Valkyria Chronicles 3 Confirmed For PSP [Update]

By Spencer . September 14, 2010 . 5:38pm

imageIf the teaser site and Sega leak weren’t official enough, Valkyria Chronicles 3  just showed up in Famitsu as a PSP game.


Only the table of contents are out so watch this space, we’ll update it with Valkyria Chronicles 3 news as soon as it comes in.




Valkyria Chronicles 3 takes place in 1935, the same time period as Valkyria Chronicles 1 where the Principality of Gallia fought for its independence. In an interview with Famitsu, Shinji Motoyama, Producer, mentioned the long development time between the PSP and the PS3 version (over two years) was one of the reasons Valkyria Chronicles 3 is on PSP. He feels they need an innovative idea to make a new PS3 game standout.


The game centers around the “Nameless”, a squad made out of members who caused problems for the military. Imuka is ace number 1 (right). Her village was destroyed by the Valkyria and she’s out for revenge. Kurt is number 7 (middle), he’s an officer who hopes to redeem himself and to the regular military forces. Reira is number 13 (left) and she’s a descendant of the Valkyria.


Valkyria Chronicles 3 is slated for January 27, 2011 in Japan, that’s less than a year after the release of Valkyria Chronicles 2.

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  • ;_;

  • Slashlen

    Well, crap. So much for a new PS3 Valkyria.

  • Kamion

    I was looking forward to a new PS3 Valkyria Chronicles game…

    Oh well… it’s better than nothing. I just hope the story is better this time around.

    • Guest

      I’ll take nothing because at least you know what you’re getting! Nothing!

      Just kidding :P

      No seriously I’m disappoint. : (

    • Kamion

      Oh, new Info…

      I like how the new characters look… and I’m okay with their reasoning. I just really wanted to play this on my TV.

      This just means I’ll have to finish VC2 before January ;)… Since I probably won’t wait 8-9 months for the US Version this time…

  • -sigh-

  • T_T
    I was expecting an iPhone version.



  • Cloud_ST

    Yes!!!,I loved VC2 and more goodness for the PSP is welcome gladly!.


    • mirumu

      I can’t believe they did this again. ;_;

    • Meh, is not like there wont be a ps3 valkirya chronicles, in the end, the producer said he wanted a more new story for the ps3 game, wich i undersand, i really hope that for the next VC we get out of Gallia…

      This explains the super fast announcment, good thing they didnt just rushed to make a new ps3 game

      • But if they keep spending all their time rushing these PSP games, then who’s going to spend 3 years making a super awesome proper sequel for the PS3?

        • I’m sure they will start after this one, i dont expect too many differences between this one and VA2, after all it didnt took much time for the announcment. Besides, i imagine the japanese must be like us regarding to getting the next VC fpr ps3…

          I’m also sure the producer will get a lot of questions now, “WHY NOT PS3!? DESUKA!?” this will make him work as soon as he can with the new game >80

          • I hope so… I also hope they take longer than a year to make it…

            Does Japan not have a saying like “Too much of a good thing”?

  • what’s the name of the lady with the hairbuns in that screen shot?

  • Volcynika

    Boo, my mobile phone hopes have been shattered. But I’m happy for another Valkyria, and it’s on the go! And happy to see other people have meltdowns! :p

    • malek86

      It’s made even more fun because people were all like “I’m 100% sure it will be on PS3 this time!”, even though there was no real basis for that.

  • MrRobbyM


  • WonderSteve

    Ah SEGA is being cheap.

    I am going to be cheap to save some money too. I am going to sell my VCII to gamestop so I can get other games. Publishers love to see used games on the market right?

    • YoctoYotta

      To be fair, they could have just not made any more VK games. The original wasn’t exactly a gold mine for them unfortunately. That said, I think the thing that really sucks is the more childish tone VK2 took. If they fix that for this game and maybe spice up the mission variety a bit more, I’m perfectly content.

    • Ladius

      The internet, where trying to have a profit from the development of a game on a platform with lesser costs is “being cheap” and so-called fans confuse a franchise with the first chapter’s graphical engine.

