Suda51 And Shinji Mikami’s EA Game Is Shadows of the DAMNED

By Ishaan . September 15, 2010 . 1:55am


At their press conference in Tokyo today, Electronic Arts finally revealed Shadows of the DAMNED, a psychological action-thriller game about battling demons, as part of their EA Partners program. Or as Suda51 calls it, Shadows of the DAMNED (damned…damned…damned…).


Yes, with the echo. And the uppercase DAMNED. Although, you might just want to use one “damned.” Also, when you abbreviate it, please don’t use “SotD.” Instead, use “DMD.”


That’s straight from Goichi Suda, who’s serving as executive director on Shadows of the DAMNED. While the game is incredibly dark in tone, you can expect to see some of Suda’s unique brand of light-hearted humour scattered throughout. Meanwhile, Shinji Mikami is in charge of the game’s design as its creative producer.


Wait, aren’t those roles backwards…? Then again, it is a Grasshopper game. Here’s the blurb on the game’s story from the official website:


“When evil demonic creatures kidnap Garcia’s girlfriend, it’s up to him to travel to the City of the Damned to get her back. Aided by a former demon with the ability to transform into an array of vicious weapons, Garcia will once again take on the mantel of “demon hunter” and rip apart the horrifying forces of the underworld to protect what he loves most.


Players must harness the power of the light to fight the army of the dark in unique light versus darkness gameplay that will forever change the way gamers perceive puzzles, combat, and terror.”


On composition duty is Akira Yamaoka of Silent Hill fame, who now works at Grasshopper Manufacture. You can thank him for the crazy soundtrack in the debut trailer above. Shadows of the Damned is currently scheduled for a Summer 2011 release.


Suda revealed that he and Mikami had been wanting to work together for a long time, and working with EA gave them the opportunity to do so. Electronic Arts were chosen as a partner due to their ability to bring the game to a larger audience worldwide.

  • I just finished watching the live stream. Leave it to GH to deliver the goods.

    Very curious how the game will turn out. The combination of the three working together is interesting enough! Also, I’m not sure why, but I’m getting From Dusk Till Dawn vibes, too.

  • malek86

    I expected something more “survival”, but this looks like a mix between RE5 and Painkiller. With some added disco. I’m not a big fan of either Mikami or Suda51, so I’ll probably pass.

    Looks like we might have to wait for SH8 for a proper survival horror again.

  • Kuza21

    Looks very promising….Can’t wait to see more gameplay.

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    How they manage to stuff so much badass into a minute and a half is beyond me, but I love it. Love the voice actor already, sounds REALLY agressive. (The main guy looks like Benicio del Toro, anyone else see it? =P)As for the general look of the game (well, trailer), it’s not really to my liking, but I’ve learned not to judge a book by its cover, and we’re talking about Suda, Mikami and Yamaoka, it’s not like they can fail, because they can’t.

  • xenonism

    Ah, an Alan Wake remake. Nice.

  • Wow more power onto them, I hope it does exceptionally well. Looks cool

  • tealovertoma

    No one’s disappointed by a lack of originality? I’m actually really digging the style (or to be more precise: the colours) as well as the (I presume) boss designs. But from the guys that brought us Killer 7 I was expecting something a little bit more groundbreaking and… strange.

    • The trailer is only a minute long and we have about a year to see more.Not really disagreeing with you just yet, just saying.

      edit: unless you’re referring to the premise, then, yeah. Then again, GM never tries to be entertaining just by relying on plot lines ;)

    • gatotsu911

      Yeah, I’m mildly disappointed that neither the gameplay nor the concept seems quite as dementedly original as I would have expected from Suda. I was also hoping the game would be a little more “horror”-y, when instead it looks more like a Resident Evil 4-style action game with a grindhouse aesthetic. The name seems kind of generic too. Then again, it could just be the case that EA is trying to dress up the game in the trailer to look as “mainstream” as possible so people aren’t scared off by the inherent weirdness of Suda.

  • DDanny

    Looks awesome, but I was seriously expecting a true survival horror game…

  • lostinblue

    Is the Wii version still on track?

    • malek86

      Was there supposed to be a Wii version? I don’t remember anything about that.

  • shion16


  • Scallion


  • Scallion


    Dear god, thank you for finally giving Suda a decent budget. Or should I thank Satan, seeing as how this partnership was likely made in hell?
    Who cares? :D
    I hope Mask de Smith makes a cameo appearance.

  • Explosion! in my pants…

  • cj_iwakura

    Shinji Mikami: Good news

    Suda 51: Want right now

    Akira Yamaoka: frothing demand, etc.

  • thebanditking

    Umm……Not really sure what to make of this. Don’t really know if I like the main character either. Also why are all these new lead chars ugly (Knights Contract, Quantum Theory, NeverDead). Either way this looks way cooler then Devil May Cry.

    Also as a joke who would travel to hell to save their girlfriend? Your wife? Sure. Your kids? OK, but your girlfriend, she would probably dump you afterward, lol.

  • Looks like it’s going to be better than the new DMC.

  • Bruce

    nice , when he was saying his name he reminded me of kratos , except kratos don’t care about his stupid girlfriend …
    also did you see that soda machine that’s probably suda51 idea ,
    the busty chicks are probably mikami’s ideas ,

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