdom Hearts twitter to write a message for fans in North America and Europe.


It reads, “Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep has finally been released in North America and Europe. A huge thank you to overseas fans for waiting. I’m confident in this work please buy and play it.”


While the West had to wait nine months for Birth by Sleep, our version has additions like Crown Stickers to collect and a brand new boss to fight.

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  • Kamion

    Ordered my EU Special Edition yesterday… I hope to get in on Monday or Tuesday :(.

    I think it’s great Nomura thinks about his western fans…

    Now let’s hope BBS won’t let me down like 358/2 Days did (I’m confident that it won’t).

  • DemonicX

    It definite will not let you down. The battle system has been changed a little to add new features, but it is way better than the one in Days. Birth By Sleep has already impressed me more than 358/2 Days.

  • cmurph666

    I bought a PSP for this.

    KH3 now plz.

  • I actually stopped playing it to check out Siliconera. Lo and behold, what do I find? A thank you! Really, though, it’s a great game. 9/10 of me adores the new battle system, while 1/10 of me wants the abilitiy to access all my spells at all times. The story is great; despite being on a handheld, it’s much longer than KH1, and isn’t really a Gaiden, but a prequel. If you like KH, buy this game so they keep making them

    • Masengan

      This game is awesome! I would usually bitch about the magic as well but I am very happy they added so many new spells unlike KH2…. But truly amazing game, ok back to playing now!

  • KHSoraKeyBlade

    Got the Special Edition today and it’s just so good, I knew it would be great but the 8 month wait just really dragged it on. But it’s here, it’s brilliant and for those who said “enough with these god-damn spin-offs I want KH3!” screw you because Birth by Sleep is one fine game and is definitely up there on the best of the psp list.

  • No PSN release, no buy. Sorry but Nomura you can go suck it.

    • The story behind that is that Disney didn’t approve digital distribution when they first came up with the project – hence before the PSP Go was ever announced. So not Square Enix’s fault, but rather Disney’s.

    • I said the same, minus the sucking.

  • Glad to see that you’re aware of how fucking long the wait was. I wasn’t patient at all. I was ready to restart WWII against Japan at one point. FASTER IMPORTS, PLEASE!!

  • Mine should be waiting at home for me, I hope. Im pretty hyped for this game, we need more actual true storyline kingdom heart portable games rather than knock off duddy side story crippled games with storylines as uninteresting as elementary fan fictions. (Chain of Memories was an exception for its exceptional battle system)

  • joesz

    Am I the only one that finds the kingdom hearts very unique and enjoyable?

    • no?

    • Kibbitz

      Considering how well it sells, I’m puzzled you even ask this question.

  • My memory with the saves of the game got busted… i had aqua’s and ven’s story done… in proud mode, and just started terra’s… i want to commit suicide….

  • holyPaladin

    Already cleared JPN version and gonna playing US version :D

  • Now let’s hope we get a KH3 trailer at TGS next week?

    Very wishful I know

  • Roses4Aria

    I’m playing this now and loving every minute of it. I liked Days for what it was, but this is definitely 10 times better.

  • RAVENKam

    I never could stand Disney so KH has been a series I’ve deliberately missed out on all these years.

    • i never could stand RPG’s or tactical games too, that never stopped me from giving them a second chance…maybe you should give KH a chance?

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