      • WonderSteve

        Well I did my part on buying the first one and convincing friends to buy it. Of course SEGA has the right to put the game on whatever they want, but I want to protest against their decision.

        I disagree with you on “confuse a franchise with the first chapter’s graphical engine”

        The first and second game play differently and in my opinion, VC2 isn’t as enjoyable as the first VC. Some of the gameplay design in VC2 is because they have to work around the limit of PSP hardware. I think that just dump down a franchise that has potential

        • Ladius

          Then you will agre that the problem isn’t going on PSP, but dealing with gameplay choices that you found less enjoyable in VC2.

          Be happy then: from the translation of the Famitsu article VC3 looks like to be a fusion of VC1 and 2’s best traits, encompassing both a stronger and more gritty story and a good layer of customization and optional contents. We should have some actual footage today.

          • WonderSteve

            I really doubt we will get massive map like the first VC, which in my opinion, is a key element of the game.It’s like the Wii version of Dead Rising, some people say it is good, but it can never be compared to the 360 version.

            In the end, it is on PSP because SEGA wants to save develop cost. There are no other reasons this is on PSP. I don’t buy the “the long development time between the PSP and the PS3 version (over two years) was one of the reasons Valkyria Chronicles 3 is on PSP. He feels they need an innovative idea to make a new PS3 game standout.” This reason is just for PR.

            They have every right to save development cost, but as a consumer, I want to let them know this is not acceptable to me.

            I am tired of Japanese developers putting franchise on PSP/DS again and again. I don’t intend on buying many portable games because the experience is just not as enjoyable for the price I pay. If they want me to buy the games, put it on PS3/360 or Wii.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            But many maps were so underutilized. When playing for the S ranks and special boss kills, you simply made the series of moves that were required to solve the puzzle. That most solutions were turn Miss Baker invincible and run her through the maze meant you weren’t experiencing much of the map at all.

            One had to make the decision to go back and fight the battles as a squad would — point and flankers to find and pin the enemy while the rest of the team moved up — in order to climb buildings, spawn extra mobs or whatnot.

  • Exand

    I’m going to add another

    Why can’t this be on PS3 :(

  • SlashZaku

    Wondering if SEGA will steer it back towards the first game (since it’s supposedly based in the same year). Remaining positive though cause we still don’t have any solid info and at the very least, it’s not on the 3DS. Hell, SEGA *COULD* (keyword) still be working on a PS3 installment alongside these. Could…

    You know, people give Sony flak for it’s RPG efforts this gen (internally at the very least) and I kind of wonder, given Sony and SEGA’s relationship, why Sony doesn’t pick VC up for them. It’s exclusive and could use the marketing for instance. Sony puts up for another PS3 installment and lets the team use their 1st party tech to implement into the CANVAs engine.

  • I can’t believe it! I like de VC2 but I was expecting they return to ps3 O.o

    Not sure if I’ll like.

  • goronyan

    maybe on the 4th..

  • Aoshi00

    Dog gone it, can’t stand console games getting wave and wave of portable sequels (KH, cough), my most noticeable beef is w/ Peacewalker.. don’t flame me, my eyes just aren’t as good as they used to be.. I regret getting a DSi instead of XL. To think that they would give us VC3 on the PS3 after the PSP sequel, I guess this isn’t as easy like the 10th Yakuza game..

  • Well I wont be buying this, I would have liked for it to be on the console

  • anbu

    Yeah! good move sega. I was losing hope. I really thought it’s gonna be on the ps3. Psp is selling well in japan, so why not release it on that system.

    I think it’s more cheaper too than releasing it on the ps3.I’m glad the psp is doing well. It needs more love. With Dissidia and this, looking forward to next year.This made my day. lol. Esp. those comments that were disappointed about the news. lol.

    • How was VC 2? Did it have voice acting? A Must Buy?

      • Voice acting only on key missions. I think it is a good PSP game, but not good as the PS3 version. (Smaller maps, smaller troop in each map)

      • anbu

        Like Marcelo Alves said, partially voiced. If you got a psp, it’s a must buy. It even got good reviews. Also this game has dlcs!

      • Ladius

        If you liked the first VC and have a PSP then yes, VC2 is a must buy. It’s not perfect, it introduces many new elements which could use some refining in the next iterations and has an annoying main character, but it is far from what some people claim just because it isn’t an hd game based on the Canvas Engine.

    • “This made my day. lol. Esp. those comments that were disappointed about the news. lol. ”
      Are you for serious? You come to a news site about gaming to see people rage?

      • Absolutely. Gamers can be some of the most self-entitled little pricks on the internet—so it stands to reason that if anyone wants to get a good chuckle at some nerdrage, they head for a gaming site’s comments section.

        I must confess, that’s the #1 reason I clicked on this article. The comments section did not disappoint—as usual. :>

    • thebanditking

      Umm….no. I love my PSP but only a fool would not see the error in this decision. The PSP is selling well in Japan, everywhere else not so much. The original VC on PS3 remains on Amazons PS3 best sellers lists and regularly appears on other top PS3 seller lists. The demand for the PS3 has never been better and it was a good time to capitalize on that. If they are only concerned about Japan then sure, but overall this will be a failure because the PSP just does not move software in the US/EU (POS pirates).

  • =


    Seriously – yeah.

  • nyoron

    Not cool Sega. Not cool.

  • cmurph666

    If it sold better on the PSP than why wouldn’t they release a sequel on the PSP?!

    • androvsky

      It didn’t sell better on the PSP. In Japan, it sold slightly more when comparing the initial releases, but the PS3 version had a huge surge of sales on the low-price re-release which pushed it far past the PSP version. A sequel on the PS3 would’ve sold far better. It’s hard to say about the U.S., but solid estimates put the PS3 version around 100k, and there’s no way the PSP version will sell that much in the U.S.

      • Not taking sides or anything, but development costs factor into the picture, too. If it sold around the same on both systems, obviously the PSP version would have been more profitable due to a far lower development budget. Plus, as they pointed out, development takes less time on the PSP as well.

  • Natat

    Damn, so much for hoping for another PS3 VC… Oh well, I’ll get this one anyway

  • ManaKnight

    Honestly, I’m not surprised by the news because developing on PSP is cheap (much cheaper than PS3) and doesn’t have to sell much at all to break even. Plus, Sega can release more VC games on PSP compared to PS3 due to shorter development time needed.

    I’m just glad we are getting more VC games and I already own a PSP. Definitely buying the game myself.

  • joesz

    psp again… If they wanted to be on a Handheld console they should announced it for 3ds.
    And what the hell! A dude here wished it on iphone. that’s even worse.

    • SlashZaku

      Why the hell should the move the franchise to the 3DS when it’s fanbase is on PS3/PSP? Want to talk about fucking the fans?

      • joesz

        Just though since there was a psp game already,they should try out the new one on the 3ds.

        And clam down a little bit.

        • SlashZaku

          I was calm when I wrote that. Jumping across the ‘pond’ with the franchise isn’t going to do them any favors with their fans. The Producer said he wanted to keep it PS3/PSP anyways.

  • john411

    I love you Sega. You always know how to troll with the best.

  • FireCouch


  • Guest

    So the original was great with anime inspired visuals, the 2nd inspired by the terrible VC anime adaption which ruined the whole setting/atmosphere, and this scan looks like its inspired by the bi-shoujo manga. *sigh*

  • I think Sega is releasing it on PSP to avoid doing a “Bad Move”, First PS3 then PSP Then PS3…<that's a bad move. Though…I was hoping for that Bad Move, but ah hell…It's Valkyria Chronicles <3

    • BraveWind

      Uhh…^That’s Me…but I see the comment..pretty…weird..soo…REPOST!…

      I think Sega is releasing it on PSP to avoid doing a Bad Move, First PS3 then PSP Then PS3…that’s a bad move. Though…I was hoping for that Bad Move, but ah hell…It’s Valkyria Chronicles.

  • So for now they’re going to milk the series on the PSP, until they can get a big innovative release on the PS3? Then why are they numbering these filler PSP games?

    • Does it matter? They’re numbering them because they’re true sequels, both in terms of plot (yes, prequels and parallel-quels count) and mechanics. It’s not noted in this post yet, but the reason the devs gave for keeping it on the PSP is that they want the next home console game to be absolutely awesome, with ideas that are revolutionary, rather than plain, iterative tweaks. As far as I’m concerned VCII is a much better game than VCI in terms of mission design, tactical flexibility, character development (system-wise), and overall refinement. I know a few folks who were butthurt about the game going to highschool antics, but it fits the atmosphere as well as VC1 did. VC1 is not nearly as grimdark as some “remember” it to be.While I’m blessed with both a PSP and PS3 and am thus speaking from the perspective of someone who need not miss out, I frankly don’t care what platform it’s on, only that it becomes a better game in the process.

      • john411

        That excuse of “they want the next home console game to be absolutely awesome, with ideas that are revolutionary, rather than plain, iterative tweaks” is absolute crap.Sega has no problems churning out cookie cutter Yakuzas, Sonic games and the like every year on HD consoles. The real reason is always the simplest one: money. THey saw that they sold the same on the PS3 as they did on the PSP, and obviously the PSP will be cheaper to make, so why waste more money if they didn’t need to?

      • “they want the next home console game to be absolutely awesome, with ideas that are revolutionary, rather than plain, iterative tweaks. ” That’s exactly why I made the comment asking why are they numbering this(VC3) PSP game then?, because they said that! Essentially they’re admitting that VC3 isn’t going to be this grand absolutely amazing sequel.

        I think they’re doing the series a major disservice by cranking out games like this. I don’t see how milking the series on the PSP helps them create a better PS3 game. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that we’re getting another VC game, I just don’t like the way they’re going about giving it to us…

  • raymk

    Well the art director from the first game is back and the mature tone of the first game seems to be in place.

    • Ladius

      Raita Honjou was character designer even in VC2, even if many didn’t recognize his style because it wasn’t rendered via the Canvas Engine of the first title.

      • john411

        But it *is* the Canvas engine. Just redesigned for the PSP.

  • Bullshit! Plain and simple. Well, I guess the franchise is dead to me now.

    • Gestahl

      Not for me! I’ll go replay the Valkyria Chronicles for the 3rd time and pretend the crap sequels don’t exist.

      • Ladius

        They are crap because they are on PSP, right ? VC2 is a really good game, and 3 isn’t even out in Japan (actually, we haven’t even a single screenshot), so I really can’t understand this kind of reasoning except from those who value graphics over the continued existance of a franchise and its gameplay elements.

        This is being a fan of the Canvas Engine, not of Valkyria Chronicles.

        • Aoshi00

          It’s not so much the graphics (though it’s part of it), but I want to play this on my 46″ at leisure instead of squinting at a small handheld screen, especially for a long game that spans dozens of hours. I would’ve much preferred Peace Walker to be a console game, it would be great if it looks like MGS4, but I would’ve been satisfied if it looks like MGS3 and I could at least play on a big TV w/ a controller that has two analog sticks. If they could make console games like Yakuza 3, Kenzan, 4 all on consoles, why not VC3? Just milking like KH w/ Days, BBS, Recoded, a couple more 3DS games before god knows when we would get the next console KH. Like Chrono Trigger, the DS remake was great and all, but I had more fun playing it on the SNES via a TV.

          Yea, there’s the option of hooking up the PSP-2000 to the TV, but for most games they look crappy and the screen is squished in the middle and the component cable isn’t exactly long..

          • Ladius

            I don’t think PW and VC2 are comparable, really, mainly because VC2 doesn’t suffer at all from the “lack of second analog syndrome” that affects many PSP games.
            Also, the missions in VC2 have been redefined for the hanhdeld iteration in order to be shorter and playable on various maps of lesser dimension, and you never have to play on your handheld screen for two hours just to pass a chapter, so I can’t relate to your criticism (of course you could choose to play for x hours because you enjoy the game, but that would be beside the point :P).

            Of course, if they had left the original VC formula unchanged in the PSP iteration that would have been a problem.

          • Aoshi00

            I’m not sure if I need a more valid reason other than wanting to sit on the sofa and playing a good looking game on a 46″ TV, believe it or not, some people prefer console games. And like you said, if it’s made for handheld, they need to make compromise like making missions shorter for short burst of play. Frankly I rarely play w/ my DS or PSP (other than games like Layton or Phoenix Wright) because while if I’m at home there’s PS3/360/Wii. If I’m on the bus, I fall asleep easily after staring at a portable for a while.

            I’m sure a lot of people enjoyed PW for what it is, but who wouldn’t want to play it on a big TV instead, doesn’t matter if the graphics is like MGS3 or 4. The wave of portable sequels is just lazy milking on a hit title.

          • Ladius


            Of course I can understand that, I am more of a home consolePc player myself and in my ideal world all jrpgs would be hd Ps3X360 games since I have a good setup for them and they can provide me with the best videoaudio quality.

            That said, one thing is expressing an abstract preference, another one is hating Sega or declaring a franchise dead just because it isn’t on Ps3. If I like a series as much as I like Valkyria Chronicles I will play it regardless of the platform as long as it provides me with a quality experience (and VC2 hasn’t failed me at all).

          • WonderSteve

            I agree with Aoshii00 there, the screen size of PSP is really a bother for long hours. Not to mention PSP is not as comfortable to hold as the PS3 controllerI hate to say this, but coming out on PSP is better than not making anything. Still if you play both the first VC and second VC, you can’t be serious if you don’t want a VC3 on PS3 with some gamplay elements of VC2 added in. Maybe some of you don’t have a PS3 and are happy about this. For gamers that have both and like the series, this sucks

          • Aoshi00

            yea, I forgot to mention, other than eye strain, my hands kind of cramp holding the PSP for long, like for Peace Walker or KH BBS w/ pretty frantic action (or maybe I’m just old…), it felt as uncomfortable as all heck. I tried hooking up the PSP to the TV to play BBS too, but the PSP again felt strange as a controller (w/ UMD spinning sound and all…)

            I have a hard time deciding which battery to use, the normal one drains quick but uses the flat cover, the big battery lasts longer but feels unbalanced in my hands lol.. anyway, I’m just not that big on portables. Been playing console games on TV for 20+ years, so yea, I still prefer that.

          • malek86

            If you guys think the PSP’s screen is small, then I don’t want to know what you think of the DS!

          • Aoshi00

            Well, it’s small. That’s why I said I regret getting a DSi instead of XL. Recently I went back to the Lite (because Alice in Wonderland was region locked) and it looked even smaller to me. Yea it’s the same resolution and all, but I wouldn’t mind have a screen twice as big, easier to see and more surface to point your stylus to.

          • malek86

            Aoshi00: of course, it’s all up to personal preferences. But in the end it’s not like I saw too many people complaining about, say, DQ9 going to the DS… meaning that people were accepting of it.

            Two years ago, people were like “oh cool, a new game for DS/PSP”. Now they are like “what the hell, a new game for DS/PSP”. I don’t understand the new-found animosity towards portable consoles.

          • I couldn´t have said it any better myself.

            I have nothing against the PSP, but since I like to take my time with games the small screen is a bit of a bother. Much more fun to play on a big screen.

          • Exactly. I don’t want to play a long, engrossing game on a portable system. That’s for 15-30 minute subway trips or whatever. When I want to play an RPG, I want it on my tv so I can spend hours with it and become completely absorbed.

  • Jayred_Potter

    Well, though I am kind of sad it isn’t coming out for the PS3, I can always try and borrow my friends PSPs and try it out

  • nyobzoo


  • Wooow. Super Weaksauce Sega!

  • D

    wow… I was expecting they would release VC 3 on the ps3. this is a welcome surprise.

    while I sympathize with the hopefuls wanting VC 3 on the PS3, this is a rather pleasant circumstance for me, since I have no PS3(no money), and VC 2 was an excellent game. I have high hopes for this upcoming chapter of the VC series

  • FOR PSP….?!
    I dont know what to said……
    SEGA you…YOU!!!!


  • ThunderGod_Cid

    Son of a BITCH…….
    I’d like to blame all the people who didn’t buy the first and second game.
    And I’d also blame SEGA’s entire marketing division (or lack thereof)

  • gatotsu911

    Thanks, Sega. I JUST bought VC2, just a couple weeks ago, and I haven’t even played it yet.

    • Yuan

      Well, I’m still on September on the JPN Ver… I bought it on release day >_>.

      • gatotsu911

        Well, some of us don’t want to shell out an extra $10-20 to play a game in a language we don’t understand.

        • Yuan

          I meant, I’m the same as you. I haven’t even finished the game when this is announced… Even though I have it for a long time.

    • Ladius

      VC3 will be out in late january 2011 in Japan and, if it is localized, it will probably follow the timeframe of VC2 with an augustseptember 2011 release window.

      What is the problem, exactly?

      • gatotsu911

        Regardless, I’m not fond of games that get sequels every year, especially when the sequel is announced right after the last game has come out. This is kind of like the Left 4 Dead/L4D2 debacle.

  • fuzzy_hobo

    Hmm…well at least the character designs look better than VC2…

  • Happy Gamer

    i never played the first game, but i keep forgetting to. i have played the demo way back when it came out on ps3, all i have to say is i was WOWed…
    it was amazing, the art style, combat etc. was extremely fun looking.

    When i heard the 2nd game coming out on PSP i was like meh not bad, it seems like a great way to expand in a mobile way etc.

    but i really think this game deserves another PS3 version.

    man my list to “to play” games is literally a page long or more with 12 point font and i think i need to move this game up a bit.

  • Yuan

    -> Valkyria Chronicles 3 is slated for January 27, 2011 in Japan, that’s less than a year after the release of Valkyria Chronicles 2.
    VC2 was released on Januari 21 2010. So it’s actually a little more than a year :P

  • JustAnotherTraveler

    Ugh this sucks. All they had to do was make a PS3 sequel with the revamped mechanics in 2 and it would easily be one of the best RPGs ever, just like the first two games were.

  • WonderSteve

    I just want to confirm, did the producer say if VC2 did well, then they will consider making a return to home console?

    • Yes, yes he said that, that’s why a lot of people are disappointed by this PSP business.

  • LOL. Well for my awesome! because i don’t have a PS3…

  • epy

    Dissapointing. Will still get it, but I wanted this on PS3.

  • I don’t get the psp hate.

    I don’t remember any for PE3, KH, YS7, geez, even DQIX that is on DS.

    Is this some kind of new Internet meme?

  • lol, the rightermost is a woman? anyway the left one girl at least is hot

  • evilmoogle

    psp again?
    Oh well, another game in my must have list.

    seriously, some people are overreacting.

  • -_- «« SEGA geeez «« you know what? i still havent bought VC2 ….. and i do own a PSP and i love my PSP i do not love however the fact that the localization of the game dosent come with Japanese voice option.And its even more animeish than the First one.So no.

  • i’m alittle happy… but alittle more sad.. i really hope they do something different than the damn credit system to change classes.

  • Finalstar2007

    Oh man ok i’ll get this day 1 but i seriously wanted a Ps3 verison :(

  • “Valkyria Chronicles 3 takes place in 1935, the same time period as Valkyria Chronicles 1”

    Is more like an spin-off than a secuel.

    • YES! That is why I said they shouldn’t be numbering this game!

  • thebanditking

    Seriously!? Well, that stinks. Its too bad because if this were on PS3 I would have bought it day one, now I have to think about if I care….

  • Bruce

    yeah , sega is being cheap again , but i don’t mind much , also they should make the maps bigger , and the characters shouldn’t share the same figure ; it was lame on VC2 the same class characters all look identical in terms of hight/poses/weight…

  • Am Waiting For This but I Gotta Finish 2 First XD .

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